Spectacular And Meaningful Hawaiian Tattoos

hawaiian tattoos

Hawaiian tattoos are a new sensation among people, and they are gaining popularity among the folks who like body art. 

The Hawaiin tattoos basically depict the heritage and culture of Hawaii through symbols and cultural elements. They are some of the most beautiful and eye-catching tattoo designs as they are colorful, artistic, and meaningful. 

In the article, we will explore the colorful world of Hawaiian tattoos, including their history and meanings. 

History of Hawaiian Tattoos 

In ancient times, the art of tattooing was known as the ‘kakau’ among the locals. The tattooing at these times for people was a way of showing their bravery as the art of tattooing was very painful. 

Traditionally the tattoo making in Hawaii was done by using the black color. The method used for it was very painful as for making the tattoo, the sin of the person has to be cut open. After opening the skin, tattoo ink was poured into it that was made up of soot and ash. Then the soot and ash were allowed to dry; this was done to let the pigment of the ink turn black. 

In short, the Hawaiian tattoos were all about a big black and artistic designs. However, with that influence of the west, things changed, and the use of colors in the tattoos began. Now the tattoos, instead of being all black, were instead exotic in look. But traditionally, designs of these tattoos kept revolving around the symmetric and geometric designs and that also in black. 

The tattooing style of the Maori and Hawaiian people was also the same. Traditionally in both cultures, women, and men, both used to get those tattoos, but men generally outnumbered women. Some men even used to get their whole bodies covered in tattoos. Each of these tattoos depicted a deep meaning and had a story behind their emergence. 

Hawaiian Tattoos

There are various meanings and symbols for which people get themselves inked with the Hawaiian tattoos. The designs symbolize various things like religious devotion, bravery, ranks, rites, status, and heritage. In Hawaiian culture, there are numerous symbols that are used for depicting the culture and meanings. Some of them are:

Gecko Tattoo

One of the most popular tattoos in the Hawaiian culture is that of the gecko. People get the gecko tattoo as it is believed to have supernatural powers. According to the locals, the gecko brings good fortune and health or whoever it comes in contact with.

Other than the deep meaning behind the gecko tattoo, it is also a fascinating design that has tribal origins. This tattoo’s brilliance comes out when the tattoo is made without an outline, and it looks really cool. To add some more beauty to the gecko tattoo, you can go for various designs on its body. 

For example, you can get the hands designed differently than the legs. Both parts can have different designs than each other. You can even get each limb in different designs. One thing to remember is that the gecko tattoo designs and ideas look best in black. However, you can experiment with the colors in it. 

Shark Tattoo

According to the Hawaiian legends, sharks resemble powerful creatures and symbols of power. They are considered sacred in the Hawaiian culture, and they are a symbol of protection for the shark tattoo wearer.  

What’s more amazing about the shark tattoo designs is that they look sharp, fierce, and ferocious. The shark tattoos depict that as the shark, the wearer also has a great sense of movement, strength, and flow. In these Hawaiian tattoos, like the gecko tattoos, you can go for various designs and ideas along with colors. However, they look best in the traditional black color. 

For example, you can get the fin designed differently and the rest of the body in other designs. One of the popular designs is that a shark tattoo starts on the backside of the shoulder and goes on the front of the arm. 

Tiki Tattoo

Tiki is believed to be a superhuman and also the first him being on earth. He is believed to have supernatural powers to smell danger. Thus people get the tiki tattoo in dedication of some highly powerful and also for protection against any danger. It is believed that the wearer of this tattoo, like the tiki, gets the power of smelling danger and thus has the power t protect. 

The tiki tattoo is commonly done in colors. In it, a man is fined who wears Hawaiian attire and has a different aura of himself. The tiki wears an oversized mask which is also very artistic and made with traditional Hawaiian markings. Other than the attire and mask, the tiki also has a shield, and spear which symbolizes that it is ready for whatever is coming for him.

All this depicts that a wearer is a person with qualities like strong willpower, strength, fierceness, and hope. 

Shell Tattoo

In ancient times, shells were used as a type of currency in various cultures around the world. Thus the shell tattoo depicts the meanings like wealth and prosperity. 

The shell tattoos also resemble the beauty and prosperity that the sea provides us. Moreover, it also shows that the sea is a life provider to people who live around it. Thus it is also a way of thanking the sea and representing the roots to the sea culture. 

What’s even more amazing about the shells is that they can help you choose between numerous designs. You can choose a tattoo for your shoulder, or back, or chest, depending on your preference. You can even choose a large shell tattoo that goes from shoulder to chest to back and ends on the shoulder again. In short, the choice of designs and colors you get in the Hawaiian shell tattoos is endless. 

The shell tattoos’ traditional designs have also been mixed with various other designs like a fish in the shell. You can also mix it with other tattoo designs like shark tattoos. However, in traditional, it was a single shell tattoo and not mix, but in modern times, people prefer mixed designs as they are more eye-catching. 

In this tattoo, if you want color tattoos on dark skin, then getting the shell tattoo in white color can be the best bet for you. 

Sea Turtle Tattoo

Sea turtle tattoo is one of the most famous and meaningful Hawaiian tattoos. Due to the long life of the turtle, it depicts fertility and long life. It also symbolizes hope and health. Thus people get the sea turtle tattoo to have the blessings for long and healthy life. 

The turtle tattoo designs are also very expressive, and people get it to stand out of the crowd and have something to flaunt. In this tattoo, the design is mostly symmetrical, and the legs provide the tattoo consistency along with the individuality with it. In the shell of the turtle also you can go for designs like a joyful face or something like it. These designs can change according to the person, and thus the various designs depict various things. 

