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Today we look deeper at the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts, how much they pay, and the qualification requirements.

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Real estate is an attractive career option as the need for housing continues to increase all over America and around the world. Investing in this field could lead to substantial returns and long-term success.

Rise to the top in Real Estate Investment Trusts and reap your rewards. Discover what kind of salary you could earn as a REIT executive leader.

Real estate investing is alive and well in the modern world. Investors with an eye for lucrative opportunities can access more REITs than ever before, some of which are taking them on all new residential and commercial property adventures.

For individuals who may not have the financial means to purchase real estate, REITs offer a novel solution – allowing investors to use these assets without worrying about managing them.

Pursuing a career in Real Estate? Need to learn about REITs? Get an overview of what is a REIT, and learn which roles within them provide the most lucrative job opportunities.

What is a REIT?

REITs are an exciting way of investing in real estate, allowing investors from all over the globe to partake in developing new properties and profiting from reliable income streams.

A REIT offers a unique opportunity for lucrative property development returns without needing individual management.

Investors can reap the rewards of real estate without having to wrestle with expensive mortgages, management contracts, or rent collection. This is a great way for them to diversify their portfolios and gain additional financial security.

Investors can easily access Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) on the stock market, similar to any individual holding.

By participating in buying and selling activities of the open marketplace, investors have a simple way to grow their portfolios with high-potential real estate opportunities.

US investors have shown confidence in Real Estate Investment Trusts; an incredible $4.5 trillion has been allocated to REIT investments. Around 145 million people are now included as part of the portfolio via 401k plans.

REITs allow investors to focus on specific property markets and tailor their investments accordingly.

Whether commercial or residential, REITs can accommodate a range of options, including apartment blocks, data centers, warehouses, hospitals, offices, and residences.

REITs are an attractive investment opportunity as they consistently distribute up to 90% of their profits directly to shareholders.

Is REIT a good career path?

Investment in REITs is a sure path to success, with 83% of financial advisors advocating that their clients pursue them.

This continued and consistent growth makes it an attractive industry choice going forward.

Working hard in the REIT industry isn’t without its rewards – you can look forward to excellent salaries, ample growth opportunities, and generous bonuses. Taking your career up a notch just got more rewarding.

What are The Highest paying jobs at a REIT?

The executive team leads the pack regarding Real Estate Investment Trusts, boasting some of the most lucrative positions available.

At most organizations, the highest compensation is typically reserved for those at the top of the corporate ladder – namely, executives such as a CEO or President and their key team members: CFO/Finance Director and COO/Operations Director.

Chief Real Estate Executive Officer

Even at the top of an organization, salaries still vary; however, it’s a safe bet that the CEO will always be rewarded handsomely for their expertise and leadership.

CEOs typically bring a wealth of knowledge to the table with over two decades of experience in their organization’s sector.

Their final decisions can significantly influence company performance and those they manage – making it essential to choose well-versed individuals for leadership roles.

A chief real estate executive officer’s average salary is $266,000 annually in November 2022 but it ranges between $218,800 and $341,900.

Chief Finance Officer

Companies with great CFO can enjoy the many benefits of an experienced business partner.

Their role is essential to achieving success by seeking out cost savings, taking advantage of tax incentives, ensuring staff are paid properly and on time, forecasting future growth opportunities, and planning investments with long-term goals in mind -all while maintaining financial health.

The average salary of a chief real estate officer is $283,200 annually but it ranges between $234,680 and $366,840.

Chief Operating Officer

With the COO leading the way, projects are completed swiftly and efficiently – driving business operations forward. A highly-skilled team of junior operators is always ready to lend support when needed.

The average salary for a chief operating officer is $566,372 in November 2022 in New York but it ranges between $440,518 and $734,143, making it one of the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts.

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

 best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts

Multiple validations from reliable sources ensure that salary figures for REIT-related positions remain dependably accurate.

Pay varies, depending on the type and scale of your real estate investment trust – but these roles provide an overview of what to expect regarding income when it comes to key jobs.

Real Estate Investment Trusts AnalystAverage Salary: $110,799


A REIT analyst develops strategies to capitalize on various real estate opportunities, both current and new. With in-depth research and analysis, they offer solutions to maximize investment growth potential.

The acquisition team relies heavily on the analytics and data produced by analysts to make sound investing decisions.

These professionals are key in creating reports for operations teams, ensuring they are well informed about market trends to maximize potential opportunities.

