Trollishly: 7 Awe-inspiring TikTok Trends for Lifestyle Brands

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Without any shadow of a doubt, TikTok is one of the world’s most extensively used social media applications. People see this as a place for escaping from the busy machine world. Considering this, TikTok offers plenty of updates to enhance the user’s experience. 

On the other hand, most brands are starting to use TikTok to showcase their brand’s potential and awareness. This way, lifestyle brands also started showcasing their products by producing captivating videos. To make it more effective, they also buy tiktok likes to stimulate their brand awareness and reach a wider audience. 

Suppose you are one of the lifestyle brands and want to keep your brand on the top trending. Then, you have landed at the right place. In this article, you are about to explore some of the best trends which will help keep you on track. 

Why are Trends Important For Brands? 

Generally, the main cause for the brands is to show their presence in the people’s eyes. This is why most top brands are turning their dimension into social media marketing. Doing so can increase their awareness, leads, conversion, and a profitable ROI. 

In fact, if an average user spends quality enough time on the platform, they see an ongoing trend video a couple of times on their home feed page. For brands, it can be one of the ideal ways to accomplish their motive of being easily recognizable and making a memorable presence. 

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7 Inspiring TikTok Trends for All Lifestyle Brands

Want to make people talk about your brand and spread it? Want to become one of the trending on the platform? Here are some ideas to make your brand famed as a trendsetter on TikTok. So let’s make it together!

#1 Dance Challenges

Creating dance challenges will never be out of trend and will always remain evergreen. Most music and artists use TikTok as a very effective tool for promotion. Why can’t you? 

This dance challenge is suitable for lifestyle brands based on clothing, accessories, and style. In addition, you can hire a model or brand ambassador and make them use your product in the dance cover video. 

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#2 Transformations or Glow-Ups

If truth be told, people always love transformation videos on TikTok. If you have to spend time on the platform, you have come across these kinds of videos on your feeds.

Most of the brands that are cosmetic-based use this concept to show off their brand effectiveness. These videos can be made of the creator or the video’s main character. 

Initially, they show a video of a person with usual ordinary attire. Then, in the end, they show a complete transformation or makeover of the same person with the makeup or a change in the outfit.  

They also make glow-up videos by showing their younger days pictures and then showing how they are at present. If you are a brand that deals with clothing and cosmetics, you can use this trend and establish your brand’s effectiveness.

Furthermore, you can endeavor Trollishly, which will actively boost your content’s visibility and engagement rate. To escalate the visibility, you can use the best TikTok bot.

#3 Transforming DM into Quotes Trend

Converting your direct messages into your quotes is one of the creative ways to show your brand’s reliability. It has recently become popular on the TikTok platform. Creators and brand owners seek this as an effective means of interacting with their audiences. 

To create this trend, you first have to put the message you want to show to the audience. Then, you have to insert the screenshot of that message and add attractive images in the background. The text can range from one-line testimonials to heartfelt appreciation. 

#4 Cottagecore Texture – Trend

In today’s world, most of the young generation is fond of texture accents. You can categorize them from rugs to ribbed vases in their home. They use these kinds of texture brands because they create a feeling of fun and interest in their space. 

As a lifestyle brand, you can take advantage of this trending concept and make videos. You can showcase your products, which creates a textured feel for your audiences. For example, you can show your furniture, sofas, wall painting, ceilings, chairs, etc. 

#5 What I Ordered Vs. What I Got – Trend

As the trend’s name sounds, videos under this hashtag are merely about the customer’s disappointment tales. Usually, prospects see a product on an online platform and buy the product based on the images. Sometimes, they need to verify or read reviews before purchasing. 

But the resulting dispatch will not be the one and is different from what they promised. So it can be either damaged, or it is another product. So you can take this trend as a challenge to show up the positive side of the brand.

Being a lifestyle brand, You can make a video showing your audience that you have delivered it right as you were promised. It will make you genuine and fulfill your customer’s expectations.

Also, you can make this video as proof of your credibility and authenticity. Similarly, you can consider Trollishly, which will provide organic growth and build a strong presence for your profile page rapidly. 

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#6 Vogue Challenge Trend

Well, being featured in the world of Vogue magazine is one of the dreams for most people. A huge thanks to TikTok! They made it possible, and the TikTokers are living this dream through one of the trends. They just edit their favorite images with the template of the Vogue cover page. Epic, isn’t it? 

You can also make use of this template to showcase your brand products and even your campaign images. Moreover, these kinds of images will attract the eyes of the audience at first glance itself.  

#7 Tell Me Without Telling Me – Trend

Among all other popular trends on TikTok, it is one of the righteous ones to promote the attributes of your lifestyle brand. It works in an enormous way to increase your awareness and sales rate. Using this concept, you can create and share a video on the theme, like “Tell me without telling me- you are using our brand.” 

Eventually, the creator will use the hashtag and state why they chose the brand. On the plus side, you will get a promotion for your lifestyle brand without spending a dime. 

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Final Thoughts

In a word, a trend is a constant process of inflow and outflow on social media platforms. It is used chiefly for entertainment factors, and some of them have a reason behind it. However, it can be as effective for brands as it boosts their marketing and engagement. 

If you want to keep up your trend, all you have to do is choose and participate in challenges that are relevant to your brand. It will definitely reward you with unexpected results at the end of the day. Make and lead your way, inspiring others!