Top Digital Marketing Tools To Be A Step Ahead In The Game

digital marketing tools

Do you want to be successful in the field of digital marketing? If yes, then getting some digital marketing tools is what can help you.

Digital marketing is the new trend in these times of pandemic when traditional marketing is not possible. This is why being successful in this field is essential to a successful marketer. The good things about the field are that there are many digital marketing tools that can help. These tools help in keyword research, traffic analytics and more.

In the article, we will tell you about some digital marketing tools. These tools, which we have listed in the article, will help you in various digital marketing fields like content marketing, traffic management and more.

Digital Marketing Tools

These are some of the digital marketing tools which can help you in being a successful marketer:

Hubspot Marketing

Price: Free To $3,200.

The HubSpot marketing provides you with a number of useful tools for various marketing stages.

There are a number of tools available in HubSpot which can help you in setting up popup forms, web forms and live chat. They help you in lead capture. Using these tools, you can go for campaigns through email marketing, pipe all the data in the various free CRM, and also analyse the behaviour of site visitors. The good things about the HubSpot are that there are free and paid booth types of tools.

The paid digital marketing tools from Hubspot will let you manage your social media and content. They will also help you connect the leads together along with tracking the emails. In short, the tools from the HubSpot marketing allow you the following things:

  • Prove the ROI for the Inbound marketing, convert the leads, and Grow site traffic.
  • They, along with the provided tools for sales, help in shortening the deal cycles along with increasing closure rates.


Price: $99 to $399.

The Ahrefs is a comprehensive type of SEO tool which helps you in punching up the traffic on your website. This tool provides you with data of more than 150 million keywords in the USA. Other than the USA, it also provides you with data of more than 150 more countries.

The Ahrefs is a great tool for using in competitive analysis. It allows the user to check who links their content to their competitors, what are the top pages for their competitors and more.

This tool also allows you to see where the content of your competitors is ranking, which in turn help you analyse your content. Thus it can help you in identifying the key weaknesses of your content.

This tool also allows you to see which pages receive the most amount the traffic. It also allows you to see the traffic amount going to the sites of your competitors. All these things play a vital role in digital marketing, and thus an Ahrefs can be one of the best digital marketing tools to invest in.


Price: The prices vary according to the site traffic volume and starts from $24 a month.

The proof is a tool that connects you with the CRM or your website while using social proof for boosting the conversion of the site. They help in implementing the social proof type of messaging like how many people are viewing a post, reviews and more. They also help in geared videos for the targeted customers when they visit the website.

The live visitor count, along with features like hot streak type notifications, help in boosting the perception of the brand among customers. They let a prospect see how other people are viewing your products and website.

Other than this, using the proof tool, you can also identify and examine the journey of site visitors through the website. This, in turn, helps in a higher conversion of the site design.

The overall proof is one of the best digital marketing tools which you can get for website and customer analysis.

Survey Anyplace

Price: Starts From $33 per Month.

Do you want a lead generation tool? If yes, then the survey anyplace is one of the best digital marketing tools which you will love.

The tool has a ReportR pack which allows the respondents to walk away with the personalised type of PDF report on completion according to the answers they give.

Another great thing about this tool is that it easily integrates with other marketing stack tools. For it, the tool uses zapier, webhooks or integromat. This allows for easy transport of the lead through CRM or email marketing. Thus, in turn, helping in building the nurturing campaigns.


Price: Free To Paid According To Plans

The Yoast is a plugin tool for WordPress sites that is available to the user for free. However, for more premium features in the plugin paid version of this digital marketing tool is also available to the users.

The Yoast is one of the most popular types of plugin digital marketing tools. It works perfectly with the Gutenberg as well as classic WordPress editing sites.

This is an excellent tool that helps the users in optimising the content on the sites according to the search engines.

Using the Yoast, the users can choose focus keywords that help in ranking, cornerstone content, and URLs for individual content. By using it, the users can also go for interlinking of the content to give it that extra boost.

Other than these, Yoast also helps the users in optimising the readability score of the page. It gives the Flesch reading score of the page to the user.

One good thing about the Yoast is that it gets an update every two weeks in accordance with the google algorithms. Thus you can always stay up to date for your site.


Price: Free for medium and small companies. Custom pricing for the big enterprises.

Slack is one of the most popular types of communication business in the digital marketing world today. This operates on some specifically designated channels for the information.

It, in turn, helps the business with their conversation as they dont get cut off or distracted by the tangents. This is one of the digital marketing tools which facilitates de-silos and focused collaboration among the teams and employees.

Slack is a great tool for meetings and networking in the digital marketing world. It gives the user freedom to join or leave the channels according to their needs.

The good thing about slack is that as it is popular, it also has plenty of other tools integrated into it. This allows you to tack on unlimited amounts of the integration and the other slack applications making the tool more powerful.

For example, teams can pipe in the test results. Other analytics information, transaction notification and new customer information. It even allows for customer and sales bot support.

Overall, slack is one of the most useful and powerful types of digital marketing tools which you can have for your business communications.


Price: Free To $20.83 a month for the big enterprises.

The Trello is one of the most popular content management tools. Organisations use this tool to make content strategy and for brainstorming.

One of the reasons for Trello being popular is that it is free for small teams and provides a visual into content scheduling and brainstorming.

One great thing is that you can use it as a team, even if your team is global or working remotely. Another great feature that Trello provides is the assignment of cards to the employees. This allows for tracking who is responsible for editing, writing or addition of the CTA offers into a post. 

Other than the above features, the users can also create cards and also include notes on the topics of the cards. They can also create the deadlines for works along with assigning the topics to specific teams. This, in turn, helps in facilitating the collaboration while providing clarity on the products which are in the pipe.

These are some of the most popular digital marketing tools which you can get for your business. The good thing about most of these tools is that they are free for small businesses. So, if your business is in the initial stage, then these tools can help you in better setup without an investment need.

Final Words

Are you a digital marketer? Or are you starting a business of digital marketing? If yes, then getting some digital marketing tools can help you.

There are a number of digital marketing tools which helps the users in being a successful marketer. They help in website management, content management, project assignment, keyword research, digital marketing trend analysis, and more. Some tools also help in communications, search engine ranking, brainstorming and more.