What Is Percale? And Why It Should Be Your Go to Summer Fabric

What Is Percale? And Why It Should Be Your Go to Summer Fabric!

When it comes to choosing the perfect fabric for the summer season, percale should be at the top of your list as it is known for its crisp and cool feel. Percale offers a range of benefits that make it the ideal choice for warm weather.

Whether you’re dressing your bed yourself or hiring professionals to do the job for you, percale is a versatile fabric that guarantees comfort and breathability.

In this article, we will talk about what percale is and discuss why it should be your go-to fabric for the summer.

Percale is a closely woven fabric made from combed cotton or a cotton blend. The word “percale” is derived from the Persian word “pargalah,” which means “rag.”

It was more popular in Europe during the 17th century and has been a favorite among consumers ever since. The weaving patterns used in percale involve a one-over-one-under pattern, resulting in a tight weave that produces a smooth and durable fabric.

One of the main reasons why Percale is ideal for summer is its breathability. The tight weave allows air to circulate freely, keeping you cool and preventing excessive perspiration.

Unlike synthetic fabrics that can admit heating easily, percale’s natural fibers allow for better airflow, creating a comfortable and fresh sleeping or wearing experience.

The breathability of Percale makes it a fantastic choice for hot summer nights when you want a restful sleep without feeling stifled by your bedding.

If you’re looking for that hotel-like experience or want to change your summer wardrobe to better styles, percale is the perfect fabric to achieve that fresh and elegant look.

With Percale, you can be confident that your favorite summer items will last season after season, providing you with excellent value for your money.

However, If you have sensitive skin, percale is an excellent choice for you. Its natural cotton fibers are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, making it suitable for those with allergies or skin sensitivities.

Additionally, percale is free from chemicals and artificial additives often found in synthetic fabrics, further reducing the risk of skin irritation.

With Percale, you can enjoy the summer season without any discomfort or worries about potential reactions.

Benefits of Using Percale Sheets

Benefits of Using Percale Sheets

Due to its association with cotton fabrics, percale weave is commonly found in percale sheets, allowing them to harness this natural fibre’s benefits. Below are some benefits of using percale sheets in your bedroom:


Percale sheets are made by weaving long natural fibers into a tight and finely woven fabric, resulting in a remarkably smooth surface.

If you have ever been to a hotel before, you will understand the uncommon smoothness of hotel bed sheets made of percale. The tight-knit weave of percale enhances the luxurious feel of high-quality cotton, elevating its overall appeal.


Despite having a tightly woven percale weave, these sheets are known for their breathability. Percale sheets are consistently crafted using high-quality cotton, renowned for their exceptional breathability.

Their lightweight nature and absence of heat-trapping qualities have made them a preferred choice for hot sleepers and people residing in warmer regions.


Percale sheets are processed with a tight percale weave, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. Additionally, the utilization of long-staple cotton fibers enhances their resistance to breaking and pilling.

Pilling refers to the unsightly clumping of broken fiber ends, resulting in the formation of small ball-like structures on the fabric’s surface.

This detracts from the overall appearance and gives the sheets a rough texture. It is worth noting that repeated washing may lead to the breakage of inferior-quality cotton fibers, ultimately causing pilling.


Percale cotton sheets are known for their durability and crisp, cool feel. They are made from a plain woven fabric using combed cotton yarns.

When it comes to price range, percale sheets range from $90 to $500 for queen-size sets as it’s quite accurate and reflects the varying quality and craftsmanship of percale cotton sheets.

The minimum price you can still get in the market is around $90 as some are made from a standard grade of cotton and may have a lower thread count.

These sheets can still offer decent comfort and durability but may not have the same luxurious feel or longevity as higher-priced options.

Low Maintenance

The majority of percale sheets are crafted from 100 percent cotton, known for their low maintenance low-maintenance.

Before washing, it is advisable to review the care label instructions; however, most percale cotton sheets can be conveniently laundered using a standard household washing machine.

Dry cleaning is generally unnecessary for percale sheets unless they are blended with delicate materials like silk.

Other Things to Consider While Choosing Percale Sheets

Before purchasing the percale sheets, there are many additional factors to consider, including size, color, pattern, thread count, material and weave, and warranties.

Size Considerations

Purchasing a bed sheet set can be a cost-effective choice, particularly when seeking a package that includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, pillowcases, and a top sheet.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that most sheet sets designed for larger bed sizes, such as King or California King, often come with larger pillow covers.

Therefore, if you have a spacious bed but prefer smaller pillows (or vice versa), buying a sheet set may not be the most suitable solution for you.

Color and Pattern

When selecting a bed sheet, you’re free to choose whatever color you like or match your bedroom decor and adapt to the season.

Opting for lighter and more subdued shades provides comfort during the hot summer months, whereas darker and earthy tones are well-suited for the chilly winter season.

If you possess pristine white sheets that you wish to maintain their immaculate appearance, employing certain readily available household items can help you combat the issue of yellowing.

For detailed instructions on how to whiten your sheets, please refer to our previous posts.

Thread Count

When purchasing bed sheets, opting for a thread count range of 200 to 400 is advisable. Although high thread count sheets may be more expensive, they do not necessarily guarantee superior quality.

This is because certain bed sheet manufacturers may employ multi-ply yarn to artificially boost the thread count, compromising the overall quality of the sheets.

Material and weave

Cool and breathable percale sheets will be an ideal choice if you feel warm when you sleep or reside in a location with extended summer periods.

However, if you reside in a colder region, you might find cotton sheets with a sateen weave preferable, despite being less breathable than percale.

However, materials like fleece and flannel could also be suitable options for you in such conditions.


In conclusion, while there are some percale sheets blended with cotton that may sacrifice a bit of breathability, they possess the advantage of being less prone to wrinkling.

Percale bedding is favored by sleepers due to its distinct qualities, such as crispness, breathability, smoothness, and durability. However, a luxuriously soft bed sheet serves as an excellent facilitator for high-quality sleep.


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