There are a lot of rumours about the personality. Is David Muir Gay? Some of you might don’t know who this guy is. If so, you need not worry; we are here to tell you everything minute detail about this personality. 

An ABC anchor, David Muir, has faced rumours about his sexual orientation but has never openly discussed it. Some people have joined him with other men he has been seen with.

The rumours began when he was spotted at gay clubs at different events. However, David Muir’s sexuality remains unknown. Currently, he is believed to be single.

In the past, he was connected to his ABC colleague, Gio Benitez, but those rumours were ignored when Gio got engaged and married someone else.

There was also an article written by journalist Kate Dries titled “Report Indicates my Boyfriend David Muir is a Monster,” but it was suspected to be written in a joking manner.

David Muir was born on November 8, 1973, in Syracuse, New York. He attended Syracuse University and graduated in 1995 with a degree in journalism.

Right after graduating, he began his broadcasting career. He joined WTVH-TV in Syracuse and received different journalism awards during his five years there.

In 2000, he moved to Boston and worked as an anchor and reporter for WCVB-TV, earning the Edward R. Murrow Award for Investigative Reporting and other awards.

In 2003, David Muir became the anchor for ABC’s “World News Now.” Over time, he became the weekend news anchor, and the show was renamed “World News with David Muir.” He also co-hosts the program “20/20.”

Continue reading the article to know if David Muir is gay or not.

David Muir Profile Summary

Full NameDavid Jason Muir
Date of Birth8 November 1973
Age49 years old (as of 2023)
Birth PlaceSyracuse, New York, United States
Living inSkaneateles Lake, New York, United States
SexualityNot yet clear
Color Of HairDark brown
Color Of EyeDark brown
Mother’s NamePat Mills
Father’s NameRonald Muir
ProfessionTelevision news anchor
Estiamted Net worthOver $20 million
Instagram Account@davidmuirabc
Twitter Account@DavidMuir
Facebook AccountDavid Muir

Who Is David Muir Married To? And Is David Muir Gay?

There have been rumours about his close relationship with his colleague, Gio Benitez. Still, it’s not clear if they are romantically involved. Some rumours tell they have been seen together at gay bars.

Still, Gio Benitez is already married to his boyfriend, Tommy DiDario. Whether David Muir spends time with his coworker or recognises him as gay is unknown. The details of his romantic life are not well-known as of now.


Pics From David Muir’s Wedding

Is David Muir Gay?

Is David Muir Straight?

David Muir has not publicly confirmed or rejected the rumours about his sexual orientation. He likes to keep his personal life private, so he hasn’t shared any information about his sexuality.

However, there have been rumours and speculation that he may be gay based on his interactions with openly gay colleague Gio Benitez. Gio Benitez has publicly come out as gay, but it’s still unsure if David Muir is also gay.

Due to his privacy, no evidence is there to specify his sexual orientation. Some rumours mention David Muir visiting gay bars with Gio Benitez.

David Muir’s Net Worth

David Muir, a famous journalist and news anchor in the United States, has an estimated net worth of $20 million. He currently co-anchors ABC World News Tonight and is also a co-anchor for the show 20/20.

According to a report from 2014, he had an annual salary of $5 million, which makes him one of the highest-paid workers in the news industry.

David Muir’s Wife/ Is David Muir Married?

No, David Muir is not married. There were rumours that he was in a long-term relationship with his colleague Gio Benitez from ABC News in 2015.

They spent a lot of time together and shared pictures on social media. Some fans thought they were in a romantic relationship, mainly because Gio is openly gay.

However, neither David nor Gio clarified the rumours about their romance.

Gio got engaged to his partner Tommy DiDario on September 17, 2015, and they had a small wedding in Miami, Florida. This ended the rumours about David and Gio being a couple.

In the same year, Kate Dries, an ex-deputy editor of Jezebel, claimed to be in a relationship with David Muir.

