How To Remove Stickers

How To Remove Stickers

Whenever we buy new products, we usually struggle with the stickers labeled on these products. These stubborn stickers are hard to remove from the product. Thus we are searching for how to remove stickers. If you follow some sticker removal methods that are proven to remove stickers from any kind of product, it will surely help you. Whether it is a price tag or garish sticker on your wall, removing these stubborn stickers is a tough chore to do and requires the right kind of technique to remove it. You cannot remove them simply with your hands alone as sticky residue remains on the product or wall that makes them appear ugly. Here are some best ways to remove stickers from any product.  

Easy Ways To Remove Stickers

You can use any of these techniques to remove the stickers from plastic, furniture, wall, cabinets, or from anything. You can use your hair dryer to remove stickers or soak the product in warm water if the product is water-safe to soften the sticker. In order to avoid the residue after removing stickers, you can use a scrubber or rub alcohol on that area or use an oil-based solution to remove the sticker residue. Let’s learn how to peel stickers from any object. 

Scrape Off Sticker

  • Using the thin or pointed utensil, you can pry up the surface of the sticker. You can use utensils like a putty knife, razor blade, or use a plastic scraper. Start from the edge of the sticker until it gets loose to grab from your hands. 
  • After scraping, pull out the loose corner carefully from the sticking surface. Make sure not to use too much force; otherwise, half will remain on the product surface. 
  • As much as the sticker gets pulled easily, that’s fine, for the remaining, use your scraper tool again. Slowly and gently run the scraper on the sticker material. Apply little pressure while scraping the sticker from mid. Slowly scrape down the sticker, and the adhesive will remove from the surface. 
  • Continue scraping until the whole sticker comes out of the surface. This is the best to remove stickers from plastic, glass, ceramic, or any hard material. But make sure not to use it to remove stickers from furniture as it will cause scratches to their surface. 

Use Hair Dry For Removing Stickers

  • This is an easy way to remove stickers and does not require much patience levels. Set your hair dryer in high-heat settings. The heat of the hair dryer helps in softening the adhesive of stickers that get cemented on the product for a long time. 
  • Use the hair dryer over the sticker for about 30 seconds and keep its nozzle 15 cm apart from the sticker. Then wave the hair dryer up and down the sticker for about one minute.
  • Next, turn off your hair dryer and use your hand to peel off the sticker. Use your fingernail to gently loosen the sticker and, if needed, use a scraper to dislodge residue. 
  • Again use your hair dryer if removing stickers is not easy. Continue to heat the sticker in between the intervals of 30 seconds for 2-3 times. Also, pull the sticker in between intervals. 

Soak Sticker Product In Warm Water

  • Take a large container and fill it with the hot water. Whatever type of container you choose, make sure it should be big so that it easily accommodates the product. Remember to put those products that are water safe and do not get any damages due to hot water. Also, make sure not to fill the container with too hot water. 
  • Next, put the product in the water so that the sticker adhesive gets loose in warm water and can be pulled easily. Make sure the sticker should face the bottom of the container. Please keep it in the vessel for about 4-5 minutes, and the warm water will start to show its magic. This is the minimum time duration needed to lose the adhesive from stickers. In case there are multiple stickers or a big size sticker, you need to soak the product for a few more minutes. 
  • Peel off the sticker using your hands. After soaking the sticker in warm water, it becomes very easy to peel off the sticker in one go. If it is still hard to remove the sticker without any residue, then you can use a scraper tool to remove its adhesive from the product surface. After soaking stickers in warm water, it becomes easy to use a scraper tool and require little pressure to remove the sticker without residue completely. 
  • In case the sticker leaves the soggy residue on the product, use a scrubber to remove it. 

Use Chemical Solution To Dissolve Sticker

  • When these all the above methods won’t work, you are needed to use the further step to remove the sticker adhesive. These chemical products are Goo Gone or Klean Strip. If you don’t have these products at your home and don’t want to go to the store to buy them, you can use rubbing alcohol, WD-40, a bottle of liquor, or hand sanitizer to clean the sticker. Any of these products will help you in squeaky clean the sticker surface of any item. 
  •  A specially designed chemical will help you in removing the sticker adhesive by losing its grip from the surface, whereas alcohol or its derived products will dry the sticker adhesive. 
  • Spread any solution on stickers using the clean cloth. Gently wipe or run the cloth over the sticker in circular movements to clean the surface. In case you have a chemical in a spraying bottle, spray mist on the sticker and leave it for a few minutes. Make sure to spray the chemical perfectly over the edges of the sticker. If you are removing stickers from the electronic item, make sure that the chemical spray won’t enter inside the holes of it. If you are using a chemical solution to remove stickers from the furniture, the first spot test it on the not visible side of that furniture. Slather the chemical on that part of the furniture and leave it for a few minutes. Then check how the chemical reacts with the furniture, if there are any changes in the appearance of that part, make sure not use it or if there are not any such changes it will work great. 
  • If the sticker is still hard to remove or leave any residue on the surface, then you can use a scrubber to clean the surface. 

Use Oil To Remove Sticker

  • There is also another way to loosen the sticker from any product. An ordinary bottle of cooking oil will help you in removing the sticker from the surface with ease. You can use any type of oil, whether it is olive oil, canola oil, or mustard oil. Oil application will bust any kind of stubborn sticker from the surface. You may get shocked, but you can also use mayonnaise or peanut butter to remove the stubborn sticker, these will also work the same on the sticker. 
  • Put a layer of oil on the sticker using a clean cloth and rub it all over the sticker’s surface. If the sticker or product surface is uneven or has lots of emerging spots on it, then use a brush or rubber spatula to spread the oil evenly all over the sticker. Make sure to cover the edges with oil. 
  • Do not pour thinner oil on the sticker surface directly as it will spread down the surface and won’t work effectively to bust up the sticker. In such cases, use a cloth or cotton ball to spread the oil. 
  • After the application of oil, it will take 10 to 20 minutes for the oil to loosen the adhesive from the sticker completely. If you leave the oil for a longer duration to sit on the sticker, the better the oil will show its effects on the sticker surface. 
  • Using your fingernail, peel off the sticker from the product. Do not peel off in a hurry, gradually, and gently remove the sticker. You can also use a scraper tool or any spatula edge to remove the sticker adhesive. The surface will come out clean, wipe it out using a paper napkin. If there is any residue left on the product surface, use a scrubber to clean it. 

These are the effective and best ways to remove stickers from any type of surface, whether it is plastic, glass, furniture, wall, or any other thing. These things are available at home, and you don’t have to spend any amount of money on it. 

Here are some doubts from many people: 

  • How To Remove Price Stickers: It is very easy, you can use sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to remove the sticker from the surface. You can also use oil or a dryer to remove it. 
  • How To Remove Stickers From Furniture: Removing stickers from furniture is a complex task. You have to be careful about what type of product you are using. In my opinion, use oil or alcohol to remove it.