Walmart Black Friday Hours 2022: Will Walmart Open on Thanksgiving Day This Year?

Walmart new year's and thanksgiving hours

Walmart has been open on Thanksgiving day usually in the past years.

Walmart is keeping its tradition alive this year, opening at the usual hours on Saturday and welcoming customers bright and early Friday morning. Don’t miss out – 5 am local time marks your chance to get a head start on Black Friday savings.

Walmart is a key destination for shoppers ready to score the best deals on Black Friday. With November 25, 2022, fast approaching, savvy consumers are already making their holiday shopping lists and planning out when they’ll head over to Walmart’s doors open. Wondering what time you should be there? You won’t want to miss out.

Walmart will be open on Thanksgiving, 2022. (SOURCE)


What Time Does Walmart Open On Black Friday 2022?

Get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping with Walmart’s Black Friday deals. On November 25th starting at 5 am, the stores will be open for you to find everything from books and electronics, to luggage and home goodies – plus plenty of toys for festive fun. Or if early morning isn’t your thing or distance doesn’t allow, take advantage of their extended online offerings at any time.

Walmart in The COVID Pandemic

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Walmart took a major step to protect its customers and employees by choosing not to open on Thanksgiving Day 2020. By doing this, it gave shoppers more time with their families during what has been an especially difficult year for everyone.

Walmart U.S. CEO John Furner recently announced on the TODAY Show that Thanksgiving store openings are now a thing of the past – allowing all employees to spend quality time with their families this year.

Walmart is doing its part to show appreciation for all of its hard-working teams by closing down stores on Thanksgiving Day. This gesture serves as a meaningful message of gratitude, and an opportunity for everyone to spend quality time with family during this special season.

Is is a good Idea to Shop in at Walmart on Black Friday?

Looking to get the biggest discounts on products? Black Friday and Cyber Monday used to be your go-to days of shopping mayhem. However, with an increased presence in online sales by retailers, you may not be saving as much money as before – or worse yet – face long lines and competitive shoppers.

Make sure to take advantage of the digital shopping opportunities available this Holiday season. Many online retailers, such as, may offer discounts and other incentives like free shipping that make it more worthwhile than ever before to shop comfortably from home in your favorite pajamas during Cyber Monday.

Is it a Good Idea to Shop at Walmart on Thanksgiving Day?

With Halloween around the corner, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities – it’s easy to get caught up in last-minute preparations. From costumes and candy for trick-or-treaters to additional ingredients needed for a delicious dinner spread – being prepared ahead of time can help you avoid any holiday rush.

Best and Worst Time to do Shopping at Walmart?


  • Weekday mornings
  • Late at night
  • In advance of the holidays
  • Early in the month
  • Amazon Prime Day


  • Weekends
  • After lunch
  • Right before the holidays
  • Black Friday

Is Target open on Black Friday? What are Target’s Hours?

Get a jumpstart on holiday shopping with Target. On Black Friday, many Target stores will offer extended hours between 7 am and closing. To make sure you don’t miss out, double-check the store operating times in your area.

Get your holiday shopping started early with Target. Starting October 6, take advantage of their price match guarantee and know you’re getting the best deal during the season. Buy something in-store or online – if it goes lower at Target on or before December 24th, they’ll honor that discounted price for a stress-free wintertime shop.