100+ Unique 3 Best Friend Tattoos with Meaning


Which one is your ride-or-die? You’ll want to get unique 3 best friend tattoo in honor of their loyalty.

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A true friend will be there for you through thick and thin. A great way to show how much they care about getting revenge on someone who hurt them before is by giving out free tattoos all day long (or until people start charging). It might seem sick, but I guarantee everything changes once it sinks into place; these awesome designs capture every detail so perfectly.

Friends are like family, but better. They will always have your back and be there for you no matter what life throws at them or how far away they may seem on the surface- even if it’s just online.

A true friend knows that time doesn’t heal all wounds; instead, these strong connections grow stronger with age because of our shared experiences in good times as well as a few rough patches here along the way, which only makes us love each other more deeply over years than most people experience within months or weeks.

If you want tattoos with your best friend, look at these designs. You can choose small or big tattoos, simple or detailed tattoos. They will all tell your story. Look at these best friend tattoo designs and get started.

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What Should You Consider When Getting the 3 Best friend tattoos?

What is a common liked thing for you?

Ask yourself and your best friend these questions before getting matching tattoos:

Finding a tattoo that you and your best friend will like can be hard. It would be best to consider your interests and what you want the tattoo to look like. That’s why it’s important to consider before getting a friendship tattoo. Ask yourself and your friend these questions:

  • What reminds you of each other? 
  • What things bond you together?
  • What are your common interests?
  • What are your best memories?

These questions will help you and your friends to agree. Talk about the options so you can make a decision later.

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Tattoo size and Placement

Which is your preference? Big or small, out loud and proud or tucked away in secret. It’s great to have identical tattoos, but if you want something different for Placement, plenty of designs will work with extensive coverage and individual smaller pieces.

Does your friendship tattoo look great alone?

It is always a good idea to consider the tattoo’s Placement and what it will look like with other tattoos when getting matching ink. A half-butterfly palm may be stunning on its own, but not so much if you have another similar design in session.

If you are getting a tattoo because it stands for something meaningful, then your relationship with this person won’t matter in the future. You’ll still love what’s on their body even if they break up or disappear.

Now let’s look at all types of unique best friend tattoos below:

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Unique 3 best friend tattoos

The tattoos on this list are all about simplicity. You can find a friend or two with matching ink to spend quality time together.

Matching diamond tattoos for best friends


When people are alone, they are like shining diamonds. But when they are together, they become an unbreakable gang.

Paper plane friendship tattoos


Friendship is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t have to last forever, but the closer you are, the stronger your bond will be. Get matching friendship tattoos with your best friend so that when life gets tough and distance separates them for one moment too many – this reminder of what matters most stays right where it needs to belong: on both their skins.

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F.R.I.E.N.D.S Word tattoos for 3 Best friends.

@astarte.tattoo via Instagram

If you are a fan of the F.R.I.E .N. D show, then this tattoo is perfect for your skin. It’s small and simple, so it won’t get lost in all those other tattoos people have on their arms or legs. The salmon color looks great against his dark hair, which makes me think he must be an angler since they often wear green shirts during filming–and let’s face it, who doesn’t love fishing?

Cute tattoos for best friends, the idea behind getting a tattoo with your closest companions is that it shows off the depth and strength you have between each other. These designs can range from small, cute images to larger pieces designed by just three people who share an unforgettable experience.

We hope our list has given enough options, so when choosing which design would be the right fit for this special part of yourself, take time but also take your time with everything because everyone wants their ink done right, regardless of whether it’s large or small.

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Matching Cute Smiley Faces


Butterflies’ best friend tattoos


Butterfly tattoos are not rare. But two butterflies may represent the unbreakable bond between friends, and by invoking highly exposed Placement like an arm or wrist, they become a constant reminder always to stay fly.

FOREVER Matching Wrist Tattoos for Best Friends


Flower Bouquet Tattoos for Arm


You can have matching tattoos that are not identical. For example, these two small bouquets represent different personalities and colors to show off their style.

Minimalistic Fire Tattoos on fingers


When looking for a hidden tattoo, the side of the fingers is where to go. Choose something that both represents and looks great on its own.

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croissant ankle tattoos


Croissants are the best! Cute, delicious, and fluffy–I could eat them every day. You should get one ankle tattoo like the image.

Small Wishbone friendship tattoos


Telling the origins of this tattoo, one would wonder if they were always trying to bring good luck or fortune with them. The Wishbone is located between the chest and neck in birds, representing prosperity- but its appearance is seen less often when it comes down to getting these types done yourself, so why don’t you go ahead anyway?

Real plane matching wrist tattoos for best friends


“We are forever connected.”

Matching legos tattoos


Best friends are like Legos that always fit together.

Matching ornamental tattoos


Matching tattoos are a great way to show off your friendship. For example, if you and your best friend both love the color pink, then getting matching ornamental designs might be perfect for each other.

This passage’s purpose is informative and entertaining so that readers can learn more about what they’re reading while having fun doing it.

Matching Sunflower tattoos


Sunflowers are symbols of strong, unbreakable bonds. These matching sunflower tattoos not only show the wearer’s confidence in their love for one another but also carry best wishes that will last forever.

Puzzle pieces tattoos


An ink-clad skin decoration is the best way to show your love for a good friend. These tattoos tell the story of all those memories and moments you shared, which makes them perfect as memorials or tokens of esteem in the memory zone.

Matching Abstract landscape tattoos


Fake smile arm tattoos


Life can be tough sometimes, but a real friend will always know if you’re happy or just trying to keep it together. The smiley face tattoo below exemplifies friendship’s kind-heartedness – simple yet telling.

