What Makes Men Creepy in S*xting and Relationships? Arousr Model Camila Fersh Elaborates


S*xting can be a fun and exhilarating form of communication in relationships. But sometimes, things can turn a bit creepy and tense. While men may have good intentions, sometimes their words and behavior can come off as creepy or uncomfortable for their partner. To get some insight into this issue, I had the opportunity to talk to Arousr model, Camila Fersh.

In this blog post, we will be discussing some of the behaviors and actions that can make guys appear creepy in s*xting and relationships, and how to rectify them.

1. Overstepping Boundaries:

One way for guys to appear creepy is by crossing s*xual boundaries. Men who engage in s*xting without first assessing their partner’s comfort level are risking being creepy.

For example, sending unsolicited nudes or engaging in a s*xting session that the partner hasn’t agreed to yet can create discomfort and tension.

Camila advises that men must always establish boundaries beforehand and respect them. Always communicate before escalating things s*xually and learn to gauge your partner’s comfort level.

2. Ignoring Consent:

Consent is key in any s*xual situation, and s*xting is no exception. One way that men can appear creepy is by pressuring their partners for explicit photos or videos.

If the partner says no or seems hesitant, it’s essential to respect their decision. Pressuring them can harm their trust and break the relationship. Always respect a partner’s decision and wait until they are comfortable.

3. Focusing on Physical Appearance:

For women, frequently receiving messages about their physical appearance can be creepy and off-putting.

While compliments can be acceptable, excessive focus on physical features or repeated mentions about the body can make things uncomfortable.

Camila advises guys to focus on personality and things that love about their partner instead of mainly physical attributes.

4. Moving Too Fast:

S*xting is an intimate and personal form of communication, taking things too fast can create unease in relationships.

While it’s perfectly fine to be s*xual, men must also consider their partner’s emotional intimacy and the goal of the relationship.

Pushing for more after the partner has shown discomfort or has stated they aren’t comfortable can result in a backlash. Camila advises having an open dialogue about boundaries and slowly building things up.

5. Lack of Emotional Connection:

While s*xting can be fun and sensual, it should never completely replace the emotional connection in a relationship.

If guys only focus on physical aspects without building an emotional connection, it can come off as creepy and selfish.

Camila suggests taking time to get to know your partner and building an emotional foundation can make all the difference.


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In conclusion, while s*xting may seem like a simple and lighthearted activity, it requires careful consideration and communication to avoid making your partner uncomfortable. By following Camila’s advice, men can effectively establish boundaries, respect consent, and build emotional intimacy. With all of these factors considered, s*xting can be a fun and exciting way to enhance and strengthen relationships.