EDUCATION AND SKILLS REQUIRED: You need to have a Bachelor’s degree in finance or real estate.


Average annual salary on 23th November 2022 is $110,799 but it ranges between $92,617 and $131,346

Finance Manager – Average Salary: $88,151


Finance Managers play a pivotal role within the finance sector, liaising directly with the Chief Finance Officer and overseeing multiple critical projects.

Their contribution ensures that financial success is sustained for all stakeholders involved.

This role will utilize creative and analytical skills to manage budgets, forecast projects, and collaborate with property developers. By overseeing the materials contractors use, they can ensure the far-reaching success of the project at hand.


You need to earn a Bachelor’s degree in finance to be a finance manager.


Average salary is $88,151 on December 2022.

A Real Estate Developer – Average Salary: $81673


Property developers are essential to complete new builds and can make all the difference in on-time delivery within budget.

As a critical part of bringing projects from concept to fruition, they oversee everything – recruiting personnel and setting timelines and milestones – so experience with similar assignments is indispensable.


You need to have a MBA degree in real estate or business.


A real estate developer’s average salary is $81673 annually on December 2022 but it ranges between $80,000-$100,000

Property Manager – Average Salary: $127,774


As a Property Manager in a REIT, you could hold the reins for everything from leasing and managing rentals to overseeing operations at multiple properties. No two days are ever alike, as each position brings its flavor of responsibilities.


There is no need but it is recommended to have a bachelor’s degree with the past work experience.


The average salary of a property manager is $127,774 in November 2022 but ranges between $105,856 and $146,572.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) Investment Analysts – Average Salary: $110,799


Investment Analysts are the bridge between financial objectives and actual acquisitions, facilitating data-driven insights that help shape decisions.

Through their extensive research capabilities, they ensure that proposed investments promise sound returns for all stakeholders involved.


You need to have a bachelor’s degree in business, finance or investment management.


The average salary for a REITs Investment Analyst is $110,799 on November 2022 but it ranges between $92,617 and $131,346.

Real Estate Attorney- Average Salary: $142,049


Real estate attorneys are a must-have for any real estate investment trust (REIT).

They provide invaluable support in navigating the complex details of transactions to ensure that all parties interests are protected, as well as legal oversight regarding what goes on within REITs.

Real estate attorneys are a critical component of real estate investment trusts. They ensure that the legal facets of commercial properties, which often involve complex financial matters, are properly managed, and disputes minimized.


To become a successful real estate attorney, you need an impressive combination of skills and educational qualifications. It requires passing the Bar Exam and gaining an accredited law degree to enter this competitive field.


The attorney’s average annual salary ranges between $123K – 158K.

Real Estate Asset Manager – Average Salary: $79k-$96k


Asset managers have an immense role in the real estate investment trust industry.

They are tasked with ensuring that a portfolio’s fiscal well-being and operations run smoothly while also picking out assets capable of driving investments toward their desired outcomes.

Asset managers are the backbone of any successful organization. They coordinate between all departments while ensuring each function understands its objectives and roles.


They must possess excellent communication skills and be capable multitaskers so they can seamlessly manage assets according to applicable regulations.

To succeed in this sector, it’s recommended to have a bachelor’s degree focused on either business or real estate and experience managing property or working with accounting processes.


A real estate asset management career can be financially rewarding, with an average annual salary hovering between $79K and $96K.

REIT Investor – Average Salary $130,000 – $160,000


As a REIT investor, you’ll be the primary driving force for new acquisitions and sales of buildings. You will also build relationships with investors to ensure continuous support for your projects.


You must possess a bachelor’s degree in finance, business, economics or real estate.


The average salary of a REITs Investor falls between $130,000 – $160,000.

Real Estate Sales Manager – Average Salary: $60k-$80k


As a real estate sales supervisor, I play an important role in helping agents make their mark within the REIT.

Through providing resources and support such as specialized training sessions, marketing advice, and listing knowledge, it’s my responsibility to equip them with what they need to succeed.


Real estate sales supervisors require a mixture of qualifications to be successful in the role, namely a bachelor’s degree and experience within the industry.

In addition, as with all real estate agents, they must have an appropriate license from their relevant governing body. To top off these requirements, strong leadership skills are essential to excel at this managerial position.


Real estate sales supervisors enjoy an average annual salary between $60K and $80K, allowing them to take advantage of a secure financial position. There are several real estate firms such as eXp: that offers the best real estate brokerages, that you can take advantage of.

