What is Turbinado Sugar: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

What is turbinado sugar

Are you afraid of gaining calories from sugar? If yes, then you don’t need to be worried about your health. The turbinado sugar is the best alternative for sugar here. Moreover, turbinado sugar is much healthier than basic sugar, but generally, people are not aware of what turbinado sugar is and its benefits. 

The turbinado sugar is light in color and has been processed minimally in the sugar factories. It can absorb some actual molasses that are naturally present in the sugar canes. The raw sugar is prepared in a way that it does not lose the necessary elements, making it healthier than other sugars. However, the word turbinado is a Spanish word derived from the American word turbine, a machine built to process the sweetener from sugar cane. 

Normal sugar has also gone through many names, such as raw cane sugar or demerara sugar. Turbinado is also somehow derived from the sugar. The sugar crystals or raw sugar are larger as compared to brown sugar and other white sugar crystals. There are many health benefits of raw sugar. Moreover, this article will help you know what turbinado sugar is and its health facts. 

Turbinado Sugar Nutrition Facts 

There are many nutrients present in raw sugar, and it is very beneficial for your health. Many organizations have proved that it is the perfect sugar for your fitness and metabolism. Here is the list of items that are presented in one tablespoon of turbinado sugar (Source).  

  • Sugars: 4.6 gm 
  • Fat: 0 gm 
  • Carbohydrates: 4.6 gm
  • Protein: 0 gm 
  • Calorie: 18 
  • Sodium: 0.1 gm 
  • Fibre: 0 gm


Are you afraid of gaining fats after having sugar? Turbinado sugar is the best answer to this question. You don’t need to be worried anymore, and the turbinado sugar does not contain a single percent of fats. You can enjoy sweets and coffee with this sugar without any hesitation. However, you have to quit the normal white sugar while shifting to this sugar. 


Even though turbinado sugar is beneficial for your health, it does not help provide proteins to your body. This sugar does not contain protein. If you want to have the protein, you can make something protein-rich and add some turbinado sugar. 


The calories which are present in one tablespoon of turbinado sugar comes from the carbohydrates. There is a maximum of 18 calories present in a single tablespoon when served in a sweet item. If you purchase a small packet of turbinado sugar, it contains only a tablespoon of sugar, sufficient for one-time use.

The calories present in the turbinado sugar are presented in the form of carbs, perfect for the fitness freaks who require carbs after a workout. Moreover, starch and fiber are also not present in this sugar. 

The glycemic count in turbinado sugar is predicted to be three, which is very low in quantity. However, glycemic is harmful to your body if you take it in large quantities. First of all you have to identify what turbinado sugar is then take it in proper quantity. So take only one teaspoon of raw sugar; otherwise, it will increase the glycemic level in your body. 

Vitamins and Minerals

As turbinado sugar is very light and used as a substitute for sugar, there are not many micronutrients. If you consume it in a typical amount, you will not get any nutrients. However, when you consume large amounts of this sugar it will provide you with a few nutrients. 

If you consume one cup of raw sugar, it can give you little amounts of calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, zinc, and potassium. These all micronutrients are present in a single cup of this sugar, but do not consume it regularly to get these nutrients; it can harm your health. Everything seems to be good only when it gets consumed properly, so use the raw sugar in a limited amount. 

Health Benefits of Turbinado Sugar

Turbinado sugar is considered to be the healthiest alternative option for the normal white sugar. Various points justify the above statement. Moreover, you can feel those benefits while using turbinado sugar. Here are the best health benefits of turbinado sugar. After reading those benefits, you will get what raw sugar is and how much it is beneficial. 

Less Amount More Benefits 

The turbinado sugar is rich in nutrients as its crystals are larger than the normal white sugar. Because of this reason, you need to consume less amount of this sugar. Moreover, use the one tablespoon of this sugar carefully in your morning coffee and cereals or berries. The sugar can make your dishes or drinks sweeter in a very less quantity. 

Moreover, this sugar also absorbs the natural molasses flavors, which are beneficial for your body. However, these molasses can satisfy your sugar need early, so consume the sugar in limited quantities. 

Contributes to Antioxidants 

Raw sugar is considered to be the best supplier of antioxidants than other types of sugar. Your body needs antioxidants for functioning. However, antioxidants are the substance which helps in preventing the cell damage or delay the damage. 

Raw sugar has more antioxidants as compared to refined sugar, agave nectar, and corn syrup. So this turbinado cane sugar is beneficial for your body functioning and fit body. 

Best for Vegans and Vegetarians

Are you a vegan or a vegetarian person? If yes, then turbinado sugar is perfect for you. The sugar-free any of the non-vegetarian items. However, some refined sweetener has the animal bone char element, but turbinado is a plant-based item. These sugar roots are dependent on the plants; no added preservatives are there in raw sugar. 

So the people who prefer only vegetarian food items and like to stay fit, this raw sugar is the best choice for their fitness diet. 


Generally, there is no allergic element present in the turbinado sugar. But the people who are allergic to sugar and are sugar tolerant can get affected by consuming this sugar. Several symptoms indicate sugar allergy. 

  • Gas
  • Headache 
  • Delicate discomfort indigestion
  • Body pain 

You might have some other side effects also, as these are the basic symptoms of having a sugar allergy.  

If you find any of these symptoms regularly after consuming sugar, you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible. 


There are not many varieties available of raw sugar. But you can easily get this sugar at any grocery store. Moreover, some of the bakery shops also prepare and sell this sugar at their shops. If you go out to purchase turbinado sugar, the brown packets labeled with Sugar in the Raw are the best sugar brand.  

Storage and Food Safety

The turbinado sugar is durable to store. You can store this sugar for many, many months or longer. Store them in an air-tight container or a bag in a cool, dry place so they will be safe for a long time. However, if you store them in hot or humid climatic conditions, the sugar may get wet, resulting in clumps. 

Recipes and Preparations 

The turbinado sugar is most suitable in baking processes. You do not need to make the other adjustments to use the raw sugar. Moreover, you can use this sugar as you use the other sugar, but in less quantity. The bakers can use this sugar in making cakes and brownies, and you may feel the slightly different color and texture of your dishes. 

Generally, the cakes have more moisture batters, and if you add raw sugar, it will give the cake a fluffier appearance with a better taste. Because of this reason, most of the bakers in America use this sugar in their cakes and brownies. Moreover, you can also add this sugar to other bakery products. 

Raw sugar can also be used in your daily food items and drinks, so don’t hesitate to use it in other recipes. Just make sure that you use it in a limited quantity to get the best benefits of it. 

Final Words

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy, and the diet plays an important role in your fitness. At the same time, most fitness trainers ask you to avoid the sugar. Moreover, it is a good source for weight loss. But, what if you can continue with sugar in a better way. Here raw sugar is the perfect option for you. As now you know what is turbinado sugar and what are its benefits, add this to your diet plan. Once you start using this sugar share your experience with us in the comment section.