Jobs For 9-Year-olds To Make Money

jobs for 9 year olds

As a parent, you should support your child’s path to success in life, and one way to do this is by helping them find opportunities to earn some extra money. You can achieve this by assigning them tasks they can handle both at home and outdoors. In this blog post, we’ll list suitable jobs for 9-year-olds to make money. These opportunities are great for kids interested in earning additional income and expanding their knowledge and abilities.

Furthermore, numerous benefits are associated with assigning chores to children, such as instilling a strong work ethic and equipping them with valuable life skills that will be beneficial throughout their lives.

Take a look at our fantastic lineup of jobs that are just right for 9-year-olds to make some money:

  • Vacuuming
  •   Laundry
  •   Dusting
  •   Cleaning mirrors and windows
  •   Raking leaves
  •   Watering plants
  •   Washing cars
  •   Planting flowers
  •   Setting up a baked goods stand
  •   Doing odd jobs for neighbours
  •   Selling homemade arts and crafts

Jobs for 9-year-olds around the house:

Vacuuming: Kids can use a regular vacuum cleaner or a smaller handheld one for this task. Many kids enjoy vacuuming and find it satisfying to see how much dirt and dust they can pick up.

Laundry: Kids can help with tasks like sorting, folding, and putting away laundry. These chores can make a big difference in keeping the house organized and giving parents a break. It’s also an excellent way for kids to learn how to care for their clothing.

Dusting: If 9-year-olds want to earn extra money, dusting is an excellent option. All they need is a duster and a bit of effort. Dusting helps with cleaning and teaches kids valuable skills that can be done in any room of the house.

Cleaning mirrors and windows: This is a straightforward task that takes a little time and can be done in any room. The best part is that kids can immediately see the results of their work. They might need a small step to reach higher areas.

Outdoor jobs for nine-year-olds:

Raking leaves: If you’re a 9-year-old who enjoys being active and outdoors, raking leaves can be a fantastic job. It’s about tidying up the yard, learning to care for the garden, and keeping the driveway clean.

Watering plants: This task is perfect for kids passionate about gardening. You can assist in watering all the plants and flowers, whether in pots around the house or in the garden. And if multiple kids are involved, you can turn it into a fun competition to see who can water the most plants in a specified amount of time!

Washing cars: When the sun is blazing hot, washing cars is a great way to spend your time. Kids can use a hose and soap to clean the car’s exterior and even vacuum and wipe the inside. Remember to have extra towels on hand when you assign this chore!

Planting flowers: If you want to learn how to grow and care for plants and flowers, planting flowers in the garden or around the house is an excellent opportunity. Plus, you’ll enjoy the beautiful results of your hard work.

Unusual jobs for 9-year-olds:

Start a baked goods stand: If you enjoy baking and are a kid, you can set up a little stand outside your home and sell your homemade treats to your neighbours. It’s a fun way to learn how to run a small business and how to let people know about what you’re selling. Plus, you can enjoy some of the tasty treats you’ve made!

Do odd jobs for neighbours: You can also earn some money by offering to help your neighbours with various tasks. This might include walking their dogs, assisting with gardening, or caring for different house chores. This teaches you responsibility and the value of helping out in your community.

Sell homemade arts and crafts: If you’re a creative kid, think about selling the arts and crafts you make. You can sell them to your neighbours, at local markets, or even online using platforms like Etsy. It’s a fantastic way to express your artistic talents while gaining insights into art, creativity, and business.

Tips On How To Teach Your Child The Value Of Money?

Teaching your kids about the importance of money is crucial, and you can do it in more ways than just assigning chores. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Start early: You can talk to your kids about money when they’re young. As soon as they can grasp the basic concepts, introduce them to ideas like saving, spending, and giving.

 2. Make it relatable: Use real-life examples to explain money concepts. For instance, when discussing saving, you could talk about how you save money for a family vacation or a new toy.

 3. Be consistent: Try to stick with the lessons you’re teaching about money. Consistency helps your child better understand and remember what they’re learning.

 4. Make it fun: Money doesn’t have to be a boring topic. There are plenty of games and activities you can do to make learning about money enjoyable. You could create a pretend store or restaurant into a fun playtime activity.

 5. Get them involved: Involve your child in managing the family finances. This gives them insight into where money comes from and how it’s used.

 6. Lead by example: Be a good role model regarding cash. Show them responsible practices for saving, spending, and giving.

 7. Encourage questions: Prompt your child to ask questions about money. This helps them learn more and clears up any confusion they may have.

 8. Be patient: Wait to expect your child to understand everything overnight. Learning about money is gradual, so be patient and keep teaching!

Final Thoughts

Well, here you have it! If your child is ready to put in some effort, these job suggestions for 9-year-olds can help them make money. Just remember to establish achievable goals and provide assistance when necessary. Teaching your child about the value of money is an important life lesson; with some dedication, you can help them get started on the right track. Enjoy the process of earning that extra pocket money!

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