Real Estate Acquisition Manager- Average Salary: $116,600


An experienced site acquisition specialist is key to ensuring the success of a project.

They will lead all aspects of building construction, from purchasing the land and dealing with legal requirements to providing expertise on complicated coding standards and contractual agreements.

With dedicated operational support throughout every development step, specialists are integral to making projects happen.

Real Estate Investment Trusts offer some of the most lucrative career opportunities in this field – making it an attractive option for job seekers.


A bachelor’s degree in finance, real estate, business, or economics.

Successful candidates for the role of acquisition specialist must possess an invaluable combination of educational qualifications and experience that provide a deep-rooted understanding of all aspects of finance, as well as having poise under pressure when handling complex real estate transactions.


Acquisitions careers in real estate investment trusts (REITs) can be highly lucrative, with an average salary of $98K – 140K per year.

Real Estate Acquirer- Average Salary: $140,000 – $200,000


After the research team has evaluated and approved a potential site, it is time for an experienced negotiator to step in.

The acquirer’s skills are essential as they must ensure that only fair market value is paid when making this initial investment before developing any infrastructure.

With its vital role in fostering a REIT’s success, the position of this job not only offers monetary reward but is also an enjoyable experience. No wonder it’s our favorite.


You must possess a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, business or real estate to qualify for such position.


The average salary in the U.S falls typically between $140,000 – $200,000

REITs Marketing Head – Average Salary: $130,000 – $160,000


The Head of Marketing or VP role plays an instrumental part in REIT’s mission to draw in new business opportunities and investors.

As the property portfolio expands, so make their marketing efforts – a perfect balance between B2B and B2C campaigns is necessary for driving success as businesses and customers flock through the front door.


You must possess a bachelor’s degree in public relations, marketing, or a related field.


The average salary falls between $130,000 – $160,000

How to get a job at a REIT?

To set yourself up for success in the workplace, consider investing in formal education. If you already have your degree but lack experience, kickstart your career with an entry-level role at an organization that piques your interest.

Feel free to pursue a career in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) even if you don’t have a college degree; REIT firms are willing to provide the necessary training and may also cover your educational expenses.

REITs offer employment opportunities at various levels, with higher-paying roles usually found through recruitment services. Jumpstart your career and explore the possibilities today.

What are the benefits of working for a REIT?

REITs have something for everyone, with a vast selection of roles to suit every need and interest. No matter your career goals, you’re sure to find an opportunity that fits the bill.

The main benefits of working at a REIT are:

  • Many high-paying jobs.
  • Industry is booming worldwide.
  • Travel and flexibility
  • Outstanding perks & investment opportunities
  • Good chances of career growth

What is the best job at a REIT?

Real Estate Investment Trusts offer the most lucrative career opportunities to ambitious individuals.

Our favorite position is Real Estate Acquirer, where you showcase your negotiation skills while acquiring investments for the company – an opportunity worth exploring.

Final Words

Chart your path to success in Real Estate Investment Trusts with the help of this article. Uncover lucrative career opportunities and take that first step toward achieving your financial goals.

Despite needing formal training for more lucrative career paths, there are opportunities to start at the bottom and learn as you progress. Start your journey today by taking on a junior role in an industry of your choice.

FAQs On Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

How much do top real estate investors make?

Real estate investing is a lucrative profession, with potential earnings projected to be between $70,000-124,000 annually.

However, the salary earned can fluctuate based on various aspects related to each investor’s practice – such as type of investment, deals closed per annum, and time dedicated.

Is real estate a good career path in 2023

Real estate is one of the oldest and most stable industries, so a career in this field can provide considerable long-term stability.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that becoming a real estate agent is an increasingly popular choice for those looking to jumpstart their professional journey – now or any other year.

Can I get full-time real estate investment trusts’ jobs?

Investors can be among the first to capitalize on emerging markets by getting involved in real estate wholesaling, as these transactions are often completed faster than buying a property outright.

This opportunity could become an investor’s primary full-time job for larger portfolios and depend on licensing regulations.

Can real estate investors become millionaires?

Real estate investment can be a path to financial freedom and long-term wealth creation for even the everyday individual.

With attractive tax advantages such as passive income potential and appreciation of investments over time, it’s no wonder why many of the wealthy continuously favor putting their money into property.

What are the Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

There are many best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts including: Construction Supervisor, Property Manager, Acquisition Team Member, Commercial Developer, Financial Analyst Marketing Coordinator, Chief Real Estate Executive Officer, Real Estate Attorney and many more.

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