What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy?

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy

What does it mean when she calls you daddy? How you would react if she calls you daddy? What does daddy means in this context? Lets uncover the mystery behind this specific term.

The word “daddy” as a lover nickname can have different meanings than just being sexual. It’s really more complicated than that.

When she calls you daddy, it could be as if she sees you as the father figure in the relationship and wants to feel safe. It may also mean that she wants you to play a nurturing role. Sometimes, this can be present in sexual situations, but not always.

However, in most cases, the term does carry a sexual connotation when used in a romantic relationship, so it’s important not to ignore its importance.

Let’s know more about “what does it mean when she calls you daddy” and other aspects:

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy?

Why Girls Call Their Boyfriends Daddy

You may not want to stop the moment and ask her directly why she called you daddy. Still, it’s important to understand its meaning. Here are some possible reasons why she might be using this nickname, so look and see which one resonates with your relationship the most.

According to sex therapist Vanessa Marin, the term “daddy” carries different connotations. While it can technically refer to someone’s father, it often signifies dominance, authority, protection, or a form of praise for someone’s abilities. In the context of a sexual relationship, women frequently use this term to convey these particular meanings.

She Feels Safe and Protected with You

Dads are known to be caring, loving, and protective figures, and she might be associating these qualities with you because she feels safe and protected in your presence.

By calling you daddy, she may express her desire for you to take on a nurturing and protective role in the relationship.

It’s important to note that when she calls you daddy in this context, it doesn’t mean she sees you as her actual father but, instead, as someone who can provide care and security. 

While there can be some sexual undertones, if she mainly uses this term during non-sexual moments and focuses on your role as a provider, it means that it’s more about how you make her feel rather than purely a sexual connotation.

It Makes Her Feel Attracted 

When she calls you daddy it means she finds you attractive

For her, calling you daddy can be a source of arousal. Everyone has their own preferences and desires, and this is one of hers. You’ll notice that she mainly uses this term when you are intimate or when she wants to initiate intimacy.

The idea of you taking charge and being in control in the bedroom is a turn-on for her. She wants you to lead and assert your dominance while she embraces a submissive role. It’s something she finds exciting and pleasurable.

However, you need to decide whether you’re comfortable with this dynamic. The word daddy can make some people feel uneasy, while it can be a source of arousal for others.

If you’re uncomfortable with her calling you daddy, it’s important to have a conversation about it sooner rather than later.

She Appreciates Your Authority and Strength

While she may not typically use Daddy for her partners, she recognizes and admires your authoritative nature. She appreciates your strength and the roles you both play in the relationship.

This indicates that she sees you as the dominant and strong person in the relationship and enjoys that dynamic. She willingly takes on a submissive role and allows your personality traits to take the lead.

Just assume your authentic self and continue being who you are; she clearly appreciates and enjoys it.

If she feels comfortable using the term daddy, it’s not necessarily a negative thing. Just ensure you are also comfortable with it and open to discussing your feelings.

She Wants to Be Submissive

She wants to be submissive if she calls you daddy

If she calls you daddy, it could signify that she wants to take on a submissive role in the relationship. This means she wants you to be more dominant and take control.

She may not directly express this desire, so using the term daddy is her way of indicating her submissive preferences.

If she calls you daddy in intimate situations, she wants you to accept the charge sexually. If she uses the term in other contexts, she might also seek your dominance in those areas.

She Sees Similarities to Her Dad

It may sound strange because you don’t want her to call you daddy. After all, she sees you as her father.

However, sometimes she may unconsciously perceive similarities between you and her dad, leading her to use the term daddy. She might recognize your strength and protective nature, which reminds her of her father’s qualities.

However, this situation can raise concerns about daddy issues, making people uncomfortable.

If that’s the case, having an open and honest conversation with her or yourself is important to determine if you’re comfortable with her seeing you as a father figure, especially if you’re entering a long-term relationship.

