Minecraft Ranks Names and Donation Perk Ideas


Minecraft Ranks – Minecraft servers use ranks to determine who is most deserving of certain privileges on the server. These can include limited access, items, or even bragging rights.

Minecraft servers are home to some unique and fun perks. For example, you could get access to special commands or the ability to fly. These features often come with plugins that let them work in-game, too, so it’s not just limited to your computer screen.

To ensure your server follows Mojang’s EULA, it’s important that game-changing rewards only come through normal gameplay and cosmetic perks are available for donations.

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Minecraft Ranks Names

Rank names should be creative and reflect the theme of your server. For example, in a medieval-themed game world where players take on different roles, such as being an agricultural laborer or trader at various stations along their journey to become king/queen of that land; then titles like “peasant” would make sense because they’re referring backumer times past.

Keeping the colors of your tags and logos in line with each other is important. For instance, a tag’s default color should match that of staff members or admins from plugins such as LuckPerms since these can be customized without affecting gameplay.

This is a list of cool Minecraft server rank names you can use for inspiration. I won’t disappoint, here they are:

The first one might be the most popular option among players looking to make their mini-games on this platform.

It’s called a “cube map” or something like ‘3d world’ if I remember correctly… Another classic would also involve architecture – think titans & mountains with caves inside them (or even just one huge cave). Lastly, there was always an issue where people wanted shorter names because some long ones took too much time when registering new ones.

Generic Minecraft Ranks

  • New Players: Stranger, Guest, Amature, Rookie, Novice, Newcomer
  • Low-Levels: Merchant, Trusted, Member, Citizen,
  • Mid-Levels: Experienced, Advanced, Elder, Seasoned, Knight,
  • High-Levels: Ultra, Overlord, Legend, Hero, Expert, Veteran


  • Low-Levels: Donor, VIP, Supporter, Donator, Influence
  • Mid-Levels: Warden, Knight, Lord, Hero, Elite,
  • High-levels: Ultimate, Infinity, Ultra, Legend

Pro tip: The “+” symbol is a handy way to make your server ranks more inclusive. For example, you could have VIP and Vip + rank.


  • Administrator/Admin, Moderator/Mod, Owner, Helper

Medieval Rank Names

  • New Players: Peasant
  • Low-Levels: Apprentice, Squire, Farmer, Servant, Merchant
  • Mid-Levels: Journeyman, Knight, Noble, Duke, Baron, Lord,
  • High-Levels: King or Queen, Artisan, Emperor, Regent, Master, Magister

Other Minecraft Ranks

  • Colors: White, Yellow, Gray, Teal, Dark Gray, Gold, Orange, Dark Blue, etc.
  • Mobs: Zombie, Witch, Skeleton, Enderman, Creeper, etc.
  • Animals: Cow, Chicken, Horse, Pig, Sheep, etc.
  • Ores/Items: Dirt, Iron, Stone, Gold, Coal, Redstone, Emerald, Diamond, etc.

Minecraft EULA and Donation Rewards

In 2014, Mojang announced that donation rewards were changing. The “EULA” or End User License Agreement was updated, and servers aren’t allowed to offer game-changing ranks in exchange for real-life money anymore.

Mojang’s new EULA has triggered a wave of legal threats from Minecraft servers. Most major server providers have accommodated the change. Still, donation ranks are now more cosmetic on some platforms as donations will no longer go towards purchasing items in the game or getting special benefits like access to pre-release content before it becomes publicly available – You can only purchase them with real-life currency instead.

Due to the nature of Minecraft, where players are constantly competing with one another over resources and territory, it’s no wonder that many have turned toward paying for access. However, this can lead regular users who may not be able or willing enough to donate cash, which hurts them just as much if their goal is playing on your server without spending any real-world currency.

I’ve run successful servers in my day (and got paid quite nicely, too), but what has always mattered most was when people asked me about donate perks because they loved how we ran things here – even though there wasn’t anything particularly special going around recently.

Instead of relying on the luck of the draw to give you cash, why not work hard at building up your server and cultivating an active player base? When people enjoy playing their games, they’re more likely than ever in history with all available options open for them – so don’t stop there.

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EULA Donation Rewards

League of Legends is very popular, but many players want more from their experience. If you’re one such player looking for something that’s not available in-game or through microtransactions, this list should help.

Here are some ideas on how to make your server completely compliant with EULA regulations:

  • LOG IN EFFECT: When you log in to your game, there will be a special lightning bolt strike the location of where ever it is that’s nearest. You can make this even more exciting by having fireworks also show up.
  • Trails and Particle Effects: The trails and particle effects that follow you are a great way to make your game more exciting. You can choose from bubbles or flames, so it’s up to personal preference.
  • The most popular way to decorate your character is by equipping them with hats. Some plugins let you do this, and they’re really easy too.
  • The player can tame animals that follow them, such as parrots and llamas.
  • Customize your chat with unique colors, tags, or rank names for donations.
  • The more colors you can choose from, the better. You’ll be able to customize your chat and make it bright or dark, depending on what kind of mood strikes.