How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Non-durables


How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Non-durables. This is where to start if you are considering a career path in the consumer non-durables industry. Within these sectors, multiple companies with dominant positions contribute greatly towards economic growth and development for our country. Let’s look at how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables industry, common durable goods like appliances or furniture, while also focusing on some innovative businesses such as sustainable construction materials made from recycled plastics byproducts are usually thrown away due to their lack of sentimentality value. More than 2,207,500 jobs are available in the consumer non-durables.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Non-durables Industry?

how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables

Consumer non-durables are meant to last for a short time. The industry is generally a broad term that refers to manufacturing and selling products that can be consumed in 3 years or less, depending on how quickly you wear them out.

The non-durables industry is an excellent opportunity for those looking to make good money without putting themselves through the stress of entrepreneurship.

The consumer durables sector will provide nearly 6 million jobs in 2023, with salaries varying between $60,000 to $1,00,000 depending on your experience and skill level – but keep that from stopping you.

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The non-durable consumer industry is growing at the moment, but recently there have been sudden ups and downs that point to many challenges. In addition, facing intense competition from other markets and changing customer requirements also calls this into question.

Job Number Of Jobs In The U.S. Job Growth Rate from 2020-2030 Job Openings

Job TitleNumber Of Jobs In The U.S.2020-2030 Job Growth RateJob Openings
A Cook2,175,000+11%162,500+
Hair Dresser366,000+9%67,500+
Restaurant GM262,000+7%386,000+
Food & Beverage Manager41,000+12%148,000+
Grocery Associate32,000+1%127,000+
Food Technologist10,000+8%97,000+

The opportunities in the consumer non-durables industry are endless. Some of the most common include:

Highest Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-Durables

You can get a job in the non-durable goods market as listed below. For example, suppose you have excellent communication skills and are good at talking to people.

In that case, this might be an opportunity for employment with any company that deals primarily or exclusively with these products, including real estate investment trusts.


Human resources managers in the consumer non-durable industries have an interesting job. They work for a company that makes everything from cars to clothes and electronics – but they do it all without any physical materials. The pay rates are also great: $84K per year on average, also including several benefits.


A Sales Manager

As a sales representative for any company, your main responsibility is convincing other people with needs and want products.

In this case, those consumers are non-durable goods such as food or clothing – but it could also apply to durable items if there were enough market demand.

Beware: You’ll need an excellent personality because interacting with many different types of individuals can sometimes get tiring but don’t worry; they’re all very nice once you start getting acquainted.

A Production Assistant

Have you always been fascinated by the behind-the-scenes world of marketing? Well, then, this might be a perfect fit for your skills.

As consumers become more aware and knowledgeable about their rights when purchasing products online, companies need strong strategies to ensure that these users can easily identify what they’re buying – which means bringing it alive.

If having fun while doing work sounds good on days when everything feels like a tedious duty, You’ll love being a production associate in the consumer non-durable industry.

An Industrial Production Manager

The industrial production manager is the person in charge of making sure that all manufacturing goes well.

They coordinate and direct activities required to produce common consumer non-durables, like oil and gas industry products; this includes keeping an eye on changing customer preferences so that they can be made accordingly.

A Marketing Head (Manager)

Marketing managers organize and manage campaigns that generate demand for products or services.

They evaluate marketing strategies and manage budgets in line with trends from market research analysis to ensure economic growth across all business sectors.

A Network Engineer

Network engineers are in charge of designing and implementing computer systems. They need experience with networks, not just one type like undergraduate degrees for this job field–though they do help.

To become a network engineer, you only require two years of experience or postings that show your skill set within the industry (or five if it’s international).

A BDO – Business Development Officer

Business development officers are responsible for increasing company sales and profits in mature markets.

You need experience working with consumers or business managers, as well as knowledge on how to market products successfully through various channels like social media campaigns that target specific audiences based on their interests–all while improving your customer’s satisfaction levels.

