Smart Pocket Watches: A Complete guide on Smart Watches

Pocket Smart Watch

Time is very precious, and technology is very helpful in managing time. What if you can handle both time and technology in your pocket? The smart pocket watches are the answer to this question. They are the best example of advanced technology. Moreover, the best part is that smartwatches have evolved with great fashion. 

There is a wide variety of smartwatches in the competitive market. Smartwatches have become a part of fashion these days, and people support this technology with a great purchase of these watches. However, at the time of purchase, you keep some of the points in your mind. 

Some factors need to be kept in mind at the time of purchasing. 

  • Price
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Features
  • Battery life

You must check these factors before purchasing a smart pocket watch. These are all equally important to consider. Purchasing a good smartwatch is a one-time investment, so you have to be careful in every context.

Now you must be thinking about the best smart pocket watches. Well, here, this article will help you with the list of best smartwatches. Continue reading this article to know about the best smartwatches and their specifications. Moreover, make sure you don’t miss any smartwatches.

List of Smart Pocket Watches

The smartwatches are in great trend these days. Moreover, they have become a part of fashion now, and many big designers include smartwatches with their designer clothing. The unique and attractive design of these watches has occupied a large area of the market and has set a digital trend of watches worldwide. 

So here is the list of best pocket smartwatches that are popular worldwide. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch  

Without any doubt, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the best Samsung smart pocket watches. Samsung has designed this watch perfect for all kinds of users. You can easily use this watch with its amazing features. 

There are many interesting features in Samsung Galaxy Watch. 

  • This smartwatch has a commendable battery life of up to 4 days along with an attractive user interface. 
  • Samsung has built its Tizen OS in this watch. The features help the watch to get connected with both android and ios devices. This device has the feature to connect with every device.
  • The watch has a dual 1.5 GHz processor, which helps in smooth functioning. Moreover, the onboard storage is also up to 4GB. So you can install all the necessary applications which you want. 
  • The best feature that I like personally about this smart pocket watch is wireless charging. There are some other wireless functions also like; wifi, Bluetooth, LTE connectivities. 
  • Samsung smartwatches come in two varieties. For 46mm size, the battery life lasts up to 4 days. For 42mm size, the battery life lasts about three days. Depending upon the size of the watch, the battery differs. However, there is no big difference between both sizes, depending on which model you like.
  • It is also helpful for fitness purposes. You can wear the watch when exercising as the watch has trackers that can detect your heartbeat, pulse rate, and footsteps. 
  • Moreover, you do not need to activate the trackers, and they can automatically detect the ratings. All the trackers get active when you wear the watch in your hand.
  • Furthermore, another feature of this watch is its amazing design. The design of the watch gives it a little casual appearance yet fashionable. 

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple introduced a new feature in this smart pocket watch. Always-on display, this feature makes it more amazing than other apple smartwatches. 

  • Apple series five has added many more fitness functions, which makes it outstanding. The more advanced fitness features are very helpful for fitness lovers. 
  • Moreover, the fitness functions include heartbeat monitoring, GPS tracking, ECG monitoring, and many more. 
  • Apple smartwatch OS gives it compatibility to connect with all the ios devices. Also, the connectivity speed is improved so it can connect with devices easily. 
  • The watch has onboard storage up to 32GB with the Apple S5 processor. There is a wireless charging feature in the Apple 5 series. Moreover, it has more wireless connectivity features like; wifi, Bluetooth, and LTE. 
  • The last Apple 5 series has two varieties, 40mm and 44mm sizes. 

Fossil Sport

Fossil is not a very famous company yet because it has been manufacturing watches for a while. But in a short period, Fossil has covered a big market in smart pocket watches. They are well known for their consistently good quality and better customer service. Fossils have created amazing gadgets with the help of technology.

Suppose you want a sporty smartwatch that can help you with all of your work done. This watches us the perfect choice for you. Moreover, it is budget-friendly. The price of this watch is not very high as the above watches. So you can try this pocket-friendly smart p[ockety watch. 

  • Starting with one of the best features, you can connect this watch with both android and ios devices. Moreover, the watch has a super AMOLED display with a great resolution of 390 by 390. 
  • It consists of three modes of wireless connectivity, including Bluetooth, wifi, and GPS. 
  • The watch has a strong 1.2GHz processor, and it has big 4GB onboard storage. You can install your necessary apps on this watch. The operation is also very easy in this watch. 
  • Another feature of this watch includes good battery life. It has a long two days of battery life when you charge it fully. This is a very good battery life package as compared to other devices with the same price. 

Front Row FR Pocket Smart Watch 

One of the best and unique features of this watch is it has a camera!! Yes, you read it correct, a watch with a good resolution camera. 

  • The camera of this watch can work for 7-8 hours if you charge it fully. Moreover, you can also enjoy the dynamic time-lapse feature of this watch. There is no other watch with this much-specialized camera. 
  • With internet connectivity, you can use its camera to live on Facebook, Instagram, and youtube. Also, you can upload the video shooted with this camera smart pocket watch. 
  • This amazing watch has a versatile mounting covered with the chain, fashionable lanyard, clip, and many more. All these things give this watch good security and a better look. Moreover, the camera placed in the designer looks extremely stunning.
  • Some of the important mobile apps used to share the information are also pre-installed in this smartwatch. You can instantly transfer the data from this watch as the watch’s processor is advanced to share the information. 
  • A smooth LCD touchscreen in this device will give a great experience of the smartwatch. The touchpad of this watch is so smooth that you will feel like you are touching a feather  while using it. 

Overall this is a great camera smartwatch. It is designed with high capturing technologies to capture your beautiful moments. You can carry this watch anywhere you want. 

Fitbit Ionic Smart Wristwatch

This is the first smartwatch model of Fitbit, and it is doing quite well in the market. There are many competitors in the market, but this brand has made its position differently. The company provides great quality and features at a low price to be affordable for everyone. 

Fitbit Ionic is a famous fitness brand, but recently they entered the smartwatch market and are doing well. They have added many fitness functionalities to the watch, which makes it stand out in the crowd. Moreover, the amazing quality and features helped this watch make the list of top 5 smart pocket watches. 

  • The watch has advanced tracking devices that can detect how many calories you burn. While exercising, you can wear this watch, and it will also remind you to drink water regularly. Moreover, it has bodyweight coaching sessions. 
  • You can connect this smartwatch to both the devices android and ios. It is compatible with all devices, which is a great feature of this watch at such a low price. 

Final Words

The technology has become highly advanced these days. The gadgets have also evolved with technology and time. The best mashup of time and technology is smart pocket watches. Moreover, the advanced features of smartwatches are very helpful in every field of work. Now you know about the best smartwatches, choose the best watch according to your budget and durability. Leave a comment if you find this article informative and comment down your favorite smart pocket watch.