36 Simple Jobs for 8-Year-Olds

jobs for 8 year olds

There are various accessible job for 8-year-olds, and it’s advantageous to begin developing their entrepreneurial skills, money management capabilities, and a sense of responsibility at an early age.

Whether your child in elementary school shows an inclination towards entrepreneurship or you want to introduce them to financial and business concepts early on, this article will present straightforward job ideas that can enable them to earn some income.

Through participation in these activities, your 8-year-old will not only understand the concept of earning money but will also acquire valuable life skills that will be beneficial as they grow into adulthood.

Below, you will discover a list of recommended jobs suitable for 8-year-olds.

1. Household Chores

A fantastic way to get started is by addressing household chores within your own home. Consider allowing your child to handle less complex cleaning duties around the house. These responsibilities include sweeping, dusting, managing laundry, making beds, setting tables, and vacuuming.

2. Chores for Others

Once your 8-year-old has shown their responsibility by successfully finishing household chores, consider permitting them to help neighbours with similar easy tasks.

Neighbours who are busy or elderly may not always find the time or have the physical capability to handle dusting or sweeping every day. Your child can earn some additional money while providing a helping hand to those in need.

3. Wash windows 

Although reaching high windows can be challenging for many 8-year-olds, you can find solutions by equipping them with a retractable pole or a learning tower.

This is one of the easiest and safest tasks that 8-year-olds can undertake to earn some money.

4. Walk the dog 

Provide your 8-year-old with a modest allowance for walking the dog every day. This can be a short stroll around the neighbourhood, which not only helps your child stay active but also keeps them healthy.

If your child loves animals or is adept at handling dogs, they can also expand their earnings by walking other dogs in the community.

5. Spring cleaning 

Everyday household cleaning duties are typically categorized as chores. However, when it comes to more extensive cleaning and organization tasks, such as spring cleaning, you can offer your 8-year-old an opportunity to earn money.

During spring cleaning and organizational sessions, your 8-year-old can supplement their regular responsibilities by earning money through tasks like tidying up closets and cleaning under furniture.

6. Tend the garden 

Photo of a boy and a girl in the garden; gardening is one of the easy jobs for 8 year olds

Gardening is a manageable activity that 8-year-olds can participate in.

To stave off boredom and keep your child engaged during winter and summer breaks, consider hiring them for gardening tasks that can also be a source of income.

These gardening responsibilities are well-suited for kids and offer multiple benefits. Your child will learn about plants and farming, stay physically active, and enhance their well-being by connecting with nature.

Here are some appropriate gardening tasks for 8-year-olds:

  1. Weed removal
  2.  Plant watering
  3.  Seedling planting
  4.  Harvesting ripe vegetables

7 Rake leaves 

Eight-year-olds can assist with leaf raking in your yard during the fall season. Ensuring they receive adequate guidance on safe rake handling is crucial to avoid accidents or injuries.

8. Shovel snow 

Have you noticed that many elementary school kids love playing in the snow and shovelling it? If your child enjoys snowy days, suggest that they dress warmly and have a great time in the snow while also earning some money.

They can also offer to clear snow for neighbours nearby and get paid for their work.

9. Clean car 

Many 8-year-olds find washing cars to be a fun and rewarding task. If your child is shorter, they may need assistance reaching the vehicle’s top to clean the exterior.

Here are some car-washing tasks that 8-year-olds can manage:

  1. Washing the car windows
  2.  Vacuuming crumbs from the seats
  3.  Cleaning the car’s interior

10. Sell their old toys 

Photo of a boy with his toys; selling unused toys is a great jobs for 8 year olds

Selling unused toys can be a fantastic opportunity for 8-year-olds to explore entrepreneurship creatively, especially if they’re not interested in indoor or outdoor chores.

As kids grow, they naturally outgrow their toys. If your child has a collection of toys they no longer use or want, you can teach them the art of selling. They have two options:

  1. Consignment Shop: They can take their old or unwanted toys to a shop and receive a single payment.
  2.  Online Platforms: Alternatively, they can sell their toys individually through platforms like eBay, which might result in a larger payout.

Moreover, during the summer months, you can assist them in organizing a yard sale in your yard. This not only helps them clear out their old toys but also allows them to earn some money. It’s a valuable lesson in sales and money-making from a young age.

11. Recycle bottles and cans. 

If you live in an area or state with bottle deposit laws, you can offer your child the chance to recycle and earn approximately 5 to 10 cents per bottle.

To begin, they can collect cans and bottles from their household and expand their efforts by seeking contributions from neighbours, friends, and family members who may have cans or bottles to spare.

Once your child has gathered many bottles and cans, you can accompany them to the recycling centre to exchange them for cash.

12. Fetch golf balls 

Do you live near a golf course or have a country club membership? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, consider allowing your child to collect golf balls and earn some money.