This is an extremely challenging position but one which can yield huge rewards if you’re willing to work hard enough to get clients into stores where they’ll spend money once, bringing back old favorites or creating new ones altogether.

Make sure these businesses have strong margins no matter what happens during temporarily low periods.

A Quality Assurance Analyst

The quality assurance analysts’ job is to make sure that the products and goods meet the company’s standards. This includes conducting tests on various consumer non-durables, including major textile manufacturers or household items like toilet paper.


What are the Common Consumer Non-durables?

Consumer goods are categorized into four areas, the most common being clothing and household items. These can be further broken down into a variety of subcategories. How many jobs are available in consumer non-durables? Let’s go into the details below:

Paper Products

Paper products are a necessary part of any household. There are toilet paper, plates, and cups for food service areas, as well as writing papers in every office or classroom, to help keep things organized. Paper products are placed into the consumer non-durables as they need to be replaced from time to time.

Paper products are a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to other consumer goods. The industry has seen rapid growth in recent years as consumers look for ways their money can go further by purchasing durable items that will last longer than one use each time they’re purchased.

Cleaning Products

The average person uses cleaning supplies every two weeks, meaning they must be replenished regularly, or else you’ll have problems.

These items have a relatively short shelf life since most people use them within this time. If their effectiveness decreases after six months, then there will eventually no longer be enough for what’s needed in your home.

It is important to have the right cleaning supplies for your needs. Please make sure they are safe and will not damage any surfaces in need.

There are various types available, so take time before making this purchase decision with care because it could save money if you regret buying something now due to its poor quality or usage methods.

  • Degreasers
  • Abrasives
  • Detergents
  • Acids

The chemicals in cleaners can be toxic to your skin and eyes. Before touching any household cleaning supplies, make sure the label says “non-toxic.” This includes toilet bowl cleaner, dish detergent, or laundry soap.

Personal Care Essentials

All in the beauty industry, from skincare and hair ta full body hygiene. Some other categories are medicines produced by pharmaceutical companies- these may not be part of personal products, but they’re still important for your health.

The beauty market is extremely lucrative and competitive, with high turnover rates for retailers and consumers.

A product’s life cycle can vary from weeks or months depending on its use-worthiness, which means that these products will need to be replaced often enough so that there is only a little stock build-up at any point during their lifetime.

Food Products

The food and beverage manufacturing industry have many products with short lifespans.

Beverages like soda, juice boxes/jugs, and alcohol packets for drinking in restaurants or clubs are examples of goods with an expiry date on them because they’re perishable.

Canned foods such as soups also commonly carry this Dating Code symbol, so you know when to eat yours before it expires.

What Are The Benefits Of Working In Consumer Non-Durables?

Salaries and career growth seem like a given, but what about the work setting? You’ll be surprised to learn that there are some industries where you can enjoy an office environment while also getting creative freedom. Check some of the benefits below:


The consumer non-durables industry is where you will never hear complaints about how much an employer-paid someone. The federal minimum wage for this type of work, as well as at local rates in each state or territory, is more than what most people can make working regular jobs.

Career Growth

Career growth is the best in this industry for those looking to advance their careers and gain more experience. From manufacturing plants, warehouses, or even corporate offices, there’s no shortage of variety regarding what kind of work you can do.


Working Conditions

The fast-paced environment of this industry will allow you to fit yourself in any working situation and job. You can learn a lot while working here since consumer non-durables are exciting.

What are the Qualifications To Join Non-Durables 

Job seekers with all educational backgrounds and qualifications can find jobs in non-durables, making this career path more exciting than most other careers.

With a master’s degree in your pocket, it is time to start exploring the many opportunities available. The non-durables industry may be just what you’re looking for.

In order to get qualified applicants, we should list some of their qualifications below:

Education Qualification:

  • High school or college graduates: High school or college graduates must fill entry-level jobs in non-durables. Some of these also require you to graduate from high school. In contrast, others only demand that candidates have a GED (General Educational Development) certificate or equivalent before being considered for employment.”

