Minecraft Recipes – The Best Food and Cooking Tips


Minecraft Recipes – Minecraft is an awesome game where you must stay hydrated. Eating food will replenish your health and decrease the rate at which it goes down, but it will not completely restore you unless there is still some hunger left over before eating anything.

A lot of people love playing Minecraft because they get creative with what items can be found in-game or how their house looks.

However, if this isn’t done correctly, then players may suffer due to sea levels rising quickly during rainstorms causing flooding inside homes, as well as outside ones too depending on location within The world map – all these factors, make sure that one does not go hungry.

Minecraft’s best and most accessible foods include cooked meats from animals. This guide will go over how to cook them with a list of all different types, including farmed crops or fish.

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Hunger in Minecraft

Hunger is a very real problem for Minecraft players. Unfortunately, there’s no way to refill your stomach.

So if you’re feeling hungry all the time, it might be wise to eat seashells and books or other foods that will curb hunger levels.

The best thing we can do when facing this situation in game two important values: satiety/fullness.

If you are feeling hungry, there is an icon that looks like meat over your main inventory bar.

This represents how many more points it will take to fill up the Hunger Bar, which appears as a row of small icons, with each full piece worth two if I eat an apple restoring 4 HP in total.

The saturation level of food determines how long it will keep you from getting hungry again.

Have you ever noticed that eating an entire cookie doesn’t make your hunger bar go away for very long if the steak was involved in this situation?

The difference between high saturation and low levels can be seen when somebody bites into their favorite chocolate chip cookies versus biting down on some dry grammar lessons.

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List of Minecraft Food Tier

What’s the best food in Minecraft? It depends on what you’re looking for.

Some people prefer simple, easy-to-cook meals, while others want something more complex and difficult.

If your goal is getting by without having too many worries about how much durability is left or if there will be enough raw ingredients available at an upcoming survival game, then maybe go ahead with one of the less demanding options.

The way we eat can have a significant impact on our health and well-being.

To rank each food, it is important to consider these factors: hunger restoration; saturation level (or wetness), which determines how much water an individual needs for digestion.

This will help them feel longer after eating some vegetables versus others that may not be as filling due to their lower fiber content, like red meat or chips.

Lastly, there’s overall utility. Does eating 5 Beets daily give you the same boost your friend gets from his daily sandwich? I don’t think so.

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S Tier

Food ItemsHunger RestorationSaturation Restoration
Golden Carrot614.4
Golden Apple49.6

A Tier Minecraft Food

Food ItemsHunger RestorationSaturation Restoration
Cooked Porkchop812.8
Cooked Mutton69.6
Cooked Salmon69.6
Rabbit Stew1012

B Tier Minecraft Food

Food ItemsHunger RestorationSaturation Restoration
Beetroot Soup67.2
Baked Potato56
Mushroom Stew67.2
Cooked Chicken67.2
Cooked Cod56
Cooked Rabbit56
Suspicious Stew67.2
Pumpkin Pie84.8

C Tier Minecraft Food

Food ItemsHunger RestorationSaturation Restoration
Chorus Fruit42.4
Raw Beef31.8
Raw Porkchop31.8
Raw Rabbit31.8

Minecraft Food D Tier

Food ItemsHunger RestorationSaturation Restoration
Cake Slice20.4
Raw Mutton21.2
Raw Chicken21.2
Raw Cod20.4
Raw Salmon20.4
Glow Berries20.4
Tropical Fish10.2
Rotten Flesh10.2 – 0.6
Sweet Berries20.4 – 1.2
Melon Slice21.2

Minecraft Food for Beginners

What are some easy-to-get food for beginners in Minecraft? One of the most common and accessible foods is apples, which you can find by cutting trees or harvesting when you clear grass.

You’ll also come across bread regularly—it takes about an hour to grow on wheat plants.

To start your first survival base, you should build near a forest or similar biome. Wheat seeds will need to be planted on tilled soil (right-clicking dirt with the hoe), and they also benefit greatly from being nearby of water and ample sunlight; so make sure not only do sensible grow these crops but you are engaging with nature.

Cows offer some of the most versatile benefits of all the animals you can farm. They’re easy to breed for meat and have an excellent food source in beef or steak. Check this article for more information on breeding in Minecraft.

Minecraft Recipes

How to Cook Meat in Minecraft

The furnace is a useful tool for smelting raw meats into cooked versions that are better at satisfying hunger and providing fullness (saturation). You can even use potatoes in this process.

How to Make Bread in Minecraft

The best thing about bread is that you don’t have to deal with all those pesky ovens. Just combine 3 wheat horizontally in your crafting table for an easy DIY project.

bread Minecraft recipes

Other Minecraft Recipes

Pumpkin Pie Minecraft Recipe

The pumpkin pie is made by combining 1 sugar, a little bit of pumpkins and eggs in your crafting table.

Pumpkin Pie Minecraft recipes idea

Cookie is one of the easiest Minecraft Recipes

Cookies are made by combining 2 wheat and 1 cocoa beans in a crafting table.

Cookie Minecraft recipes idea

Cake Minecraft Recipes

Cakes are a delicious and beautiful way to celebrate any occasion. They’re made by combining 3 wheat, 3 milk 1 egg 2 sugar in your crafting table.

Cake Minecraft recipes ideas

Beetroot Soup is one of the easiest Minecraft Recipes

To make the most delicious beetroot soup, you will need to combine 6 raw red beets with 1 bowl in your crafting table.

Mushroom Stew Minecraft Recipes

The stew is the perfect meal after a long day of exploring. You’ll need 1 red mushroom, 1 brown mushroom and an old bowl for this recipe.

Mushroom Minecraft recipes ideas

Rabbit Stew Minecraft Recipes Idea

Rabbit Stew is crafted by adding 1 cooked rabbit,1 red mushroom, 1 baked potato, 1 carrot, and 1 bowl in the crafting table.

How to Get Golden Carrots and Golden Apples in Minecraft

Golden carrots and apples can be found in the world, or crafted by players.

Golden Apple Minecraft Recipes

You can craft a golden apple by combining 8 gold ingots and 1 apple in the crafting table.

Golden Carrot Minecraft Recipe

To make a golden carrot, you need 8 gold nuggets and one of these long carrots. The process for crafting them is simple – just put the ingredients in your table as normal then wait until they mix together into an incredibly tasty treat.


Minecraft Recipes are easy to create, so why wait for anything, fill up your kitchen with these amazing Minecraft recipes we collected above.

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