Here’s the plan: They’ll gather the golf balls, give them a good cleaning, and then sell them to golfers at the pro shop for a fraction of the original price. It’s a fantastic way to seize an opportunity for some extra earnings.

13. Sell crafts 

Photo of a boy making crafts - one of the great jobs for 8 year olds
Smiling boy making a cardboard dinosaur costume

Is your 8-year-old naturally creative? Why not encourage them to transform their crafts into income? They can promote their creations through online e-commerce platforms like Etsy or sell them at local markets to make money.

14. Sell school supplies 

If your child’s school permits it, consider allowing them to bring extra school supplies to sell to their friends.

Some of the supplies your child can offer to their classmates include:

  • Pencils
  •  Erasers
  •  Notebooks
  •  Fun stickers, and more.

15. Collect garbage 

During the trash pickup day, your 8-year-old can collect trash cans from the neighbourhood, place them by the curb for collection, and return them afterwards to earn some money.

Ensure you teach your child the significance of wearing gloves, dressing suitably for the task, and washing their hands thoroughly right after completing the job.

16. Lemonade Stand

If your 8-year-old is enthusiastic about a job that makes them feel more grown-up, think about helping them set up a lemonade stand. This provides them with a chance to earn money and imparts essential business lessons from a young age.

Please support your child in the process of organizing the stand and preparing the lemonade, and then allow them to earn money by selling their products to neighbours and passersby. It’s an enjoyable method to gain insight into the world of entrepreneurship.

17. Other Sales Stands

Lemonade is a timeless choice, but there are other options to consider. Juices, punches, baked goods, bottled water, and small crafts can all be excellent alternatives.

Just check whether your child needs a permit to sell these items.

18. Bake sale 

Is your elementary school-aged child enthusiastic about cooking or baking? If they are, you can take their interest to the next level by helping them bake delectable treats for sale within the neighbourhood, allowing them to earn some money. This can be a fantastic addition to their lemonade stand venture.

19. Seasonal Decorating

I’m not sure about you, but I occasionally find it tiring to decorate for every season.

The children in my neighbourhood enjoy helping me with the decorations, and I compensate them for their efforts. Your child could explore a similar opportunity for various holidays throughout the year.

20. Removing Decorations

What can be even more challenging than setting up decorations for every holiday?

It’s taking down all those decorations afterwards! Your 8-year-old can offer a helping hand by assisting in the removal of outdoor decorations for friends, family, and neighbours.

21. Pet Companionship

Sometimes, individuals may struggle to devote time and attention to their pets, especially dogs, who thrive on affection and interaction.

Unwell people who have recently welcomed a new baby or have demanding work schedules may only sometimes have the time to engage in activities like playing fetch or tug-of-war, which their dogs eagerly desire.

Your child can transform their affection for animals into a source of income by proposing to play with someone else’s pet in exchange for compensation.

22. Modelling

Modelling is a viable way to earn money in specific locations. While smaller towns may offer fewer modelling chances than larger cities, it’s still a path worth considering.

For example, I was approached by a photographer who expressed interest in using my son as a model for her child-focused photography business. He managed to earn some money for just a few hours of posing. Your child might find opportunities to provide similar services and earn additional income.

23. Magic Tricks

Photo of a boy Magic Tricks - a fun job for 8 year olds

Believe it or not, becoming skilled at magic tricks is more achievable than you might think. I acquired a few magic tricks and performed them for my daughter’s third-grade class, and it was a huge hit. They enjoyed it so much that I was invited back to teach the lesson on how to perform their magic tricks.

The kids in the group, all around eight or nine years old, discovered the tricks were simple and easy to learn. Some of them even began performing for others. Your child could also explore learning sleight-of-hand and card tricks to earn some additional income.

24. Busking

When I turned eight, I was deeply immersed in entertainment. While I didn’t personally participate in busking, I had several friends my age who did.

The income they earned from busking could vary, but it was clear that they dedicated considerable effort to make those tips through their performances.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to understand that busking can be demanding, often requiring permits and posing certain risks. If your child desires to try busking, taking all the necessary precautions to ensure their safety is essential.

25. Puppet Show

When my son was young, he had an incredible idea to organize a puppet show and sell tickets to anyone in the neighbourhood interested in attending.

He took the initiative to create the tickets, spread the word among his friends and their parents, practised diligently for the performance, and put together the stage setup. The result was a delightful, fun, and entertaining experience that pleased everyone involved.

26. Driveway Movie Theatre

My daughter and a group of kids from our neighbourhood came together to devise a way to earn some money. They decided to set up a “drive-in theatre” in our driveway.

Using a projector, they screened a movie on our garage door. While they didn’t require an admission fee, they offered popcorn and drinks for sale.

This provided the neighbourhood with an enjoyable activity and allowed them to earn some additional money for themselves.

27. Weeding

Eliminating weeds from a lawn or garden can be quite a laborious job. Consider having your child handle this task for you and anyone you’re acquainted with who finds weeding to be a chore.