It all depends on what company you want to work for and the position that is being offered. For example, if a job posting says they are looking for an Order Builder at Coca-Cola Company, then most likely, your high school degree will be enough. Still, Kellogg’s packaging associate program requirements might require more education so check with them before applying.

Employers often look for college graduates to fill sales assistant, supervisor, and administrative support positions.

  • Bachelor’s Degree: The non-chemical industries are a great place for those looking to start their career in manufacturing. These companies often require employees who have either studied or worked on subjects related to the job role, like engineering and technical skills.

A master’s degree is preferred for positions like a manager, business development officer, and human resources. A bachelor’s degree will help you get your foot in the door and give employers more confidence that they’re making a good decision by hiring an applicant with the required education level.

What are the Skills To Climb Up Your Consumer Non-Durables Career

In this industry, having the proper education and skills to show off your expertise is important. These will help you get a better position or prove yourself as knowledgeable for us to take an interest:

  • Good communication Skills
  • Quick Decision-making Power
  • Approachability
  • Self-Confident
  • Leadership Quality
  • Hunger to reach goals
  • Ability to work under pressure

Is Consumer Non-Durables A Good Career Path?

The non-durable goods industry is expanding rapidly because all its products are necessary for people.

The consumer non-durables industry is a great place to start your career path. This well-paying, stable job has opportunities for graduates and those who still need to get degrees. You’ll be able to find success here with determination as you grow within this field of work.

How Much People In Consumer Non-Durables Earn?

The industries and companies in this area are some of the best-paying around. Not only do they pay well, but you can feel good about working there because these businesses help support families with their profits.

Whether you’re a fresh recruit or have been in the industry for years, your salary will vary depending on which company. For instance, freshers working within food service industries may start at lower rates. At the same time, those employed by personal care companies can make more money than their counterparts across many other sectors.

The average salary in the foods non-durables industry is $48,000 to 65K. People with no working experience and entry-level jobs make 38k – 46 thousand dollars annually on median wages of 48 4000 upwards per year

due to their educational background or skillset required for this kind of work surroundings.

High-level designation people such as scientists, managers, and others can earn more than $85,000 a year and over 100k.

Why consumer non-durable is a good career choice

 Friendly for Beginners

Lifetime careers are not just for the movies. If you want to live your dreams and not hop like crazy, then it’s time to create a career plan with steps to achieve this goal.

The good news is there are many options available. Whether one has yet entered into society or already established themselves within business environments as well-employed folks who can also offer guidance.

From a beginner to becoming an expert at whatever it takes towards achieving from the start until finish line without any regrets whatsoever because nothing worthwhile comes easy especially success which takes hard work dedication, motivation, focus, and commitment.

Job Openings in Consumer Non-Durable Goods Manufacturers

With so many textile companies, you may need help deciding the right one.

Suppose your interests lie in international careers or with major corporations like Procter & Gamble (PepsiCo), Coca-Cola, and others. In that case, you’ll find what suits you best for yourself by doing some research first.

Nowadays, there are many textile manufacturers out in the market. However, they all have their unique screening process and sector for hiring candidates, which would be preferable if you knew everything about it.

Tons of Positions to Work

Coca-Cola might be your best bet if you are looking for various jobs in the soft product industry. The company offers full-time and internship opportunities with various responsibilities ranging from sales to marketing.

There’s no shortage when it comes down to what type or position will suit someone’s skillset.

You can also work as an intern during the summer season if this would mean getting started on building up experience before applying full-time later down the road.

But make sure not only apply at their website because some spots may fill quicker than others due simply by virtue fact they come out more often.

Placements are Proper

There are many different types of careers in the non-durable consumer goods industry.

General merchandising, for example, is a large part of it and can be broken down by brand to better serve consumers with specific needs or preferences based on their interests. This could mean something like “AAA” brands catering to people who want high-quality products without breaking them too often.

