Why are so many kids allergic?


In the discussion that follows related to why are so many kids allergic, you would want to explore some of the many reasons for kids allergies and why are the food allergies on the rise, as well as how you can help your child. This is a difficult situation to face because the condition can be uncomfortable, and for some children is a source of great frustration.

I want to help you understand what these kids allergies are, and to what things are these related:


First, why are so many kids allergic? It’s easy to get in trouble with the “mommy” factor – what is the cause of the allergies in children, anyway?

After all, my child is having a horrible reaction to the soap we used at the local beach. The truth is that allergens can be in very simple things like soap and other detergents.

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In fact, ETS (Exposure to toxic substances) testing on kids is a big deal in a lot of places, including California.

Some of the common things used in manufacturing detergents and other household cleaners that are known allergens are carbon tetrachloride and benzene. I’m sure you’ve heard of those, but now you know more about what they do to people.

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Another reason for the increase in food allergies and that’s a big problem. It’s a hard thing to stomach when you’re not used to it and realize that your child is eating the same foods that you eat every day.

Food allergies are one of the common allergies in children that they face regularly.

The state has set the bar pretty high with what can be tested and who can be tested. In fact, there are now a lot of kids out there that have been identified as having food allergies.

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One of the many reasons why are so many kids allergic is related to unnatural substances everywhere. The reason for this is the heavy use of pesticides and chemicals in farming.

With the pesticides and chemicals being sprayed on our foods, the foods we eat and the clothes we wear, it is only a matter of time before something happens.

I’m talking about asthma, eczema, asthma attacks, asthma in babies, and other life-threatening diseases.

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Then there is the environmental problem. In most of the country, it is very important to wash your clothes and furniture with hot water and chlorine bleach. That makes sense, but there is a little problem.

The Associated Problem

If you wash in chlorinated water, you are killing an acid, specifically, an anhydride.

You see, chloroform gas is also an anhydride. That means that you are getting the stuff that is left over after you chlorinate the water, and that includes carbon dioxide, which can make your lungs constrict more.

Of course, the testing we do doesn’t cover all the environment. That’s why you need to keep up on the tests in your neighborhood and check with your county and your state.

It’s important to not assume that the school and the playground will be covered, especially if you live in a rural area.

So, when it comes to the environment and your child, think twice about what you want to do.

It’s a hard thing to handle when it’s something that you know is causing your child to have a problem, but knowing what the causes of child allergies are and working to eliminate them from your child’s life might help you avoid a problem.


The kids with allergies facing many challenges in the future. What do they think about it? Most probably, not much.

There are many correlated questions, such as why are peanut allergies so common, what are the common allergies in children, and what are the various types of skin allergies a child may witness.

The best thing for your kid is to know what allergies kids face and how they can be treated.

Actually, kids with allergies face a lot of problems. So, what are these different types of allergies? In short, allergies are more common than you might think.

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One of the most common kinds of allergies is asthma. When your child has it, he or she will most likely have some wheezing attacks. Also, your child will have trouble breathing through the nose if he or she is having an attack.

Different Types of Food Allergies

Another common type of allergies that you should keep an eye on is food allergies. This can happen to anyone, but children that have food allergies are more likely to have a peanut allergy as well.

Peanuts are one amongst the worst allergies because they can lead to breathing issues. Some other examples of common food allergies are chicken, seafood, and eggs.

These types of allergies cause your child to cough and have trouble breathing.

Allergies Due to Lack of Proper Immunizations

You should even ensure that your child is receiving all of the proper immunizations. For example, if your child has seasonal flu, they should be protected with the vaccine, so that they do not get sick.

So, these are just a few of the different types of allergies that your child might have.


Of course, there are also other allergies that can make your child go through the signs and symptoms of asthma. For example, eczema is one of the most common.

Eczema will most likely itch and sting, causing your child to have a constant problem when they have their clothes on. This can cause the whole family to have problems when it comes to wearing clothes.

So, if you know that your child has different types of allergies, what are you going to do about it? For starters, get them checked out by a doctor. Also, when your child has their eyes open, make sure that they are wearing protective glasses or goggles to protect their eyes.