If you have a large tattoo that is not working for some reason, consider cover up designs. Many artists suggest these as an option because sometimes there isn’t enough imagination left, and what was supposed to go on your arm or lower back comes out somewhere else. Looking for the best female dark cover up tattoo ideas? Here is a list of 100+ stunning designs that will turn your old or faded tattoos into something beautiful. You can get creative with how much skin we hide behind to avoid painful removal procedures if possible, though- birthmarks come right before our eyes when they should always stay covered up, so covering them.

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The latest trend in tattoo design is to cover old fading ones with something new and cool.

The answer is yes if you want to cover up your old tattoo. A dark cover up tattoo can be painful, and it may cause some discomfort. Still, no other effects will come of a laser removal process for this type or design style if done correctly by an experienced professional who knows what they are doing – which I recommend because mistakes happen.

Aside from going through with any kind, you also have another option to remove all tattoos altogether, hiding them under new ones that better suit how YOU think representing yourself nowadays might look good on your body part where said previous ink resides.

Looking for a way to cover up that noticeable tattoo? These 150 beautiful scar cover-up tattoo designs will do the trick.

There are many different types of ink in this article, so check them out.

Let us explore the best cover up tattoo ideas you can adapt to your body art.

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How Can I Cover Up a Dark Tattoo?

The way to get rid of a tattoo is by getting another one. It’s always better than going through the process and spending money on laser removal, which will leave an ugly scar regardless of whether you like your new ink.

If you have a dark or black tattoo, finding an artist with the skills necessary to cover up your ink can be tough. The right pigment color may only sometimes show up well against certain skin tones, and very intense shades often won’t cover at all.

What Makes the Best Cover Up Tattoo Idea

The best tattoo cover-up designs are highly detailed and colorful, and use plenty of lines. This way, you can easily hide any visible details through your new ink without sacrificing its intricacy or creativity.

Intense floral tattoos are what we need to bring our old flames back from the dead – they’re so beautiful that no one would ever notice those pesky initials beneath them after all.


Tattoo Cover up Sleeve Ideas

  • This tattoo design is so beautiful and intricate because of how skillfully it has been done. I bet you can’t cover this up with your average skills in art, right?
  • To get rid of an unwanted tattoo, you should first ask your artist to draw the outline around it. You can give them any design that is in mind for how big or small they want their work.
  • The original tattoo is a mess on the left side, but in contrast it looks impeccable when viewed from right.
  • The color of your tattoo should be the most important factor to consider when choosing an outfit for it. A good way is by having another shirt that matches or has similar tones in order not distract from what you’re trying so hard with – getting cover-up ink.


  • That’s right, folks. Our talented artists are not only able to cover up a failed tattoo but also modify it so that you can proudly wear the biggest and best on your body.
  • In such cases, you have to choose a design where the later tattoo looks way better and attractive than what was done before it – even if this means hiding certain parts of your body that may not be aesthetically pleasing at first glance.

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  • As an artist, I love to tattoo over tattoos. Sometimes they’re not even that ugly; it’s just difficult and time consuming work. I feel like my skills can turn any ordinary piece of skin into something beautiful when done right- which is why this job suits me so well because you never know what someone might request until its pretty much finished.
  • A complex tattoo with intricate lines and shading is hard to cover up, but an experienced artist can design a beautiful skin art piece that will look like it’s always been there.

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  • Walter got a new tattoo to cover up the old one he didn’t like. It’s not very polite or respectful. Still, sometimes people need something else in their lives outside of us just being able to name it.

It would be best if you never covered tattoos with another word because they’re not being used as an instrument for what makes them unique – which is how you will always know who has this particular design, no matter where someone goes.

  • The complex, intricate work that was once a wolf tattoo is now beautifully covered with another design. I love how this person’s creativity can be seen in both their tattoos and the way they dress up creatively each day.

Colored cover up tattoos

  • The tattoo on your arm is so small, but it looks gorgeous, covered up by this big one. Sometimes people get ashamed of their little tattoos and cover them with even smaller ones because they don’t want others to see what’s underneath.

But if you love an image enough to display for everyone to see clearly, then go ahead – make sure that any designs are large enough that no one will ever mistake which part belongs again in crowded spaces like schools or workplaces.

