Best Places To Post Furry Art Online | Furry Art Sites

For those who like to explore the world of furry art and its fascinating hybrid characters, there are plenty of great websites available in 2022. You can find exciting opportunities to showcase your artwork or browse others’ creations. So come join us on this journey into an amazing realm filled with incredible possibilities – it’s sure not one you’ll soon forget.

A Furry Artist combines traditional art with the concept of anthropomorphism to create unique visuals depicting humanized animals and avatars. It’s an artistic style that is imaginative, creative, and eye-catching.

What is Furry Art?

The furry community is a creative and dynamic group, with fans creating content that they love—and share.

From artwork to characters, its members are both the creators and consumers of material. It’s an exciting space where everyone can contribute something unique.

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Top Places To Post Furry Art Online | Furry Art Sites

Where can I post my furry art?

Knowing how to price commissions can be challenging if you are a furry content creator. The most widely used platforms for selling and sharing your art include Fur Affinity, Weasyl, SoFurry, Furry Network, Furry Amino, F-list, Furvilla, or Inkbunny.

How can I set price rates for my furry art commissions?

To determine the right prices for sketches ($50), line art ($150), or full-colored illustrations($300), we suggest starting with double what you originally thought would make sense and monitoring whether jobs fill up to 100%.

If so – keep going until they hit that benchmark again, at which point you’ve reached an ideal rate (sketches being $200, line drawings -$600/$1200).

This way, both customers fulfill their orders while ensuring reasonable compensation for the creators’ time and effort.

What are furry commissions?

Commissioning art is an opportunity for furries to collaborate with their favorite artists, writers, musicians, and fursuit makers.

Through exchanging money or bartering services, patrons can connect with creators of all specialties and create a beautiful piece that’s unique to them.

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What are the Best Furry art sites? 

SoFurry From Yiffstar

SoFurry is a popular furry website with origins stemming from Yiffstar. It now provides users access to adult and non-adult content within their thriving virtual community.

Users are invited to join or create ‘groups’ that focus on specific interests, each of which comes complete with forum boards for communication and web chatrooms for real-time conversations.

Furry Amino

Furry Amino is a great way to make connections. From their dedicated iOS and Android app, users can enjoy the full scope of social networking features available on the larger Amino platform – all tailored to furry fans. Create your profile and start exploring this vibrant community today.

Furry Amino allows you to create, engage and connect with other furry community members. Join in on conversations by sharing blog posts, quizzes or polls – then follow your favorite content creators for more up-to-date inspiration.


Furvilla brings you into a world of adorable furry friends. Create your unique character with the custom designs known as Panties – from complete recolors to modifications on existing line art.

With Furvilla, there’s no limit to what kind of friendly villager you can bring to life.

Furry Reddit: Subreddit

Furry Reddit is an active user-created community on the popular news aggregation website Reddit.

Here members can exchange and discuss their enthusiasm for furry fandom-related information and media – bringing the animated world of furries to life.

The furry fandom is alive and thriving on this subreddit.

Subscribers have the incredible opportunity to share artwork, stories, videos, and photographs with their peers – all while engaging in meaningful conversation about matters close to their hearts.

Additionally, they can vote up content that resonates most with them so others may benefit.

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Furlist a Telegram Group

Furlist is the destination for exploring furry Telegram groups – from SFW to NSFW. Registering and editing your group is as easy as chatting with FurListBot, a convenient Telegram-based bot that does all the work.

Our groups are carefully categorized according to their distinct focus areas, including conventions, interests, websites, and species. With these divisions in place, it is easier than ever before to connect with like-minded individuals.

Weasyl – Sharing and Discovering Furry Art

Weasyl is a one-stop shop for sharing and discovering art, music, and stories with like-minded creators.

With features such as media submissions, character profiles, and journal entries.

Plus the addition of a commission marketplace–all bolstered by an upgraded thumbnail system to showcase larger images–users can be proud that their artwork will shine in its full glory.

Plus, all this creativity has been released open source software style so everyone can access it freely.

Fur Affinity – One of the Most Popular Furry Art Network

Fur Affinity is the furry fandom’s most popular online hub, encouraging creativity and collaboration.

It allows users to follow their favorite artists for new updates; highlight works they appreciate; upload artwork of all kinds – images, music, and stories – plus use its comments system & journals to foster a strong community atmosphere.

