All You Want To Know About Kanye West Net Worth

Kanye West Net Worth

It is hard to find a person with all the popstar qualities such as, producer, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and rapper. You might have got an idea about whom I am talking. Yes, it’s the American producer and rapper Kanye West, who made everyone go crazy with his raps and production. But have you ever thought about what is Kanye West net worth

Well if you haven’t thought till now, you will think about it now. Now you must be thinking, what is Kanye West net worth in 2020?

What is a “must know” fact about Kanye West Yeezy? Relax! Answer to all your question is in the following article, therefore go through it.

Who Is Kanye West?

You might get surprised with the fact that Kanye is one of the most awarded people on the planet these days. His album which was released in 2004 named as “The College Dropout” got quite famous all over the globe.

In return Kanye gave the world many more classic songs and made himself a superstar. It is not an easy task to grow on your own, but Kanye made it possible. 

When we come across the achievement section of this superbly talented star, we get to know that he owns the Grammy.

He has won 21 Grammys out of his total 69 nominations. Not only the music planet but also the business world get itself addressed to this superhuman. Talking about Kanye West net worth 2020, it is around $3.2 billion

Well when we combine the net worth of Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian’s with his net, It sums out to be around $4.1 billion. Well that is what one calls an amount.

But, have you ever thought about how a rap-star can own this much money? Well you will surely get the answer to this question in the further article. 

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How Come $3.2 billion? 

When we talk about the reason behind Kanye West net worth, it is probably his assets, collaborations and business deals. His assets are mentioned as follows:

  • Kanye West Yeezy. Com website – $100 million
  • Value of the Yeezy brand – 3 billion
  • Real estate assets – $120 million
  • G.O.O.D music and its music catalogue – $80 million
  • Other Assets and net – $20 million

Total amount- $3.32 billion is the Kanye West net worth in 2020. However, he has more net worth than various other superstars such as Kylie Jenner’s net worth

Beginning the Career 

Kanye’s full name is Kanye Omari West. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 8th June 1977.

Story of Kanye is itself a motivational thing to be listened to. He was just three when his parents got divorced. His mother got his custody and took him to Chicago, Illinois.

One can say that the beginning of Kanye’s music was from Chicago. He started experimenting with music in Chicago after meeting the producer/DJ No I.D.. 

Kanye dropped his college and started with building beats. He discovered thousands of beats and in the end he fell in love with music.

You can also connect this story with his The College Dropout song he released in 2004. The first official production credits were given to him in 1996 for his Down To Earth song

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Music Career And Fame 

Fame matters a lot to each and every artist in the world. Kanye West, his life and his raps totally interlinked to each other. Audience easily connects his songs with his life and feels self motivated. Therefore, his career and fame also touches heights of the skies.

His first big break was in 2000, where he got the chance to work with the producer of Roc-A-Fella Records. This made Kanye West net worth so strong.

His experience as a producer in “The Blueprint” was extremely great.

A person can achieve thousands of things in life but what matters is, whether the person is satisfied or not. Until and unless a person doesn’t achieve the core of his satisfaction, the hunger of doing the work increases at every instant.

Same was with Kanye, although he gained an enormous amount of fame as a producer but still his dream was to be one of the most famous rap stars in the world. 

Obstacles and Kanye’s life were directly proportional to each other. In 2002, he got into a car crash. Where he lost his jaw movement for sometime.

However, after overcoming this problem he wrote a rap on his crash named as Through The Wire. Now you might be thinking why was it named so?

The reason behind it was that after the crash, doctors placed a wire in his jaw for recovery. People loved the way he described everything in that song. Which led him towards his journey of satisfaction. 

He didn’t take a pause after writing Through The Wire. He also wrote the College Dropout 2004.

The song got immensely popular all over the globe.  After its release, Kanye got nominated for 10 Grammy awards. You might not get shocked after seeing these stats regarding Kanye West net worth. 

Well his hunger for fame raised like a lion and he wrote many more raps. Not only for himself, but for several other production houses too.

Songs such as Late Registration, Graduation, 808s & Heartbreak and many more are in audience regular music list.

When Kanye released his album Yeezus, the album went on #1 on the US R&B and US Rap charts. Therefore, his beats and lyrics started flowing through every ipod and music system around the globe. 

His earnings through the album got quite a good count. Yeezy is the key reason behind Kanye’s net worth. Therefore, it is important to know about Yeezy.

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West and his fame got a good raise in 2009, when Nike made a deal of Nike Yeezy sneakers with the rapper. His fashion interest was quite great that made him capable of designing Yeezy sneakers.

Nike is not the only company where he has made a deal. Moreover, companies like Louis Vitton, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Bape also asked him to make a deal. This led to the building up of Kanye west net worth. Even Adidas can’t control itself to make a deal with Kanye West.(SOURCE)

In the end of 2013, Adidas announced Kanye as their new designer for their upcoming shoe. The model of the shoe was a Yeezy Boost 750 sneaker. The color of the shoe was ”Light Brown”.

His success kept on touching the skies and his fashion sense made a handshake with the success. His designs went all over the globe and people started loving the Yeezys.

He made a site for yeezy, namely Yeezy.Com by which everyone can easily get their shoes at their home. 

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Real Estate And G.O.O.D Music

$120 million is never a small amount for a person. Still if a person has a hunger to work then it will increase the amount of money too.

Same is with Kanye, he owns the same amount and still works like a hustler. Not only this, but his deal with G.O.O.D music also makes him a millionaire. 

Founder of G.O.O.D is Kanye himself along with Sony BMG. The full form of G.O.O.D is getting out our dreams. People love its production and songs in quite a good manner.

The reach of G.O.O.D music spreads all over the globe. The music production house has helped a lot in rising Kanye West net worth. 

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Final Words

Kanye West is a multi talented artist. Who not only knows how to write raps but also knows how to invest the money. His net worth is $3.2 billion, which is quite a big amount for any personality. He has a number of assets and company’s for earning such a good amount. His struggles and talent has made him a billionaire in this 21st century. Kanye west net worth is what he earned with his brain and art. He is seriously a motivation to billions. 

I hope you liked this article, for more such articles stay connected to us. And, don’t forget to drop your review in the comment section.