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  • Not only is the design on this rose tattoo more intricate, but it also has an improved color scheme that makes for a much better looking image.
  • The artist destroyed the beauty of this dolphin tattoo with an ugly cover-up.
  • The artist was able to turn an ugly star tattoo into a beautiful rose tattoo with just the right amount of detail.

This tattoo perfectly sums up how we need and want our covers ups done.

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  • I understand that sometimes tattoos can be difficult to cover up, but removing the ink with a laser is always possible.
  • If you’re not sure what to do with your old tattoo, why not change the design? This beautiful cover-up shows how changing just one small part can completely transform an entire piece.
  • Colorful tattoos have been gaining popularity in recent years, and it is no surprise why. The extra dimension they provide can be used to make any design come alive with life-like colors that are rich enough for an artist’s palette but still subtle so as not overwhelm their original vision of what you want on your arm or shoulders.
  • If the artist cannot cover up your entire tattoo, you might have to get some of it removed by laser treatment
  • The moon tattoo could have been improved with a better dreamcatcher design, but it’s still an excellent cover up.
  • The most fun tattoos to be covered up are quote tats because the artist has complete freedom when it comes down creating designs.

Messed up tattoos Cover Up

The best tattoos for cover-ups are often in traditional designs. This is a good example of such, with its intricate patterning that don’t compete or contrast against your skin tone too much while still providing enough detail to be interesting on top if you’re trying not only blend into but also stand out among other people who have ink like this.

It is hard to choose a head tattoo design that will make the person look beautiful.

The tattoo on the left side is a geometric pattern, which has been turned into an elegant rose.

To cover up a black tattoos is hard because they absorb light and stand out against your skin tone. Blue color can help improve designs, but it’s important not just use any old shirt with a dark pattern on it – make sure the fabric matches what you have in mind for this part of the design.

The solar flare tattoo on the left hand side looks good, but it’s made epic by this cover up panther design.

The tattoo artist covered up this girl’s birthmark with a beautiful design.

The plant tattoo is a great way to cover up your mistakes and it still looks cool.

The person who got this tattoo didn’t seem too thrilled about it, but what can you do? The artist covered up the quote with some creativity and design skills.

Name of your loved one is often written on the arm or chest and we regret it. To make up for this, you can get an amazing cover-up tattoo design to hide their name.

With white ink, you can turn any design into a elegant and classy one. For example here is an amazing piece of work done using this technique which really makes use out its possibilities.

Tattoo Touch Up Ideas

To avoid having a small tattoo that will not fit in with other designs, pick up another smaller one. Don’t go for it if you want to cover up an existing design because of its size – stay under 1 inch tall and make sure everything fits before getting ink.

Red is a powerful color that has been used throughout history to represent passion, love and strength. I like tattoos with this shade because they are meaningful; not only do you get an attractive design but also some extra meaning behind it as well.

The problem with back tattoos is that you never know if they’re looking good, which makes it hard to wear anything sports related or romantic without worrying about what people will say. That’s why I go for a cover up artist who can do quality work and make me look enlist.

This is a great way to spice up your boring old tattoo and give it some color. You can use different colors for each side, or just one all over. Either way you’ll look amazing inking this onto yourself because who doesn’t love an eye-catching design?

The tattoo artist should have redesigned this in the form of PEKKA or SAMURAI.

There are many colors in tattoo designs that fade over time so make sure you use a good quality ink for your cover up pieces because they will go to waste otherwise.

The falling leaf in this flower tattoo holds the power to represent your journey through life. This unique design can be a perfect cover up for you.

If you aren’t careful with choosing your tattoo color, it might be too late to cover up the bad decision.

The guy covered up his butterfly tattoo design with a fake and temporary one. It worked well for the short term, but in order to get long-term benefits from it you need permanent tattoos instead of these alternatives that won’t last as long or look nearly as good on your skin tone at all.

This is how a small flower tattoo gets covered up with an even smaller version of itself.

 female dark cover up tattoos

Wrist Tattoo Cover up Ideas

The naaga tattoo design on this man’s arm is covered up by an even more intimidating Chinese symbol of power.