It’s a Term of Affection

Sometimes, calling someone daddy is simply a way to show affection without any sexual meaning attached to it. It’s like using a cute nickname to express care and love.

The term daddy doesn’t always have a sexual connotation. To her, it might just mean that you are a protective and caring figure in her life.

It doesn’t mean that she assumes you as her father or that you make her remind her of him. Instead, it signifies your specific role in her life and how safe she feels around you. It’s her way of expressing this sentiment.

She Thinks You Enjoy It

She may believe that you like being called daddy, so she uses the term for your fun. Some men find it exciting to be called daddy; she might assume you share this choice.

Maybe she had a past partner who enjoyed it, and she thinks all men feel the same way. Just like some men enjoy being called “baby,” she sees it as a loving term for her eyes.

Whether you like being referred to as Daddy is totally up to your choice. It’s important to share your feelings and let her know if you’re comfortable with it or not.

She Wants to do Role Play

It means she wants to role if she calls you daddy

Sometimes, she might want to play pretend and make a different scenario. She wants you to pretend to be a father figure, and she will take on a more submissive role.

In this case, she will only call you daddy during intimate moments when she wants to engage in this role play.

It’s important for her to communicate her wishes to you instead of thinking you’ll understand and participate.

It’s always better to discuss role-play ideas before getting close, so hopefully, she talks to you about her preferences, and both of you can agree on the idea.

Role Of Power

Every family has a different dynamic, but traditionally, fathers are seen as authoritative figures who are in control and dominant figure.

When she(your partner) calls you daddy, mainly during intimate moments, it could be her way of sharing power with you.

Maybe she feels shy to talk about it openly, so she hints at her wants in the bedroom, meaning that she wants you to take charge and be more dominant.

By submitting to your role, she shows that she trusts you completely and willingly hands over the power to you.

She May Want Attention

Sometimes, she might call you daddy to get your attention. It could be because she feels ignored or pushed, and instead of expressing her feelings directly, she uses this nickname to catch your focus.

You can usually tell if this is when she calls you daddy suddenly and in a strange situation, trying to surprise you and make you pay attention to her.

If this happens, take a step back and think about your relationship. See if you are spending less time with her or not giving her the much attention she needs.

What Do I Call Her If She Calls Me Daddy?

When a Girl Calls You Daddy What Do You Call Her

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? The answer is: when she calls you daddy, you may feel unsure about how to answer the next time she says it.

What you call her in return depends on why she calls you daddy and the exact situation.

A safe choice is to call her “baby girl” or “princess.” These terms are affectionate and show that you care for her while showing your dominant role in the relationship.

Some men who enjoy being called daddy may indicate their partners as “naughty princesses.” It’s a personal choice, and there’s no decision here.

Watch how she reacts to your choice of nickname and change accordingly. If she tends to call you daddy in intimate moments, you can add a little more spice to the nickname.

You can also directly ask her what she likes to be called. She might have specific priorities for a nickname.

However, suppose she calls you daddy because she wants you to be the dominant figure in the relationship. In that case, she will probably want you to decide on a nickname for her.

Is It Okay If She Calls Me Daddy?

You may wonder if it’s a problem or a red flag if she calls you daddy. Since the term daddy often stands for sexuality, you might be concerned that it indicates different interests or choices.

However, there’s no easy answer to this question because every relationship is unique, and her reasons for using the term will be personal. Generally, it’s not a red flag if she calls you Daddy.

The stereotype is that the girl partner who calls her male partner “daddy,” mainly in the context of sex, has “daddy issues,” but this isn’t typically true. Some women enjoy using the term to refer to their partners.

In fact, it can be seen as a positive sign. It shows that she feels comfortable enough to give you a special nickname and views you as a strong, authoritative figure in the relationship, which may fit well with your dynamic.

By calling you daddy, she’s trying to make you play the important role of the dominating figure in the relationship and expressing her trust in your ability to protect and nurture her as her partner.

While the term may be discussed, any pet name in a relationship means comfort, positivity, and a healthy connection.

