Top 10 Incredible God of War Tattoos in Real Life

god of war tattoo

Discover these incredible tattoos that pay homage to God of War, a widely adored PlayStation game. Kratos and the captivating characters from the game have won the hearts of gamers across the globe. Fans’ dedication has soared to unprecedented levels as they permanently imprint these iconic figures onto their bodies.

These showcased tattoos exhibit remarkable artwork, symbolizing fans’ profound admiration for the God of War series. It is awe-inspiring to observe the unwavering commitment gamers possess for their beloved franchises, and these tattoos genuinely exemplify the big value fans attribute to the game. Here are some god-of-war tattoos to discover.

The Whole Plot Of God Of War PS4

god of war tattoos

To get a taste of the thrilling storyline in PS4’s God of War, look at this incredible tattoo by SideQuestNoRest. This devoted fan has adorned their entire sleeve with a tribute to the iconic Spartan warrior, Kratos, and his son, Atreus. The tattoo showcases critical moments from the game, such as the awe-inspiring battles with The World’s Serpent. The talented tattoo artist has poured their passion into crafting this exceptional artwork. This tattoo perfectly captures the epic nature of Kratos and demonstrates his ability to face any formidable adversary with courage and strength.

A Masterpiece Fit For A Back

god of war tattoo

This fantastic tattoo portrays the iconic version of Kratos from his PS3 days. It’s a massive piece that stretches across the person’s entire back. The vibrant colours and Kratos’ fierce facial expression brilliantly capture the epicness of this scene. In the tattoo, Kratos is locked in an intense battle with a gigantic monster, just like he often does in his thrilling adventures. The exceptionally skilled tattoo artist, Roman Kuznetsov from Moscow, has done an outstanding job with this artwork. The tattoo pays a fitting tribute to this anti-hero, highlighting his relentless and robust nature.

Mimir’s Moment To Shine

god of war tattoo

Mimir is an incredible character in God of War for the PS4, serving as a valuable guide to Kratos and Atreus. Although he doesn’t always receive the attention he deserves, someone chooses to pay homage to him on their arm. The tattoo showcases a unique asymmetrical design of Mimir, embellished with Nordic runes. This image accurately captures Mimir’s essence and incorporates references to the game by including the runes and overall design. It’s a beautiful tribute to this remarkable character, celebrating his importance in God of War.

An Epic Face Shot

god of war tattoo

Wow, the artist who created this tattoo has an incredible talent for using skin as their canvas. Please look at this close-up shot, where Kratos is portrayed with exceptional detail, including natural wrinkles and facial imperfections that make him look authentic. You can also spot the game’s iconic rune symbol inside the tattoo, with Kratos and his son depicted within it. Some might even argue that the image appears to be outlined in blood, adding an extra layer of intensity. It’s truly astonishing to think about the amount of time and skill that went into crafting this artwork. This tattoo is an outstanding tribute to Kratos and the fantastic world of God of War.

Gotta Show Off The Runes

god of war tattoo

God of War tattoos often feature the game’s characters, but the designs and runes are also popular choices. On Reddit, Mercural shared a tattoo highlighting God of War’s fascinating runes. The tattoo is meticulously detailed and flawlessly captures the game’s artistic style and design. This tattoo represents the Nordic cultural elements that are a significant part of the game.

The Ultimate Symbol Of War

god of war tattoo

One of the highlights from Sony’s Playstation Showcase this year was the exciting reveal of God of War: Ragnarok. Even without gameplay, interviews, or gaming experiences in the teaser, the mere sight of the God of War symbol conveyed precisely what was happening. This symbol has become an iconic representation of the game, and an Imgur user took it a step further by getting it tattooed on their right arm. The tattoo is vibrant and bold and showcases remarkable artistic flair.

Black And White Does The Trick

god of war tattoo

Black and white visuals have a unique charm that adds to their appeal. It’s incredible how the tattoo artist behind this remarkable piece has managed to capture the essence of Kratos in this format perfectly. Every crucial detail has been flawlessly executed, from his intense eyes to the strong outline. This black-and-white portrayal of Kratos is a powerful work of art that stands out.

Taking It Old School

god of war tattoo

While most entries have been about the new and improved Kratos, showing some appreciation for the OG is essential. In this nostalgic tribute to the Kratos from the PS3 era, tattoo artist Felipe Rodrigues beautifully captures the essence of the original God of War. The iconic grimace and scars add depth to the character and perfectly embody the personality that fans of the series know so well. This artwork accurately represents nature, and it’s fantastic to see him portrayed this way.

The Blades Of Chaos

god of war tattoo

Regarding Mr Kratos, we must recognize his most renowned weapon: The Blades of Chaos. These weapons have the perfect name in the gaming world and are a blast to wield. In an incredible tattoo by Daniel Chashoudian, a good gamer proudly showcases their love for God of War by getting these iconic blades inked on their back. How amazing is that? It’s an epic way to express their passion for the game and its unforgettable weapons.

The Arm Bands

god of war tattoo

Kratos has faced numerous trials, and his clothing and armour speak volumes about his journey. One of the most unique elements is his armbands, adorned with chains. These bands are a visual trademark and carry profound meaning in his character’s narrative. They have concealed his scars for years until we witness him releasing them in the latest game. In this incredible tattoo by Gone Tattoo, a devoted fan pays tribute to Kratos by donning his iconic armbands. It’s a powerful gesture that captures the essence of the character and displays admiration for his extraordinary story.

Eustace Bagge, the God Slayer

god of war tattoo

As we mentioned earlier, tattoos don’t always have to be serious. Some people find getting a silly Reddit post permanently tattooed on their forearms hilarious. Can you believe it? And guess what? This isn’t the only meme you’ll find on our list!

Father, Son, and Calf

god of war tattoo

This tattoo’s red and black shading is remarkable, especially on the calf. It features a flawless depiction of Kratos and his son Atreus, framed within the iconic omega logo of the series, with the legendary Leviathan Axe between them. The level of detail is so impressive that it could easily be mistaken for official artwork from the franchise! We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth emphasizing again – numerous God of War tributes possess the quality to pass as official art for the game.

God of Derp

god of war tattoo

Here’s another meme, and it’s a classic! While we’ve encountered some incredible examples of severe and expressive faces in this list, this one takes a different approach.

Odin’s Runes

god of war tattoo

Note: Tattooing of minors is against the law according to Section 260.21 of New York State Penal Law

Finally, we have a tattoo that pays tribute to Odin, the All-Father. Even though we may not know the exact meaning of the runes, they undeniably look beautiful. The addition of the Ravens is a great touch, especially since they hold significance in the game, as players will have to search for them again in Ragnarok.

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The tattoos inspired by God of War showcase incredible artwork and pay homage to the game’s iconic characters, symbols, and moments. These tattoos capture the passion and dedication of fans and serve as lasting tributes to the epic world of God of War.


What do the four symbols in God of War represent?

The symbol in the top left represents the Egyptian “Eye of Horus,” while the character in the top right is the Greek “Omega.” The sign in the bottom left is the Japanese “Mitsudomoe,” and the logo in the bottom right is the Celtic “Triskelion.” Kratos and Mímir mention that these symbols hold importance within the game’s storyline.

Does the Omega symbol represent war?

The Omega symbol has different meanings in various contexts. It is used in the Badge of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, appears on the mission patch for the final Space Shuttle mission (STS-135), and serves as the logo for the God of War video game series. In God of War, the Omega symbol represents war in ancient Greece.