This boy might have realized that the fairy tattoo design he chose was not a good idea after all. Do your research before getting any kind of ink on yourself, even if it’s just temporary.

 female dark cover up tattoos

I think the raven is a better choice for cover up. It looks just as good and will be less difficult to hide than an exposed dragon tattoo.

The arrow tattoo design on this person’s arm was so beautifully covered up with an eagle that it didn’t need to be drawn in detail.

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The color of this tattoo is perfect to cover up an ugly design.

This beautiful flower tattoo design is a great way to cover up your arms, but the blue color won’t last long.

  • It is not a good idea to have your name initials tattooed on you because someday, they may want them covered up and if it’s in ink then there would be no way for this person or anyone else who knows what their full name looks like at all.

The artist uses two beetles in the process to create one final design.

The artwork on this cover up tattoo is truly something to marvel at. It will fade away, but that doesn’t make its beauty any less great.

 female dark cover up tattoos

The girl knew that her small tattoo of a flower on the lower left side was not going to be visible with most outfits, so she decided it would better blend in if covered up.

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Tattoo Name Cover Up Ideas

Detailed Shape Idea

The tattoo is hidden beneath this woman’s elbow, but you would never know what it says if she didn’t point out the text. The Galaxy and floral design are shown in a triangle above her skin with an arrow pointing down below on one side of where our eyes will be looking at first glance when we see them without any interference from other objects or lines drawing attention away from these details.

Watercolor Abstract Tattoo

It is a beautiful and creative way to cover up the word “name”.

Colored frog tattoo with a Flute

This quirky frog on a log scene covers the old ink nicely with added color to distract you from it.

Amazing dark work

The large name tattoo is covered up by this black design with piercing blue eyes. It does an excellent job at covering the unwanted namesake, so you can live your life without having to worry about people noticing it’s there.

Tree and Wolf Tattoo

The dark ink used to create the tree trunk is perfect for hiding your old tattoos and creating an opportunity at getting something new.

Small Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Colorful Foot Tattoo Cover Up Idea

 female dark cover up tattoos

The small tattoo was easy to cover up with a pretty butterfly design. The colors are bright and light, making the skin feel not too heavy at all after getting this done.

Initial Cover Up tattoo

The elegant rose is the perfect cover up for an old initial. It’s simple but with enough detail that it still stands out against all other tattoos, making this one unique piece of art.

 Forearm Cover Up tattoo idea

The artist was able to cover up all of the old ink on this person’s arm with a new, vibrant design. It’s clear that they are proud for their past accomplishments and excited about what lies ahead in life.

Neck Tattoo Cover Up

 female dark cover up tattoos

This tattoo was a terrible idea from the beginning, but thankfully we can fix it by covering this small mistake with an amazing galaxy eye design.

 Word Tattoo touch up

Sometimes you want something classic, like the tattoo your parents forced on you as soon as they found out about it. But sometimes that old lettering just doesn’t work with what’s in store for years down road- so this idea of hiding unwanted words and writing new ones makes sense.

Female Dark Cover up Tattoos Ideas

Black Sleeve Tattoo Cover Up

The original tattoo included a lot of shading, all in black ink. To cover this up completely, the artist has used photo-realism style with solid black lines and colors to create an artists’ interpretation on top of what was already there.

Black Text Cover Up tattoo

 female dark cover up tattoos

The woman with the vertical text back tattoo has a few more ideas for cover ups. She can use this mandala as her new banner and proudly show off how much sunflowers mean to her.

Adding Vibrant Color

This artist has covered up the regretful text with red roses, black detail and green foliage.

Black Jaguar tattoo

The black panther is a great tattoo for cover ups because it primarily uses dark ink. You can also add some red at the mouth to make your new design stand out even more.

Black Floral tattoo

The artist behind this tattoo cover up has done an excellent job of hiding colorful yet fades lettering with a stunning black design. The coverage is flawless and it’s perfectly inked.

Tribal Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Jesus tattoo Cover Up

Interlocking flowers and abstract patterns are popular choices among those looking to get a large, detailed piece done.

