Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow Role is Confirmed Under This Condition

johnny depp jack sparrow

Actor Johnny Depp is preparing to play Captain Jack Sparrow again in Disney’s famous Pirates of the Caribbean movies. But there’s a twist – it’s not about money this time.

It’s been more than six years since fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies got a new one to watch.

And it’s been just as long since we saw the smart and brave Captain Jack Sparrow in a new story, where he’s off on exciting adventures and funny mishaps with his pirate crew and enemies.

This happened in the Caribbean during the super interesting Golden Age of Piracy.

The Last Time Fans Celebrated a New “Pirates” Release

johnny depp jack sparrow

You know that Pirates of the Caribbean movie series? Well, one of them, called “Dead Men Tell No Tales” or sometimes just “Pirates 5,” came out on May 26, 2017.

In this fifth movie, these spooky soldier guys look like they’re from an old-time navy. They escape from a mysterious and dangerous Caribbean part called the Devil’s Triangle.

In the Devil’s Triangle, where the dead live and the living die, it’s full of tricky reefs and weird supernatural stuff. Sailors used to avoid this place like crazy because they thought it was haunted.

The leader of these ghostly soldiers is Captain Armando Salazar, a big enemy of Captain Jack Sparrow – the guy played by Javier Bardem.

Salazar tells his not-so-nice pirate gang to get rid of all the pirates sailing around, including Jack Sparrow. Jack figures out that his only way to stay alive is by finding something called the Trident of Poseidon.

This thing gives whoever has it power over the seas and sea creatures. And it can even break curses. But there’s a catch: Jack has to work with a smart astronomer and a determined young guy from the British Navy to find the trident.

Before “Dead Men Tell No Tales” came out, the director, Joachim Rønning, hinted that this was just the start of Captain Jack Sparrow’s last big adventure.

So, this wasn’t the end of the series. Later, the producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed they were planning another Pirates movie.

Disney let us know that Craig Mazin and Ted Elliott were working on the story for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. By May 2020, Bruckheimer said they were making good progress on the first draft of that movie.

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Lies, Allegations, and a Defamation Trial Threaten the Franchise

In April 2022, the actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, went to court in Virginia. They were in the middle of a six-week-long trial about “defamation.”

Depp said Heard had said bad things about him that hurt his reputation. She wrote an article for a newspaper in 2018, and Depp didn’t like what she said.

At first, Heard tried to make the case go away, but that didn’t work. Then, she wanted to move the trial to another place, but that idea was rejected. So, she did something else and accused Depp of hurting her reputation.

On June 1, 2022, a ” jury ” group decided what they thought about the situation. They said Depp had proven that Heard did say bad things about him.

johnny depp jack sparrow

But even before this decision, something else big happened. The company Disney, which makes those Pirates of the Caribbean movies, seemed to decide they didn’t want to work with Depp anymore. They seemed to make this choice because of what Heard had said.

While all this was happening, Depp talked about how Disney’s decision made him less excited about being in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies again.

But after everything was done, people started to wonder if Depp might come back as his character Jack Sparrow in a new Pirates movie.

Even the person who makes the movies, Jerry Bruckheimer, said he wanted Depp to come back. He said this in interviews with different entertainment news sources.

More Back-and-Forth Talk Than the Black Pearl on the Rough Seas

johnny depp jack sparrow

Since Johnny Depp’s trial ended, there’s been a lot of talking and wondering about whether he might come back for another Pirates movie. It’s like people just can’t stop discussing it.

First, they say Depp doesn’t want anything to do with the pirate movies, and then suddenly, the next week, they’re saying he’s thinking about coming back to play the pirate character again.

In April, someone even posted that Disney had apologized to Depp and offered him a deal for the next movie. But it turned out to be a joke, one of those funny April Fool’s pranks.

But now, in the current week, the news is back and suggesting that Depp might be making a comeback, but there’s a cool twist to the story this time.

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Disney apologizes to Johnny Depp

However, when Johnny Depp was proven innocent, Disney admitted they were wrong. They said they were sorry and asked if he would play Captain Jack Sparrow again.

