How Much Is Lil Pump Net Worth?

lil pump net worth

He is a songwriter and rapper of American origin. The Lil Pump net worth is $8 million. He is a prominent member of the renowned Soundcloud rap scene. 

Lil gained popularity on SoundCloud when his songs were streamed more than millions of times. The real name of the Lil Pump is Gazzy Garcia. Other than his current name, he has also gone by the Trapper of the Century. 

Early Life of Lil Pump

Lil Pump was born by the name of Gazzy Garcia in Florida’s Miami. Later, when Garcia was just 6 years old, his parents divorced. 

After the divorce of his parents when he was 13 years old, he was introduced to Omar Pineiro, also famous by the name of Smokepurpp by his cousin. The two later started collaborating together. 

During the teenage Garcia was a troubled child and was expelled from many schools. He was expelled from his high school in 10th grade for inciting riots and fighting. 

How Old Is Lil Pump?

Do the question of how old is the Lil Pump or what is the Lil Pump age comes to your mind? Well if yes then you are not alone as many fans want to know Lil Pump age as he is a shining star at an early age. 

The Lil Pump age is 20 years, and he was born on 17th august 2000. 


Lil Pump’s career in the field of the music industry started after his co-collaborator Smokepurpp asked him to freestyle in one of his tracks. This track was released in2016  independently of SoundCloud and was titled “Lil Pump.” This single was followed by more tracks like “elementary,” “Gang shit,” “Ignorant,” and “Drum$tick.” 

Each of the Lil Pump songs garnered over 3 million views, and this was the start of building Lil Pump net worth him. This success of his songs made him overnight fame among the people. Later in 2016, he also co-headlined a tour named Jumper tour and also performed at Rolling Loud Festival. 

In 2017 he released two singles, “Boss” and “D Rose” – these songs were immensely popular and garnered over 70 million views in total. The popularity of the song “D Rose” also led to a music video production by Cole Bennette also famous by the name Lyrical Lemonade. This video was released on youtube in 2017 and has now gained over 145 million views. 

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Just before his birthday, Lil Pump signed a contract with Warner Records and The Lights Global on 9th June 2017. This contract has significantly contributed to the Lil Pump net worth. However, in 2018  his contract with the warner recorded was voiced as he was a minor at the time of singing. Later Garcia announced on Twitter that the album was under making and they will release it in August. 

Although after his success, he signed another contract with Warner Records and The Lights Global for an amount of $8 million. This contributed greatly to the Lil pump net worth. 

However, the release of this album was delayed, and instead of it, “Gucci Gang” was released by Lil Pump. This song by Lil pump was his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100. 

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After the “Gucci Gang” Lil pump released his self-titled mixtape in 2017. This mixtape by him reached nno.2 on both of the charts of Hip-Hop Charts and US R&B and Rap. The mixtape also ranked number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart. 

On 11th January 2018, his single “Gucci Gang” was certified gold by the RIA of the USA. Later in July, it was certified as a triple-platinum single. Some other popular singles by him are “Iced Out”, and “Back”. 

Some popular music by Lil Pump:

Gucci Gang2017
I ShyneJanuary 2018
Esskeetit February 2018
Drug Addicts 2018
I Love It2018
Multi-Millionaire October 2018
Be Like MeFebruary 2019
Life Like MeSeptember 2019

Personal Life

Garcia is a patient with Dyslexia, and thus he is unable to read according to his statement on social media. 

In February 2018, Garcia was arrested for the discharge of a weapon in an inhabited place. The manager of the Garcia reported that three men were trying to enter his house and on being unsuccessful fired on the door. However, on an investigation, police found that the billet instead came from inside of the house. Later, police searched the house of Lil pump and found an unloaded gun and bullets in his house. 

After a few months from this incident, he was again arrested for driving a vehicle without a license. Later in December of the same year, he was again arrested for possessing marijuana in Copenhagen. This led to a fine of $700 and ban from entering the country. 

Lil Pump Net Worth$8 million
Lil Pump Age20 years 
Lil Pump Height 1.68 m
Profession Rapper and Songwriter
Nationality Citizen of the USA