Animal Portrait Design

You love animals and want a piece of them in your skin? But maybe not the whole face, just like how some people get tribal tattoos over their other features. If so then this is perfect for you because it will only cover up what’s been covered with fur. The more detailed and shaded those adorable ears or tail become; well now they can be shown off proudly without being hidden by bulky clothing all day long
and night

Skull and Rose tattoo cover up

 female dark cover up tattoos

What better way to cover up your old tattoo than with a new one that combines the classic? Skulls and roses are perfect for this, as they have many different meanings depending on their location. Whether you want something romantic or honors-oriented, there’s no wrong answer when it comes down deciding what kind of design suits yourself best.

Floral Tribal Tatt Cover Up

 female dark cover up tattoos

The natural curves of petals and flower blooms make them perfect for hiding any kind tattoos. This side body tribal tattoo would be easily hidden by this floral motive, which adds an interesting design detail to your arm.

Female dark cover up tattoos Ideas

Old boring to new lusty Lips tattoo

This lip tattoo cover up replaces the old one with a newer, much improved design. It’s an interesting way to replace your past ink. This particular piece is placed on ass-ender’s body part.

Floral tattoo new colors

Credit: Instagram

With a floral tattoo on the side of her upper thigh, this woman is able to finally show off some color. The new markings expanded an existing drab greyscale design while also adding life and energy that was missing before.

Flower Tattoo Cover Up

This elegant feminine cover up tattoo adds exquisite style to the skin. The thick, bold design of this piece was replaced with an intricate framework that beautifully frames your beautiful work of art while still remaining minimalistic enough for all eyes on its own.

Full Back Tattoo Cover Up

 female dark cover up tattoos

This old tattoo was most likely a cover up job. If you want to go big, get an all-over back piece. It’s feminine or masculine whichever way your heart desires it be on this day and time in history where anything goes so long as there are some rules about what can’t appear because that would just take away from getting creative with design choices instead of following already established formulas/formulas exam questions

Arm Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Upper Arm Cover Up Idea

 female dark cover up tattoos

This cover up is a huge improvement over the original tattoo. The new design keeps all of its deep, dark colors while adding more shade and detail to make it look fresh.

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Sleeve Cover Up Tattoo

You can see here that the tattoo is in an awkward position. It could be improved by moving it back or forth until you’re happy with how everything looks.

Forearm Cover Up Tattoo Idea

The old and new tattoo work well in the forearm space, but you may want to consider a design that is more timeless.

Wrist Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Small to Big Wrist Cover Up

 female dark cover up tattoos
Credit: Instagram

The original wrist tattoo was quite small, but this cover up extends along the forearm to hide it and create a more detailed design. We love how they shaded in some parts of their arm.

Chinese Symbol Cover Up tattoo

The contrast between the original tattoo and its cover up is really amazing. The design on it was bold, but when you look at this new one – especially with how delicate they were able to make out our favorite flowers without damaging them in any way-it’s such a sight.

Leaves and Rose cover up tattoo

 female dark cover up tattoos

This is such a clever idea. The rose used to cover up the tattoo draws your eye away from what you may have been focusing on and toward its lovely petals, which obscure any old ink.

Feminine Tattoo Cover Up Ideas for Chest

Breast Tattoo Cover Up

 female dark cover up tattoos

The shading behind the butterfly not only makes it pop off your skin, but also helps to cover up that ugly tattoo, Very artistic.

Chest Scar Cover Up

A butterfly tattoo is a beautiful, inspiring way to cover up an old scar.
It may seem difficult at first but with time and patience you will see that this art form can do wonders for your self-confidence. We think it looks amazing on anyone who gets one inked over their past mistake or trouble spot – just make sure not too many people notice because they might judge them themselves.

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Full Chest Cover Up tattoo

The artist is currently working on a tattoo that will be covered up by another one. The writing you can see right now is beneath the crocodile, which means it’ll stay hidden until this process finishes.

Back Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Lower Back Tattoo Cover Up

 female dark cover up tattoos

If you’re unhappy with the style of your lower back tattoo, this cover up tattoo is perfect.

Upper Back Tattoo Cover Up

With a back tattoo, you can cover up any old bird or flower with the perfect design for your arm.