She wrote an essay called “Report Indicates My Boyfriend, David Muir Is a ‘Monster’,” where she mentioned their first meeting and romance. However, after the article was published, they were not seen together or connected romantically.

Kate never repeated her accusations, and David Muir never confirmed or denied them. This led many people to believe they had broken up or that Kate was joking about being David Muir’s girlfriend.

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David Muir Interesting Facts

David Muir is a journalist famous for hosting ABC World News Tonight. Here are some things about him:

  • He started his career as a reporter at a local TV station in Syracuse, New York, before joining ABC News in 2003.
  • He has written on important events worldwide, such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the Arab Spring, and the Syrian refugee crisis.
  • In 2014, he had a special interview with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office. This was important because he was the first openly gay journalist to interview a sitting president one-on-one.
  • He has received many awards for his reporting, including several Emmy Awards. 2015 the National Press Foundation named him “Journalist of the Year.”
  • David Muir can speak Spanish fluently and has interviewed many leaders from Latin American countries, including Raúl Castro from Cuba and Hugo Chávez from Venezuela.

How David Muir Became a World News Journalist?

David Muir achieved great success in his career when he became an anchor on ABC News. This news station provides unbiased news full of information.

He joined ABC World News as the anchor after Diane Sawyer. David’s presence as an anchor was received and helped grow the show’s popularity.

In 2015, ABC World News became the most-watched news program in the country.

Who is David Muir Dating Now?

Recently, there have been rumours about David Muir’s dating life. Some reports say that he is dating a man named Sean, who is believed to be the founder of a swimwear brand.

However, there is no solid proof to prove this alleged relationship or marriage, which is just like his last rumoured relationship.

David Muir is close friends with Kelly Ripa, an actress and media personality. They usually spend time together, and David shares photos of them on social media, showing their love and care for each other.

At the same time, some people rumoured that there may be something more than friendship between them.

However, it’s important to know that Kelly Ripa has been happily married to actor Mark Consuelos since 1996.

So, David Muir and Kelly Ripa are good friends who enjoy spending time with each other and their families.


In conclusion, David Muir is a renowned journalist and news anchor in the United States, best known for co-anchoring ABC World News Tonight and 20/20. Despite being in the public eye, he prefers to keep his personal life private.

Now talking about David Muir being a gay ;Rumors have circulated about his sexuality, with some suggesting that he is gay and has been seen frequenting homosexual clubs with his colleague, Gio Benitez.

However, David has not confirmed or denied these rumors, and his relationship status remains unknown. David Muir’s net worth is estimated to be $20 million, and his annual salary was reported to be $5 million in 2014.

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Are Kelly Ripa And David Muir in a Relationship?

Answer: Kelly Ripa and David Muir are not romantically involved.

Is David Muir Gay?

Answer: David Muir hasn’t shared his sexual orientation and prefers to keep his personal life private. Although rumors suggest he is gay, there is no confirmed information about it.

Is David Muir Married?

Answer: David Muir is not currently married.

Who is David Muir’s Boyfriend?

Answer: Recently, there have been rumors that David Muir is in a relationship with a man named Sean, but not much information is available about him.

David Muir’s previous relationship?

Answer: David Muir has been rumored to be in a romantic relationship with Gio Benetiz, a journalist who works at ABC News.

Is David Muir in a relationship?

Answer: Currently, David Muir is not in a romantic relationship with anyone. Although he has been connected to several other people, he has not made any official statements confirming a relationship with any of them.

Is David Muir married to Kate Dries?

Answer: No, David Muir is not married to Kate Dries. INstead, Kate Dries is married to actor Mark Consuelos.

Who is David Muir’s partner?

Answer: There have been rumours about a partner named Sean. Still, there is no solid proof to support the reality of Sean or his relationship with David Muir.

Is David Muir married?

Answer: No, David Muir is not married.

Does David Muir have children?

Answer: No, David Muir does not have children. He shares his home with his dog Axel and enjoys spending time with his nephews and nieces.


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