Red List Countries – Update for 2023

Red List Countries - Update for 2023

Red list countries were banned from traveling to and come back to the UK if anyone visited these. The leaders who run the country made a change in December 2021 and took away 11 countries from a list called the “red list.” This list tells people where they can’t go because of how sick some people are there. Now, it’s been updated, which means that people can travel to these 11 countries again, but they still need to be careful about staying healthy.

In January 2021, the UK government made a list of places they thought were dangerous because of the coronavirus. This sickness was spreading in different ways, and they called this list the “red list.”

In October, they got rid of two other lists (Green list and Amber list) and just had one list called “rest of the world.” Then, in November, they put 10 places back on the red list and one more in December.

But in December 2021, they took all 11 countries off the red list and said people could travel there again. They also said that from the end of March 2022, they wouldn’t have any special hotels for people to stay in if they came from one of these places.

Lets talk on the recent update on the red list countries

Which Were The Red List Countries?

In November and December 2021, there were 11 countries that were considered really dangerous because of a sickness called coronavirus. These countries were on a list called the “red list.”

The following were the Red List Countries:

  • Angola
  • Botswana
  • Eswatini
  • Lesotho
  • Namibia
  • Nigeria
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique
  • South Africa
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

Red List Countries Recent Updates 2023

At 4 am on December 15th, a place called GMT, there were no countries on a list called the “red list.” This means that, for now, people are allowed to travel to different places. However, the person in charge of travel, named Grant Shapps, said that they are always checking the situation, and if they need to, they might make new rules to keep people healthy.

Starting from March 2022, the people who run the country will not be in charge of any special hotels where people have to stay if they have been to a place that is not safe. This means that the “red list” might not exist anymore, or it might exist but with different rules about staying in a quarantined hotel.

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Can You Travel to Any of The Red List Countries?

If someone is from the UK or lives in the UK and goes to a place on the “red list,” they can return to the UK. But if they are not from the UK or do not live in the UK, they won’t be allowed to come in.

If a UK citizen or resident goes to any red list countries and comes back to England, they have to pay a lot of money to stay in a special hotel for 10 days.

This money covers things like getting to the hotel, having someone make sure they are safe, getting help if they need it, and taking two tests to see if they are sick.

The cost is £2,285 for one person, £1,430 for an extra adult, £325 for children between 5 and 12 years old, and children under 5 years old are free.

An Incident That Made A women Spent £5,500 After She Visited a Red List Country

Alison Stitt in her quarantine hotel after visiting a red list country
Alison Stitt in her quarantine hotel after visiting a red list country

Alison Stitt says her stay in a quarantined hotel was so stressful that she almost broke down. She was in South Africa visiting her dad for his 90th birthday when the country was added to the UK’s list of high-risk areas.

It took her a few days to find a flight home and a quarantine hotel room, which meant she and her husband had to spend more time and money at their AirBnB, rebook their car rental, and pay extra for their car parking and kennels back in the UK.

They rented a hotel near Gatwick airport, and the experience has cost them at least £5,500. This bad experience disturbed her husband’s mental health.

“It was one expense after another. It’s all going on credit cards. It was meant to be a budget trip.”

Alison thinks the quarantine process was a joke. She says when they landed, they were rushed onto buses and brought to the hotel near Gatwick airport. Some people were taken to a hotel in Manchester.

She says her room is nice and updated, but she doesn’t feel secure because she saw guards not covering their faces when they sneezed. To make matters worse, the hotel had to be emptied out last week because of a fire alarm.

“We know someone has tested positive in the hotel. They came to re-test us, saying that we had been exposed to someone with Covid during the fire alarm.”

There have more incidents that made people have a bad experience and emptied their pockets.

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