You can also go for geometrical designs in the sea turtle tattoos if you want to try something different. The sea turtle tattoo is generally in black ink and looks ravishingly gorgeous. However, in recent years, people are also getting colorful tattoos for themselves. 

Orchid Tattoo

Do you want flower tattoos or something different which is meaningful, astonishingly beautiful, and vibrantly colorful? Well, the orchid tattoo can be the ebay thing to get as it has all these qualities. Even amazing is that it also depicts the culture and heritage of the Hawai if you want to show your roots. 

The orchid is also a way of depicting various things like luxury, love, beauty, and magnificence. Other than this, people who are unique, mysterious in nature, and free-spirited can also go for the orchid tattoo. The good thing about the orchid tattoo is that you can combine it with various designs and other elements like skulls and butterflies. It all depends on your choice. The meaning and depiction which this tattoo has also changed with the design you choose. 

These orchid tattoo ideas are specifically popular among women who want something to adorn their hands. You can also get them as a back tattoo or shoulder tattoo. To add a more artistic outlook, you can go for some artistic colors in this design. You can also choose the 3D orchid tattoo to have something which is uniquely amazing. These tattoos’ vibrant colors also make it an amazing option if you want color tattoos on dark skin. 

Ohana Tattoo

The ohana tattoo designs are one of the most popular Hawaiian tattoos. These tattoos mean family in the local Hawaiian language. 

People get this tattoo inked on their bodies to show their love towards their family. This tattoo also symbolizes that humans are social creatures, and the family is the most important part of one’s life. A person without a family can’t be complete, and having a family is a blessing from god. This is also a way of paying tribute to the family in the form of body art. 

Some people also get inked for expressing their love towards those who they have lost. 

Hawaiian Band Tattoos

Do you want something to adorn your hands or legs? If yes, then getting a Hawaiian band tattoo can be the best way of doing this. The traditional band tattoos of Hawaii are some of the most artistic and eye-catching designs. They are more popular among women due to their placement as they act as ornamental body art. 

Generally, the Hawaiian band tattoos are done in black ink and look great on the wrist, elbows, and calf. However, you can get them in other colors. The band tattoos nowadays are getting popular in white and thus a great option if you want color tattoos on dark skin. 

Crab Tattoo

The crab tattoo designs are very popular among the people of Hawaii as the state boasts a long coastal shoreline, and thus crabs are found in abundance. 

These crab tattoos are generally done in a geometric pattern and look artistically gorgeous. Other than being a beautiful addition, they are also a meaningful design. They depict sea adventures and love for the sea. These tattoos also symbolize strength and life as the crabs are life providers to the people living on shorelines. 

Map Tattoo

The Hawaiian map tattoos with artistic elements in combination with it have been a popular design among folks belonging to this beautiful island. 

This is the best way to show the roots of a person who belongs to Hawaii. Other than being a depicting tattoo, it is also a good option if you want something artistic. So if you are a Hawaiian folk and want some Hawaiian tattoos to pay tribute to your rich heritage, then getting this tattoo can be the best thing to do for you. 

Some of the popular placement areas for the Hawaiian map tattoos are the hands, back, and also the sleeve. 

Hawaiian Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are majestic animals that have been prevalent in various cultures around the world. They are the sign of strength, power, and fierceness. 

The dragon tattoos are also a popular Japanese style, and it is also an important part of the Hawaiian culture. In the Hawaiian culture, the dragon represents the source of life. People believe that the dragon is a sacred being who protects and is a sign of rebirth and creation. They believe that a dragon with his fire can destroy all life and create new with his mystical powers. 

Hawaiian Back Tattoos

The Hawaiian tattoos are fascinatingly gorgeous, and they have various designs for the back. Most of the back tattoos are in dark ink, but you can also go for colorful back tattoos. 

The options for the back tattoos are endless in the Hawaiian tattoos, and some of the popular designs are gecko, flower tattoos, snake tattoos, sun and moon tattoos, and many more. It all depends on the preference. The good thing about the back tattoos is that you can mix the back tattoos with various other designs also.

Some of the common ideas which you can try with Hawaiin tattoos include Japanese samurai with dragon tattoos. You can also try the orchid tattoos in combination with Japanese flowers. 

Anthurium Tattoo

The anthurium Hawaiian tattoos are popular among women specifically. These are red color flowers that are astonishingly beautiful and are locally found in Hawaii. 

These flowers depict various things like hospitality, friendship, and kindness, which are popular symbols in Hawaiian tourism. For this reason, you can combine this flower tattoo with various other designs also like orchids, birds, and more. 

Hula Dancer Tattoos

The hula dancer tattoos are one of the most popular designs among Hawaiian tattoos. These hula dancers are the traditional folk dances that are an important part of the Hawaiian culture. 

These dancers are generally seen with ornamental editions like hibiscus flowers and floral wreaths. The flowers in the dance of hula depict wealth, prosperity, hope, and happiness, according to the Hawaiian folks. 

Volcano Tattoo

Volcano tattoos are popular among people around the world for various reasons. In the Hawaiian culture, the volcanoes are a symbol of Pele, a local deity. 

Pele in the Hawaiian culture is known as the fire goddess and volcano god. It is believed to be the creator of the Hawaiian islands, thus a symbol of life taker and giver both. 

These are some of the popular Hawaii tattoos which you can get to have something astonishing that you will admire. 

Final Words

Hawaiian tattoos have become one of the most popular body art in recent years. They are some of the most artistic and vibrant tattoos that have deep meaning and history attached to them.

The good thing about Hawaiian tattoos is that they give you an endless list of options to choose from. They also have some of the most astonishing tattoo ideas if you want something for dark skin.