It’s surprising, but he didn’t answer, which means he didn’t want to work with Disney or in their movies anymore.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 release date

johnny depp jack sparrow

Even though it’s been a while since the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie, there’s still news about Pirates of the Caribbean 6 keeping fans interested. We’re not sure how the story will go, and we don’t know if Johnny Depp will be in it.

When the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, The Curse of the Black Pearl, came out, it became a huge hit, which was a big surprise.

People didn’t usually think pirate movies would do well before that. Johnny Depp’s role as Jack Sparrow even got him nominated for an Oscar.

In 2017, the fifth movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, made almost $800 million all over the world.

Disney said they wanted to make another pirate movie in 2018, and they wanted to change things up. They talked about making a movie with Margot Robbie as the main character but decided not to do that.

Now, after a few years, Pirates of the Caribbean 6 is still in the early stages of being made, and we don’t know when it will come out. So, fans will have to wait patiently for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.


Depp Will Return to Disney’s “Pirates” Franchise–on ONE Condition

This week, a new article from FandomWire talks about Johnny Depp and what he wants before he agrees to be Captain Jack Sparrow again. It’s like his one big condition, and it’s not about money.

When he was going through his trial, where people were saying bad stuff about him, Johnny Depp went to court every day in Virginia.

And guess what? Lots of fans were waiting there to see him. People of all ages lined up on the streets to catch a glimpse of him arriving and leaving in his fancy car. But the excitement didn’t stop there.

Every morning, fans had a chance to get a ticket to see Depp in real life during the court sessions. Some fans were super dedicated and even got there as early as 1:00 in the morning.

The lucky ones who got into the courtroom paid close attention to everything Depp said and did.

This whole situation led to a new kind of fandom that even included alpacas, Depp’s smart answers to questions from a lawyer representing Amber Heard, and a huge amount of money, $300 million.

So, there’s a big fuss about $300 million because of something that happened to Johnny Depp during a trial.

They asked him if he’d want to be in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies again. He said he wouldn’t, even if they offered him a million alpacas and a crazy $300 million.

On a website called FandomWire, they explain that Depp’s only rule for coming back to the pirate movies isn’t about the $300 million.

In fact, according to the post, Depp’s only condition for putting on Sparrow’s outfit – you know, the jacket, boots, shirt, belt, vest, and scarf – for a Disney movie doesn’t have anything to do with getting lots of money.


Q: Will Johnny Depp reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

A: It’s uncertain at the moment. According to an insider from the franchise, Johnny Depp’s return will depend on whether the script and project align with his interests.

Q: What is Johnny Depp’s net worth as of 2023?

A: Johnny Depp has a net worth of $210 million in 2023, considering his iconic Hollywood career spanning nearly 40 years, involving 95 films, music videos, and TV projects, and generating $8.7 billion at the global box office.

Q: How much did Amber Heard pay Johnny Depp?

A: Amber Heard paid Johnny Depp $1 million to settle their ongoing defamation suit as a court in Virginia, USA, ordered.

Q: Is Johnny Depp returning to play Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts franchise?

A: No, Johnny Depp is not returning to portray Grindelwald. Mads Mikkelsen replaced him in the role of “Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore.”

Q: Why did Johnny Depp not return to play Grindelwald?

A: Johnny Depp opted not to return to the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise due to concerns about replacing him and the legal complications arising from his publicized court case with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

Q: Is Johnny Depp planning to return to Disney?

A: Disney has not fully committed to Johnny Depp’s return. The relationship between the company and the actor appears strained. Johnny Depp has stated that he will only consider a return to Disney if the project interests him.


In conclusion, the question of Johnny Depp’s return as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean continues to intrigue.

The series, which last saw a release in 2017, faced turbulence amid a high-profile defamation trial involving Depp and Amber Heard. Initially, Disney distanced itself from Depp, casting doubt on the future of the beloved franchise.

Recent reports suggest a potential reconciliation, with Disney extending an apology, yet Depp’s response remains unknown.

As Pirates of the Caribbean 6 takes shape in its early stages of development, the iconic Captain Jack Sparrow’s fate remains uncertain, leaving fans eager for answers about the future of their beloved series.