Tribal Back Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

 female dark cover up tattoos

This is a tattoo that needed to be covered up. The artist has created an elegant, but dark design which stretches from just below the neckline all of way down into mid-back region on our model’s back. It looks great and really shows off her figure well – we’re thrilled with how it turned out

Neck Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Behind Ear Tattoo Cover Up

The scorpion on this guy’s neck is almost invisible, which we think makes for a great street art design. The only thing that really stands out are the black and white inks used to create it–they’re clean but still have some character.

Name Cover Up Tattoo Idea

 female dark cover up tattoos

Rose and scorpion, Such a classic combination. Love, but with a sting. This is a very sexy tattoo and a nice cover up job. You’d only spot the letters if you knew they existed.

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Neck and Shoulder Tattoo Cover Up

The artist is wonderful at drawing on top of tattoos to make them blend in with other ink. You can see how he has drawn over the original design so well that it’s not even noticeable.

Hand Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Finger Lettering cover ups

If you want to make a style statement with your fingers, go for cool and bold fonts. These cover up jobs show how different types of ink can be worked in order create an eye-catching look.

Reviving the Portrait tattoo

This full hand tattoo was artfully restored to look like a master’s painting. The shading and etching are perfect, giving the design depth that is hard not notice when looking at it up close or in person.

Queen of Hearts Tattoo to Spider cover up

 female dark cover up tattoos

The small queen of hearts on one finger is usually associated with a partner (who has the king’s tattoo). But this spider design covers up nicely.

Leg Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Lower Leg Tattoo Cover Up

 female dark cover up tattoos

The artist used a dark grey elephant as the base of his work and covered it up with watercolor splashes. This created an elegant design that still showed off some uniqueness in style to make sure there was never any doubt about what you were looking at.

Calf Tattoo Cover Up

Her simple symbol tattoo on the back of her calf was easily covered up with a stunning black and grey shaded floral motif. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Covering Up Side Leg Tattoo

Feathers and flowers are two of the most common leg tattoo choices, but many people also like getting feathered designs. The long shape is ideal for covering up quotes or other imagery on their body with elegance as it drapes down from one shoulder to cover part way into another leg.

Ankle Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Faded Black Ankle Tattoo to a new colored one

With the punchy colors of this cover up tattoo, it’s easy to forget that there was once ink beneath your skin. A dark blue background provides just enough contrast without being too overpowering or distracting from other designs on display – which makes them perfect for covering up old tattoos.

Orca Ankle Tattoo

Killer whales are often seen as entreatingly fierce and dangerous creatures. They’re also great candidates for killer whale tattoos because they have such dark skin that will cover up any mistakes you may have made inking their previous design.

Floral Stag Motif cover up tattoo

 female dark cover up tattoos

The doe tattoo is a really sweet way to cover up an old one, whether it’s on your ankle or somewhere else.

Finger Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Feather Tattoo cover up

 female dark cover up tattoos

Why not memorialize your love for them with this elegant and simple feather tattoo? It’s a great way to cover up words or names, even those small ones on one finger.

Tiny Skull Cover Up

 female dark cover up tattoos

The small skull is a great tattoo cover up idea – it can be inked with minimal detail or scaled up to show more of your creativity.

Word tattoo to a small Colorful tattoo

 female dark cover up tattoos

Tiny flowers, bows and birds are great for covering finger tattoos as long they’re simple. The small size fits neatly between joints making them look elegant.

Shoulder Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

Love tattoo to a amazing Floral Tattoo

This talented tattoo artist saw the potential in his “love you” design and turned it into an stunning ink artwork.

Shoulder Wing Tattoos cover up

Shoulder Wing Tattoos cover up

Whether you’re looking for an angelic or funerary vibe, wings are the perfect choice. They’ll hide any mistakes that might be on display with your shoulders.

Rose Flower Name Motif

The small old tattoo in the center is covered up with dark shading, then surrounded by roses and names of loved ones. It turns an error into something beautiful.”

Floral Dark Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

@martapoisontattoo via Instagram 

Dark cover-up tattoos that have a floral design give off the feeling of being in darkness. These types of body art can be found on arms or legs, depending upon your preference and how much skin is exposed at any given time; it’s up to you.

The tattoo artists use intricate black ink textures for their work because they want every part from each flower petal all throughout this vast filigree piece done with such beauty–that even though there are shadows present within these renderings—the viewer knows what type spotlights will fall where when lit by light sources beyond our world.”

