Annabella Stoermer Coleman Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth

annabella stoermer coleman with her sister zendaya

Annabella Stoermer Coleman is an actress and singer whose sister became famous because of her. Her family has won many awards, including the Critics’ Choice Movie Award and Primetime Emmy. Still, Annabella seems to be closest with all five siblings- three boys plus two girls who share identical interests like fashion design or baking cakes for their birthday parties.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman Profile

Full name -Annabella Stoermer Coleman

Gender – Female

Birth Year – 1999

Age – 22 years (as of 2022)

Place of birth – Oakland, California, United States of America

Current Residence – Oakland, California

Nationality – American

Ethnicity – African-American

Religion – Christianity

Sexuality – Straight

Height in feet – 5’4″

Height in centimetres – 165 cm

Weight in pounds – 121 lbs

Weight in kilograms – 55 kg

Hair color – Black

Father – Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

StepMother – Claire Stoermer

Siblings – 5

Relationship status -Single

How Old is Annabella Stoermer Coleman?

Annabella is a 22-year-old young woman who was born in 1999. However, her date of birth has not been made public. While her sister Zendya completed high school and later earned both degrees from their hometown Oakland California-based university – UC Berkeley, by age 20.

Body measurements

The heiress is a stunning 5-foot, five inches with an appetite for food and life that has been seen in many formats. She stands at 55kg, but it’s not just her physical presence that commands attention; when you look into this woman’s green eyes, they seem to take up all of the space inside their sockets–the only thing left is black hair or fair skin tone?

Annabella Coleman’s Parents

After reconnecting with his Nigerian, Kazembe Ajamu changed his name even though he was born Samuel David Coleman and Annabella’s biological mother. Even so, her stepmother is Claire, an elementary school teacher who met the man while teaching at Oakland high school. They married soon after. Her half-sister goes by two names -Kizzy (for short)and Essia-but most know them simply as “The girls.”

annabella stoermer coleman with her sister

Is Annabella Stoermer Coleman Dating?

The media’s favorite Disney princess is currently single.

Was Annabella’s Sister Zendaya Adopted?

Annabella’s family did not adopt her half-sister Zendaya. The misunderstanding or rumor is caused by Coleman’s facial features, which stand out from those of his sisters in a unique way; he has East African ancestry on his mother’s side, whereas both sets of grandparents were born into Christian households – one Swedish/Scottish (his father), another German &English–so she might be more closely related if any at all.

annabella stoermer coleman sister zendaya

Annabella Stoermer Coleman’s Instagram and Social Media Accounts

We must be aware of any social media platforms that Anabella Stoermer Coleman is on. She keeps herself very hidden from the public eye and maintains a low profile online, so we cannot find her anywhere with an account such as Instagram or Twitter.

However, we can sometimes see her on her sister, Zendaya’s Instagram. She is sometimes in pictures with her family. Her sister, Zendaya, has more than 141 million followers on Instagram.

Annabelle’s nickname – Kizzi

The father of Annabella Stoermer Coleman shared an adorable throwback image on Instagram showing his eldest son and youngest daughter together. He revealed that they were each other’s prom dates, dating back to when Kizzi (the girl) was just a tiny baby in 1995.

The source for this information is cited as being Zendaya’s dad, who has another girlfriend but still manages to love these two girls like family – what more can we say?

The father of Zendaya’s date for prom wrote this touching post. He explains that his daughter, Kizzi Coleman-Stoermer, attended the dance with her brother because she did not have a suitable suitor and therefore decided to go as “family comes first.”

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Is Annabelle Stoermer Coleman Married?

It seems that Zendaya has several nieces and nephews. It’s unclear if they’re all younger than she is, but it would seem so, given some interviews where the topic inevitably comes up.

Her half-brothers are also parents – one even works as an editorial photographer for BAZAAR magazine (owned by Sprint). And we know at least one sister got married with kids: “My little family just got larger,” says this woman about adding another human into our world.

Zendaya’s half-sister, Annabella Stoermer Coleman, lives in Oakland with her husband, who goes by the name of Thompson. The family has not been seen publicly since their wedding over a decade ago, and they prefer to keep this mystery alive.

Annabella Stoermer Coleman’s Net Worth

Although most of Annabella Stoermer Coleman’s time is focused on her career, she has been making pretty good money. Her exact net worth and made figures are unknown to most media platforms; however, Zendaya – who also goes by one name- dazzles with a whopping 15 million dollars in 2022, according to sources such as Forbes magazine.

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