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Shining heart-shaped diamond tattoos


Harry Potter Tattoos for Best Friends


Sunflower tattoos for 3 best friends


Matching Avocado tattoos for friends


Best friends are the ultimate Reward for good behavior. They improve everything and can turn even your most tedious task into fun.

Shining Moon matching wrist tattoos


Friends are like the moon and stars; they never take away each other’s shine. Instead of stealing all attention from you or being jealous about what someone else has done for themselves in life, your good friend will let that same light shine through when it comes to showing off their accomplishments as well.

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Symbols Matching Tattoos for 3 BFFs


Tiny Word Finger Tattoos


DOB Finger tattoos


Unique 3 best friend tattoos

@tattoo.estete via Instagram

Friendship is about so much more than just the two people who share it. Sometimes you need a third friend to complete your group, and this can be tricky since there needs to be an official config file for 3 inked-out lovers.

But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with these awesome tattoo ideas that are perfect either way – from something special between all 3 of you or cuddly logos representing how great life has been when they were by each other’s sides.

Best Friend Tattoos

@tintenfasstattoo via Instagram

Your friends are your family. A friend is not someone you are born with but someone you choose to be with forever. This is what a friendship tattoo means. If you have this tattoo with your friends, you will bond deeply and will be together forever. The artist has used simple strokes of black ink to create these designs, which are small and minimalistic. They are perfect 3 best friend tattoos for you and your friends.

Tattoo For 3 Friends on the ankle

@yeowool_tattooer via Instagram

If you are a fan of the Powerpuff Girls and are in a group of 3, this design is one of the best tattoos for BFFs that you can find. It shows off the strong bond that you share with your friends.

Three friends made this tattoo. Each of them got one character from The Powerpuff Girls on their ankles. One has made Bubbles, one made Butterscotch, and one has Blossomed.

To add a little element to the design, they’ve added the show’s tagline, Sugar, spice, and everything nice. The entire tattoo has been made with a fine line of black ink, and in certain areas, grey shading and dot work art have been used. This tattoo is a fun twist on your friendship and will look extremely cool.

Matching Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

This is an interesting tattoo that represents the 3 people in your life. The design has a wave, moon, and star element, which can be used to show how they relate as best friends or sisters, with different elements representing each person’s personality traits, such as kindness from one sibling. At the same time, intelligence shines through another’s eyes.

The 3 elements, wave, moon, and stars, represent the guiding light in this tattoo. The black ink is used to make it simple yet elegant, representing the strong bond between these 2 friends who will be there for each other through thick or thin.

3 Best Friends Tattoo Ideas

@d_unique_ink via Instagram

Hug tattoos are the new wave of body art. A friend who knows you inside and out will be there for life, even in your highs or lows, so why not show them? Get an amazing friendship tattoo that captures 3-of of each other with a touching portrait design, or choose something more meaningful like roses to commemorate all their significant moments together.

The artist used black ink to make this tattoo. They have also used grey and some shades in certain areas, which gives it an interesting tone while still being simple enough for any friend’s or family member’s skin.

Friendship Goals Tattoo Designs

The 3-bird tattoo represents how you want to live freely and on your terms. In this design, the birds symbolize friends who have been there for each other through thick or thin – no matter what happens in between.

The tattoo artist has used black ink to create this beautifully designed piece. To add an extra layer of depth, he’s added 3 different colors, pink, green, and purple, behind the birds. Hence, they are not completely Elementary yet still maintain their uniqueness when you look at them from any angle – which will constantly remind your loved ones how much they mean with just one glance. Friendship tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, so flying bird designs are among some very common sleeve patterns these days.

Small Friendship Tattoos design

@messiahbolical595 via Instagram

The Triquetra tattoo represents one’s connection to the Earth, Sea, and Sky. This powerful symbolizes whoever gets it in their way by representing what we all share – our unity through faithfulness towards God’s commandment found within His Holy Bible: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

The tattoo artist has created the perfect design for you and your best friend. The three triangles on each person’s rest are thickly drawn with black ink, creating an amazing picture that looks like professional artists made it.

Unique Tattoo Ideas For 3 Friends

@marjara.art via Instagram

This is a cool matching tattoo for your best friend. The design consists of 3 different elements: the heart- which represents pure and passionate love; a crescent moon to represent a change in one’s life and growth throughout it all -and stars that guide you through any obstacles on this journey called “life.”

These designs have been made into vertical lines running down each person’s leg from just above their ankles right up past where they disappear under their shoes, so there isn’t the same piece but instead connecting them forever due to what these tattoos mean

Small Best Friend Tattoos

@every.has.a.story via Instagram

Developing a mutual understanding with your friends can be challenging. When you need space or want to talk about what’s bothering you, they know how it feels and will give both themselves and their time if needed. It takes many years for this kind of bond between people who have grown up together, like brothers (or sisters).

The people with this tattoo on their calf are two little girls holding hands with a boy between them. The artist used simple strokes of black ink to make the design, which is very sweet and cute.

Tattoo Ideas For 3 Best Friends

@marjara.art via Instagram

Your friends are the people who have known you longer than anyone else. They share so many memories, and through those experiences, they grow into better versions of themselves- wiser, maybe? Your first drink together might be both memorable and an important moment in both your lives because now there’s something even crazier about how much can happen between two souls.

This tattoo is a perfect representation of your deep, meaningful relationship. It features 3 different types of beer, and each heart represents one person in this friendship combo. The artwork was done using plain black ink, which makes it simple but also very elegant looking at the same time–a win-win situation if you ask me.

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