Olive Tree Care And How To Keep Them Healthy Inside Your House

olive tree care

What if you are not able to spend your vacations at a mediterranean site, you still have an option of giving your home a mediterrenean feel. Wondering How? We have the answer to your question, i.e., having an olive tree at home. Now you must be wondering how you will take proper care of the tree. Well the answer lies behind the fact that my article is based upon the olive tree care and everything you want to know about it. 

Olives have a variety of benefits. Apart from their pleasant looks they are also useful as a food item. In traditional medicine, the olive tree leaves are used against high blood pressure, gout, arteriosclerosis and rheumatism.(source)

The following article will tell you, how to grow olives? Is it possible to have an indoor olive tree? And so on, so just go through it and grow an olive tree plant inside your house. 

Positioning of Olive Tree

It is important to know where you should keep your olive tree. Every plant has specific requirements for growing and so is the case with olives. It requires an extreme amount of care and favorable conditions.

Sunlight is one of the most important sources for this plant to be grown. It requires a good amount of sunlight and air.

However, it doesn’t mean that you will place it near the window with a left and right support of the wall. It is because the olive tree requires movement too. 

Therefore if you have a place in your house where there is enough space for sunlight and air to enter inside. Then it will not only boost the growth of the plant but will also maintain its longevity.

Window is not a bad option at all, it is just that there should be enough space for the plant to make a movement. Positioning plays an important role when we talk about the Olive tree care.

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Proper Washing

The plant or tree should be washed every few months. Take them outside of your house and wash them with a soft beam of water. It will not only remove the dust of the tree but will also remove the unwanted particles. So that the plant can get a proper amount of nutrition.

Sometimes a few insects or dust particles become a barrier in the transportation of nutrients in plants. Therefore cleaning and washing plants every few months is extremely necessary. 

Don’t Overwater

Olive trees have good capacity of holding the sunlight but don’t have enough capacity of holding the water. Overwatering this plant can easily lead towards its deterioration. Therefore it is important to keep it in mind that watering should be limited up to a certain level only.

Let the soil dry, after you have watered it for once. It takes no time to get dry, olive trees have an extreme hunger for sunlight. 

You may even drench the soil with the help of a water hose. It will let the water run out of the plant or tree. It will take away the excessive salts, chemicals inside the soil, and can get rid of built up.

WARNING: Overwatering can be extremely harmful for an indoor olive tree and even its plant. 


Olive tree branch Olives

Olive trees are quite stable and strong. Their seeds don’t require too much fertilizer to boost up the growth.

However, using a fertilizer will be obviously a beneficial factor for you and the tree both. Fertilizing is also not an easy task to be done.

There is a proper time for fertilizing olives. Therefore, if you have planted an olive tree in the beginning of march, then you have to wait till the time of spring. Fertilization is an extremely vital factor for olive tree care. 

Using a premium slow fertilizer with all the essential elements is a good choice. As it allows your tree or plant to grow well and fast. However, using a fast release type fertilizing agent can cause a big damage to the plant.

NOTE: It is because excess of each and everything is harmful. If you will use it according to the instructions then it won’t be harmful at all. 

Using which fertilizer?

You may also use some of the liquid fertilizers, but regularity is quite important in such a case.

Once you have used liquid fertilizers your plants will need a repetition of such a fertilizer. Therefore, if you are able to provide it at a regular instance then, go for it. Otherwise, avoid using a liquid fertilizer.

However it also depends upon the variety of Olive tree that which one it is. One of the most popular varieties of this plant is the arbequina olive tree. 

You may even go for the organic fertilizers, which will give a pure and positive impact upon the plant.

Some of the organic fertilizers are too costly, and some of them are too easy to be found out. Therefore, using it will not be a risk at all but can be a costlier choice. Fertilization is an extremely vital factor for olive tree care.

Whichever fertilizer you choose, it is simple that you have to use it under proper guidance. If you will use it without any experience or knowledge, then it may lead towards the destruction of crops. So use it wisely and skillfully.

Climate is also an impactful factor so keep in mind that it should be a proper season for using the fertilizer. 

Pruning a Part of Olive Tree Care

When we talk about Olive trees, then they don’t require pruning until and unless they produce the fruits.

Shapes of the plant often matter to the owner, and you can go for a pruning with an olive tree too. But still you have to take care of the fruiting area.

If you prune it by disturbing the branches from where it produces the fruits then it will be a severe problem for your emotions regarding the plant. Therefore, while pruning olive tree care is extremely important. 

You may even prune the top part of the plant and it will help you to do it without disturbing the fruit part.

If you will prune the plant in the growing season like summers or spring then it will be a problem in its fruiting too. Therefore choose a season when you can prune without affecting the branches.  You can also place the olive trees in pots while pruning. 

Final Words

Olive trees are found in the Mediterranean areas. However, you can also grow them inside your house. Olive tree care is extremely important, as fruiting of the plant depends upon its care only. Sunlight, movement, and air, are the most important requirement of this plant. Overwatering can lead to the destruction of the plant. However, pruning and using fertilizers can also be a good option while growing it inside. Olives are also a part of healthy gluten free snacks to make at home.

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