An Insight Into Vladimir Putin Net Worth

Vladimir Putin net worth

We all know the frondeur of world politics, Vladimir Putin; the president of Russia. But do you know he is also believed to be the richest person in the world? These assumptions about the Russian president may leave you wondering what is Vladimir Putin net worth? 

Moreover, the lavish lifestyle of Vladimir Putin may also make you want to know Putin’s net worth. Well, we have deciphered all the aspects of Putin’s lifestyle, including his net worth, Putin age, and more. 

Vladimir Putin Net Worth

$70 Billion 

Vladimir Putin is a Russian politician whose worth might even give competition to one of the world’s richest peoples like the Rothschild family. Putin has a net worth of a whopping $70 billion. The main contribution to his net worth is from his salary, which is $187 thousand per year. 

During his long career as a politician in Russia, he has served at various high-ranking positions like the prime minister and president in the present. However, he has earned a controversial reputation internationally during these tenures of his career. 

He is at present serving as the president of Russia and is one of the richest politicians around the world. 

Early Life Of Putin

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin is the full name of Putin. He was born in Saint Petersburg, formerly known as Leningrad of the Soviet Union, currently Russia. 

Putin’s mother was a factory worker, whereas his father was a conscript soldier in the Soviet Navy. Putin was a bright child from the early days of his life and started practicing judo and martial arts when he was just 12 years old. He is currently a certified black belt in judo. 

Putin is also fluent in various languages, including German. He was a student at the Saint Petersburg High School 281, where he studied German and thus a fluent speaker. 

When knowing about someone, the other important aspect is age. So, what is Putin’s age? Well, Putin age is 68 years, and he was born on 7th October 1952 in Leningrad. Other than his above achievements, Putin also studied law at Leningrad State University, graduating in 1975 as a certified lawyer. 

When Putin was at university, he met Anatoly Sobchak, who influenced him to a great extent. Anatoly was the co-author of the Russian constitution and was a professor who taught law at the Leningrad University. 

Political Career 

The political career Putin began after graduating in the law. In the beginning, he worked with the KGB as a spy. He received his training at the 401st KGB school in Okhta, Leningrad. Here he worked for a long time monitoring the consular office and foreigners in Leningrad. 

Later, he was sent to Moscow for further training in 1984. Following this training, he served at the Dresden, in East Germany as a translator from 1985 to 1990. After this, he was relocated to Leningrad after the collapse of communist East Germany. Here he again reconnected with the Anatoly Sobchak whale remaining at the post in Leningrad University. In 1991, when the coup against the then prime minister Mikhail Gorbachev took place, Putin resigned from his post in the KGB. 

Putin claims that he resigned as he didn’t want to be a part of the new post-coup administration’s intelligence agency.

In the coming years, Anatoly became Leningrad’s mayor and appointed Putin as the head of the committee for external relations of the mayor’s office. From here, Putin started his political career. His work at this office and KGB contributed to Vladimir Putin’s net worth. 

Putin was later appointed as the head of federal security services(FSB) in President Boris Yeltsin’s government in 1998. FSB is the successor of the KGB and the main security and intelligence agency of Russia. Later, Yeltsin appointed Putin as the acting prime minister of Russia on 9th August 1999. 

Putin as President

After this, Putin also agreed to run for the presidency when Yelstin stated him to be his successor. 

The first presidential term Putin started in 2000 and ended in 2008. During this time, he was also the prime minister from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012. However, he has earned a controversial reputation for his handling of foreign policy and human rights. Many western leaders also call the circumstances under which the Putin rules’ undemocratic’ and blames him for being a corrupt leader. 

Around the world, many leaders and people believe that Vladimir Putin’s net worth is the result of his corruption. However, there is no evidence for it. However, even after the controversial image, Putin is widely popular among the Russians. 

When it comes to Vladimir Putin’s net worth 2020, it is controversial as various sources provide varying data. This confusion about Vladimir Putin net worth 2020 is due to his secretive and controlling rules where every information related to him is controlled or monitored. 

Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth 2020

Vladimir Putin net worth is believed to be the result of his term in office. When we look at the official accounts for Putin’s net worth, they state it to be $500,000. 

However, his vocal critics and various sources believe his net worth to be around $70 billion. Putin’s net worth is a result of his stakes in various companies like Gazprom, a natural gas producing company, Guvnor, a swiss oil trading company, and Surgutneftgas. 

When we look at Putin’s stakes in these companies and their market capitalization, Vladimir Putin’s net worth stands at $70 billion. 

Personal and Public Life

The first curiosity that comes to our mind when we want to know about someone is that person. Is that person married? And so is in this case. 

Is Vladimir Putin Married?

The question is Vladimir Putin married is natural as it is something which comes out of curiosity when we want to know about a person. Well, the answer to it is ‘Yes.’ He was married to Lyudmila on 29th July 1983. Putin is also believed to have children, which include two daughters. 

Putin’s daughters are Mariya Putina and Yekaterina Putina. In 2013 Putin and his wife announced their divorce, and in 2014 they confirmed that it had been finalized. 

Public Image

The public image of Putin is unique for a politician. He is widely characterized by his ‘macho’ outdoor image. Putin has been famous for his shirtless avatar and engagement in dangerous sports on various occasions. He is also famous for his “Putinism,” aphorisms that come from his use of the Russian language in a unique way. 

One famous example of “Putinism” was seen during an interview of Putin with American journalist Larry king. The journalist asked him what happened to the submarine, which was lost in an explosion? To it, Putin answered simply, “she sank.” 

Final Words

Vladimir Putin has been the notorious child in world politics for his policies and fearless nature.

When it comes to Vladimir Putin’s net worth, it is estimated to be $70 billion. However, the sources of his income have been secretive and controversial.