Why Put a Red Cup Under Toilet Seat – Mystery Solved


You might wonder why such as stupid question as WHY PUT A RED CUP UNDER TOILET SEAT is getting viral on the Internet, but there are several reasons involved you would be shocked to know.

The answer to this question might surprise you. Many people worldwide place a red cup under their toilet seat before bedtime. They do it for two reasons: firstly, because blood stains compete in tradition with any other bodily fluid or waste product (even if there’s no story), and secondly – most importantly- these cups help keep pesky roaches away from beds.

This toilet seat hack has many purposes, but one of the best is using it as a warning if you run out or your pet enters someone else’s home and gets access to their bathroom.

To know why people put a red cup under the toilet seat, keep reading the article and be ready to get shocked.

Reasons For Putting a Red Cup Under Toilet Seat

You are Out of the Toilet Paper

Have you ever used the toilet, and it was too late when you realized there was no paper? It can happen because we’re hard-pressed for time. You might only check after sitting on your throne if someone else could walk in a while waiting their turn, even at night. So a red cup is placed under the toilet seat to inform them about the toilet paper.

We can easily notice the red cup under the toilet seat.

With so many different brands and types of toilet paper available, it can take time to know which brand will work best for you. If your household is as large or larger than average though-the answer might not matter quite as much because these three companies offer thick sheets that provide plenty enough material without running out too quickly.

Hygiene Purposes

The red cup toilet seat is a great way to avoid getting sick in public restrooms. With this setting, you can use your foot and leg to avoid getting into contact with germs when needed.

Intruder Alert

There’s an urban legend that alligators dwell in the sewer of New York City. However, it can be true if you live in Florida because this state has plenty of rivers and streams where these animals could easily get into your toilet bowl.

Snake Emerges from a Man’s Toilet Bowl in NY

The red cup trick is a common practice done at night as you don’t know what’s happening around your sleep. When the bottom of the cup hits the closed toilet seat, there will be an audible bang which means something has triggered this behavior for me to wake up and investigate.

If you see that the toilet cover has gone down, be more careful and mentally prepared to deal with this situation.

To Measure Urine

Many people are asked to measure their urine due to certain medical conditions. They do not put a red cup under the toilet seat to measure the urine. Instead, it reminds them to measure their urine.

Young Boys Potty Training

Young boys can be very difficult to potty train, but placing a red cup under the toilet seat may help. The color of this harmless object will remind him that he needs to lift his bodily functions before going into action mode and avoid any accidents in general.

To Wake up sleepwalkers

The worst thing to happen to sleepers is waking up in an accident. You can avoid this by putting a red cup under your toilet seat, which will make noise if they soil themselves in their dreams and jolting them awake before anything worse happens.

A Silly Reason to Put Red Cup Under Toilet Seat

In a world where people are constantly on their phones, tablets, or laptops, it’s not uncommon to see them accidentally leave the toilet seat up. One Reddit user suggested this might be an elaborate joke by putting red cups under toilet seats to scare family members if they use them at midnight.


put red cup under toilet seat

Do you need to put one or more red cups under the toilet seat? Learn Below:

A toilet seat is important, so it’s best to avoid having any objects in this area. If you still think two cups might work, go ahead and put two red cups under the toilet seat when necessary but make sure they are tight-fitting with no wiggle room.

Red Cup or Toilet Paper Roll under the toilet seat?

This hack or trick to avoid getting your tissue paper roll from under the seat is a bit more complicated. You might see posts where people talk about placing an empty toilet paper roll beneath instead of using one’s hands as if this could work better somehow.

It depends on what you’re going for, if perhaps intentionally showcasing how there isn’t any available toilet paper, then both will do just fine with their various colors (although red cups seem popular among those looking solely at grabbing attention).

However, in order grab someone’s eye strongly during times such as these the red color works far better.


There are many uses for this to answer why you should put a red cup under your toilet seat at night. It can serve as an indicator that spawns out – such as a warning about no toilet paper and finding animals who may have gotten into someone’s house. Another use would be potty training.

If it has two cups, they need to measure their urine because one won’t do enough (remember to always check before flush). The last thing I recommend doing to ensure good sleep habits? Place some books on top, so readers know exactly where those late nights come from.