Research and Development

The world of consumer goods is intricate, with different companies producing items for the same general market. As a result, many positions are available in this area – from designers to engineers and scientists.

The following list includes some patterns we can see among non-durable R&D roles: design, engineering (including production); science/sales associates who work closely together because their customers serve both durable retail markets like supermarkets do but also consume certain types or brands at home when they’re not out doing business.

Training and Exposure

The benefits of working for a soft goods company are that you can apply for jobs in human resources or information technology.

You might also want this if your goal is to manage employees in the future since they provide leadership training programs that will help teach you how to handle people’s needs when there is no problem yet.

The pay isn’t bad either; salaries typically start at $45K per year and top out around 200k+ with good bonuses thrown into things, too, making sure everyone gets compensated well enough but not so much as where anyone would feel undervalued based on what type job opening they apply against.

Compensation and Incentives

The median base salary at Procter & Gamble is around $87k per year, according to the payroll/job search website.

PepsiCo falls in line with this number making their yearly average payments of about 79 thousand dollars for employees who work there. It does not include bonuses or other incentives provided by employers based on how well they do during certain periods within an individual’s career path.

Coca-Cola sits middle ground when it comes to paying attention only partially to both high-level positions like marketing managers but also lower levels such as merchandise displayers working closely alongside stock keeping units (SKU) buyers doing Retail Marketing Consultantships where you’ll be able to make good money if your willing take risks.

Areas of Support

Industries such as marketing, finance, and technology are all well-suited to the fields of HR.

Work in one industry but want a different setup. It might be worth looking into which companies have more diverse job opportunities available – this will give your resume an edge when interviewing.


Common Businesses in the Consumer Non-durables Industry

Hard to believe there are so many companies out in this industry. Non-durable goods? What’s that mean, anyway?

I’m glad you asked. These products aren’t meant for long-term use; they will get destroyed after one use or when their packaging is opened. Here are some of the companies that deal in such non-durable products:

Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola is one of the most successful beverage companies in history.

The company has been dedicated to making non-alcoholic beverages since becoming popular, and then later acquired other water brands like Dasani when they needed more competition against bottled waters which are gaining ground on sales due to PepsiCo’s failed attempt at creating an alternative for Americans who prefer drinking sugary drinks instead.


Nike is a company that has been involved in producing sportswear for over 50 years. They also have patents on their designs and serve as an apparel supplier to other companies like Adidas or Puma, which means they’re not only known for shoes.

Procter and Gamble Co.

Procter and Gamble Co., one of the largest corporate companies in this day’s world, has a vast range of healthcare products to personal hygiene items.

The company also produces advertising campaigns for its clients, which help them reach their target market while making an environmental impact through these initiatives.

Procter and Gamble Co. has been one of the most successful companies to work for since it was founded in 1837. Their rich history, including many achievements over time, make them an excellent place to start or continue your career journey.


There’s a niche in the entertainment industry for something that isn’t just about watching TV or movies.

With millions of viewers and subscribers, Netflix is among one if not the most desirable businesses out there today because people pay money each month to have access to all their favorite shows.

Kellogg Co.

Kellogg’s is the company that feeds you cereal every morning. It’s one of our favorite brands, and we can’t think about breakfast without them.

The name “Kellogg” comes from Will Keith Elwood, who opened his first store back in Battle Creek, Michigan, way before 1900; he also founded Kalega Sugar Company which eventually became known as Ecycle after acquiring other companies like Ringling Brothers circus (and others). Nowadays, their products include grains and snacks, too—their best-known being Rice Krispies.

Final Words

The non-durable consumer industry has a wide range of jobs available, which means there’s something for everyone. You can find your dream job at any level or with expertise in this field – all you need to do is identify where and what type of position will suit you best.

Start refining skills by identifying the right credentials, then start applying today, so we’ll see each other soon here.

I hope now you have gotten your answer to the question, “how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables.” Please let us know if you need to share any information on this topic.



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How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Non-durables