28. Garage Organization

Do you have a garage? If so, how quickly can it become messy and disorganized?

Your 8-year-old can offer to help others they know who have garages, assisting them in cleaning up and organizing the space. It’s important to note that working in a garage may require close supervision due to the potential hazards associated with garage tools.

29. Tie Dye

I often recommend tie-dye as an enjoyable activity because I love doing it, even in my 40s. I find myself tie-dyeing clothing approximately once a month.

If you teach your child how to tie-dye, they can build a customer base. T-shirts, socks, and scarves are commonly chosen items for tie-dyeing. However, my young daughter has taken it to the next level and tie-dyed her bed sheets, pillowcases, and curtains.

30. Influencing

Indeed, your child can embark on a path as an influencer. All they require is a fantastic concept, a captivating personality, and the ability to consistently produce fresh and engaging content.

As time passes, your child can explore opportunities to transform their social media presence into a means of earning income while thoroughly enjoying the process. Nonetheless, it’s of utmost importance to exercise heightened caution to ensure their safety and prevent exploitation for personal gain.

31. Collecting Sticks

I live in a neighbourhood filled with mature trees, resulting in abundant sticks strewn across our lawns.

My husband and I regularly collect these fallen sticks, let them dry, and use them as firewood in our pit. Whenever young kids in the neighbourhood express their willingness to help, we pay them for each stick they pick up.

32. Digging for Worms

Do you live in an area renowned for recreational fishing? If so, your child might want to explore selling worms as bait. All they require are a few jars and a generous amount of mud.

33. Painting Rocks

Photo of a boy painting rocks - a fun job for 8 year olds

Rock painting is a fashionable pastime that’s on the rise. Children can paint and sell rocks to anyone who appreciates art or is passionate about collecting rocks.

34. Yard Sitting

It seems unconventional, but it’s a valuable service. When I go on vacation, I invite kids from my neighbourhood to come and play in my yard.

Their presence with toys and laughter creates the illusion that the house is occupied, which deters potential thieves who might target empty homes.

When I return from my vacation, I ensure that each kid is rewarded and receives souvenirs as a token of appreciation.

35. Garage Sale

Organizing a garage sale might entail more work for parents than children, but an 8-year-old can still earn a decent amount by selling their outgrown clothes and toys during the event.

Additionally, they can use this occasion to set up a stand to sell lemonade, homemade treats, or their artwork, which can be a fun way to make some extra money.

36. Good Grades

It might not be a conventional job, but it’s an unusual way to earn money while enhancing your knowledge. Some parents decide to reward their children for achieving excellent grades in school.

These rewards can be given out with each report card or when they perform well on tests.

Alternatively, you can opt for a different approach by incentivizing your kids to read several books or improve subjects where they’ve been facing challenges.


An 8-year-old who learns about money early on is in an excellent financial position.

With the jobs discussed in this post, you can help your 8-year-old develop an entrepreneurial spirit and understand how to earn and save money from a young age. Additionally, explore some fantastic books about money for kids.


Is it easy to find jobs for 8-year-olds?

You’re right! It can be tricky to discover opportunities for 8-year-olds, but there are creative ways to approach this and inspire your young entrepreneur.

How can I distinguish between jobs that pay and chores that pay?

Well, at your age, it might sometimes be tricky to tell the difference between the chores you do to earn an allowance and the actual jobs you can do to make money. Linking your budget to tasks you do at home might make those chores seem like jobs. However, there is a distinction between doing chores for money and working for money.

If you’re unsure how to categorize specific tasks, follow this straightforward guideline: “If the work is something you typically do around your house as part of your routine, it’s considered a chore.

Can 8-year-olds work outside the house? If it’s a task you’d hire someone else to do, then it’s a job for hire.” This simple rule can help your family decide which household duties should be labelled as jobs and which are kid-friendly chores.

Can 8-year-olds work outside the house? 

Not! It’s essential for their safety so you can provide guidance and support while they work so that they can focus on tasks around the house. Please do not allow them to work for unfamiliar individuals or distant neighbours.

Can 8-year-olds participate in online jobs?

Sure, it’s possible, but there are some restrictions because most online jobs are designed for professionals and often require a certain level of skill or years of experience, which an 8-year-old may have yet to have.

However, there are a few online jobs that could be suitable for them, such as:

  1. Taking surveys.
  2.  Selling their crafts online.

Just make sure to carefully check the credibility of any website before letting your child use it, and also find out if there are any age requirements, as many websites have specific age restrictions.

How can I motivate my child to save the money they’ve earned from their job?

That’s a great way to motivate your child to save the money they earn! Not only will this help them build their savings, but it will also inspire them to work hard.

Is allowing my child to use small tools for cutting grass safe?

That’s correct! It’s safer to avoid letting them use sharp gardening tools as they might not have the experience to handle them safely. Instead, please encourage them to use their hands to pull out weeds. Safety first!

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