Don’t overthink it unless it genuinely makes you uncomfortable. If there are no other concerning issues in your relationship, there’s usually no need to worry.

What if I Feel Uncomfortable When She Calls Me Daddy?

What if You Don't Like It When Your Girlfriend Calls You Daddy

Different people have different choices when it comes to being called daddy. It’s important for you to be open and honest about how you feel and whether you’re comfortable with her using that term.

If you’re uncomfortable with her calling you daddy, it’s completely okay to let her know. It might feel awkward to bring up the subject, but it’s better to address it than to let it continue.

Here are some ways you can communicate that you don’t like being called daddy:

Be Gentle

Being kind and considerate is important when you ask her not to call you daddy anymore. Even if it makes you uncomfortable, how you express your feelings matters.

Put your emotions away for some time and analyze the situation with gentleness. Remember that she might not know it bothers you, so you don’t want to hurt her feelings.

Suggest that she give a different nickname for you and let her know you’re not a lover of being called daddy. Be loving and kind when discussing it instead of showing anger or discomfort.

Share Your Feelings

When you talk to her about not calling you daddy, use “I” language to express how you feel and how it bothers you. Don’t take her feelings or speak on her behalf, as it could end in conflict.

Be direct and clear about your feelings and why being called daddy bothers you. That’s all that needs to be said without going into too much detail about her side.

In a happy and healthy relationship, she should respect your feelings and stop using the term. There shouldn’t be any discussion arguments.

Ask for Her Reasons

If she still calls you daddy even after you’ve expressed your discomfort, sit down with her and ask why she keeps doing it.

You shouldn’t have to go along with it if you don’t like it, so make it clear to her. Find out her reasons for using the term and discuss how it makes you uncomfortable.

Make Boundaries

When it is about being called daddy in intimate situations, you both must discuss your boundaries openly. Have an open conversation about what you both enjoy.

In the bedroom, partners make compromises and aim to make each other happy. So it’s important to talk about her calling you daddy and what she expects from you during role-play.

If you’re okay with being called daddy but uncomfortable with different aspects of role-play, talk to her about it. 

If you’re fine with the role-play, discuss boundaries and what is acceptable.

Successful relationships thrive on open communication, even when it’s about something as calling you daddy. If you feel the need, handle it and ensure you’re on the same page.

Why the Word “Daddy”

Relationship coach and sex therapist Jacqueline Hellyer explain that when your partner calls you “daddy,” it expresses their desire for you to embody certain qualities within the relationship.

These qualities include being caring, supportive, and assertive. It can also be a means for your girlfriend to explore and test the boundaries of your connection.

Moreover, when she uses this term, it signifies her appreciation for your specific qualities that align with the notion of “daddy.”

Hellyer further suggests that women who engage in this behavior often have influential roles in their everyday lives.

Therefore, when your girlfriend calls you “daddy,” it can be seen as role-playing, allowing her to surrender control and embrace vulnerability.

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy?

When she calls you daddy, it can have different meanings. She may use it as a loving nickname, in a more intimate way, or because she sees you as someone important and in charge.

To understand what she means when she calls you daddy, you should consider your relationship and her personality. If you’re still unsure, it’s okay to ask her! Open communication is important in a healthy relationship.

You can come up with a special nickname for her, too, or ask her what she prefers to be called. It could add something new and exciting to your relationship.


In conclusion, when she calls you “daddy,” it can have various meanings depending on your relationship’s context and dynamics. It’s important to understand that the term goes beyond just a sexual connotation. She may use it to express a desire for you to play a nurturing and protective role, or it could be a source of arousal for her, signaling a preference for dominance and submission.

Additionally, it may indicate her appreciation for your authoritative nature and the qualities you possess that align with the idea of “daddy.” However, it’s crucial to have open and honest communication with your partner to understand her intentions and ensure that you’re comfortable with the term. Uncovering the mystery behind this specific term requires understanding your partner’s individual perspective and the unique dynamics of your relationship.

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