Shark In the Ocean Cover Up Tattoo

@strashnoe_delo via Instagram

This talented tattoo artist has created a fierce pattern with this old design tattoos. It features the ocean, inked using freestyle lines and symbols that match its existing color scheme perfectly well for cover-up purposes too. As seen on google images , these scars don’t stand out at all when hidden under vibrant hues like blue or green depending upon what you want them to look like–and there are other examples around town if one wants something different than just black ink across their skin.”

These dark cover-up tattoos by talented artists have a great image understanding and manage to get ahead of their existing design patterns. The current plan would portray an angry shark, but this one is drawing in water with various shades black ink instead.

Dark Tattoo Cover Up With Pumpkin and Snail

@henjafin via Instagram

It’s not just any old tattoo. This one is crawling with little snails, and they’re all over some pumpkins. You can get it on your back or thighs where you need them most—to hide the evidence from old wounds that still linger after more than 10 years of skin aging naturally
This ideally-placed berry filled design will make sure those fading reminders don’t show through anymore.

Some people get a dark cover-up tattoo to hide their old scars and designs, but this dark ink design is especially matched for any skin color. The idea behind these types of dark cover up tattoos are that you want the new inking overtop existing artwork with another shade or colors rather than leaving it uncovered like before. This can take multiple sessions depending on how large your full body piece will be; however once completed they’re sure not only look great ,but function perfectly too by providing protection against further damage from sun exposure while still allowing enough visibility so as longs aren’t covered up completely – which may lead someone else thinking there was something wrong without realizing what happened due

Black Panther Dark Tattoo Cover Up Design

 female dark cover up tattoos
@revivaltattoostudio via Instagram 

The skilled tattoo artist has created a fantastic design of dark cover-up tattoos that are popular with marvel fans. These easy designs can be done in black ink to either hide an old or unwanted piece, but they also allow for new dark tattoo cover up ideas such as covering up your original artwork depending on what you want.

Geometric Patterns Dark Tattoo Cover Up Ideas

This tattoo shows an example of a skilled artist’s extensive work in covering up large areas with this new design. The person who got the Honeycomb Outline patterned ink was not only Thinking outside the box, but also managed to create something that looks both unique and beautiful at once.

The dark tattoo cover-up designs are always in style, but this one is original and unique. The outline of your old drawings will be black to mark an edge after it’s been covered up with something more modern like laser ink or charcoal powder for a midnight blue tone. All credit goes back into making these art pieces by themselves so enjoy them fully without any worries about whose idea they were originally before you started getting tattoos years ago.

Fluid Art Vignette As A Cover Up Tattoo

Cool ink art cover up dark tattoos that are perfect for hiding your unwanted tattoo. The dark inky colors blend with the original designs so well you cannot tell there was ever an old piece of skin underneath.

With the artist’s talent on display, these new tattoo cover-ups are sure to turn heads. The first one is in dark ink regions other than what’s shown through an Artful Design’s fluid art design ideas..

Floral Anklet Dark Tattoo Cover Up 

These tattoo cover-up designs make a great replacement for anklets. The dark black background with floral arrangements of white flowers and leaves against golden plant branches is Vintage vibe that will look amazing on your skin. You can replace the fading ankle tattoos perfectly in this design, which has both traditional boldness as well as colorfulness desired by most people nowadays

Owl Cover Up Tattoo

 female dark cover up tattoos

The large black ink design of these cover-up procedures make them perfect for when you want to go unnoticed. The white point patterns give an owl’s eye a realistic appearance, making it easy as can be with no detail left out in your back or chest piece.

Abstract Drawing Dark Tattoo Cover Up

I really like this cover-up tattoo design. It’s a unique abstract tattoo that can be done anywhere in your body and the strokes are given bold black for the ink, just like other tattoos of this type. The artist made an interesting zigzag pattern with them too which gives it even more character – I think you’ll love how yours looks on yourself when we’re finished here.

Gas Mask Dark Tattoo Cover Up Design

When an artist covers up old tattoos, they sometimes use darker colors to cover them. This makes the new design stand out more than before and gives you skin-colored cloths with various images integrated into it that make up your sleeve patch.

So these are some of the best female dark cover up tattoos ideas you can try.

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