Furry Network

Furry Network is an online community that provides a platform for promoting art and creative works within the furry fandom.

Through its unique ‘promote’ & ‘favorite’ features, users can share submissions publicly or privately on their profile – creating ample opportunity to showcase one’s creativity.

F-list – Only 18+ Can Join

F-list is an online destination for imaginative roleplay.

Adults aged 18 and above can join to discover a directory of characters with fascinating personalities and extensive networks related to their fetish interests.

Members can explore these avenues in real-time through F-List’s chat server – connecting through stimulating conversation and creative expression.


Inkbunny is an artist-centric community that celebrates artwork, comics, and other creative offerings from fans of anthropomorphic animals.

With no fees to join or display work, artists can easily share their work with the world in a safe place while accepting donations or sales.

Spanning genres like animation and music to promote these furry creations, Inkbunny ensures everyone has access to uniquely crafted art pieces without any extra charges.

Dark Natasha – One of the Best Furry Artist

From the small town of Evergreen, Colorado, Dark Natasha has emerged as one of the furry fandom’s leading artists.

Her quick rise to success began with her covers for Furrlough and a comic published by Radio Comix, garnering great attention from fans eager to follow her artwork career.

With an eye towards realism – but no shortage of fantasy imagery – she continues creating artworks that prove popular amongst admirers worldwide.

Kenket – An Amazing Furry Artist

Kenket is an artist and convention-goer who commands attention with her dynamic work.

Her art often brings to life stunning depictions of captivating creatures like ravens, tigers, coyotes, and dogs – all known as part of her fursona identity.

She has also collaborated on works under the name ‘Blotch’ in partnership with Black Teagan while working freelance as a professional illustrator.


Rukis Croax is a creative force from Greenville, South Carolina.

An anthropomorphic artist and writer by trade, they are the visionary behind two beloved comic series – Cruelty and Unconditional and Red Lantern with their co-creator, all based in an Americana setting.

Furvilla – Online Pet Game

Favilla is a unique pet game where players can customize furry villagers with vibrant panties and painties.

Through external editing software, users can create visually stunning designs that range from the simple to modification of furvillas’ lines – enabling enhanced personalization for all.

Popular Furry Art Design Ideas

Furry art Monalisa

Furry art Monalisa
Furry art Monalisa
Furry art Monalisa
Furry art Monalisa

Furry Art Male

Furry Art Male
Furry Art Male
Furry Art Male
Furry Art Male

Furry Art Cute

Furry Art Cute
Furry Art Cute
Furry Art Cute
Furry Art Cute

Furry Art Wallpaper

Furry Art Wallpaper
Furry Art Wallpaper
Furry Art Wallpaper
Furry Art Wallpaper

Furry Art Female

Furry Art Female
Furry Art Female
Furry Art Female
Furry Art Female

Furry Art Base

Furry Art Base
Furry Art Base
Furry Art Base


What is furry art called?

The furry art scene is a vibrant and creative community of artists specializing in creating artwork featuring anthropomorphic animals.

These works are often tailored to appeal specifically to the fandom, though some pieces can reach wider audiences than just this dedicated group.

From fursonas and avatars, these talented creators bring fantasy worlds to life with each piece they craft.

How much do furries get paid?

Working with furry art can be lucrative: Many full-time professionals earn between $8000 -$10,000 each month.

Even part-timers might find themselves making up to $2000 per month from bringing cartoon animals to life.

What kind of art is furry art?

Wikifur, the community’s encyclopedia-style website, defines furry art as a creative representation of anthropomorphic animal characters.

Although often depicted innocently through drawings or avatars, its reach extends far beyond that to encompass an entire subculture with unique ideas and stories.

What is furry art worth?

Commissioning a furry piece can be an affordable way to add art and character to your home. The average price for furry art is $50, but it varies with the period, detail level, and complexity – it’s possible to find something that fits any budget.

A basic black-and-white drawing may start at under $30, while more elegant pieces with multiple characters could cost up to or over $200.

What are the best furry art websites?

Some of the best furry art websites include: Fur Affinity, Weasyl, SoFurry, Furry Network, Furry Amino, F-list, Furvilla, or Inkbunny.