The Best Lion Tattoo Ideas Defining Famous Lion Tattoo Meaning

Lion Tattoo Meaning

A lion is a powerful tattoo design used to define one’s rule, power, and strength. It is the most famous tattoo symbol among men and women used to define real personality. Here we have listed the best lion tattoo meaning ideas that will showcase your actual personality or behavior.

 A lion tattoo offers you the ultimate design ideas and details to choose the best defining your real self. It includes many lion tattoo ideas such as a female lion tattoo for maternal nature, chest lion tattoo for a strong personality, and various other religious lion tattoos defining the religious faith and dedication.

So, before checking out the ultimate lion tattoo designs, let’s first understand the meaning of getting a lion tattoo.


What Does A Lion Tattoo Mean?

As you all know, the lion is considered to be the king of the jungle. There are great meanings that you can portray looking at the lion designs and symbols. Most of the people opt for lion and dragon symbols for their tattoo designs. Here is the list of thoughts that comes first looking at the lion tattoo designs or symbols.


From the primitive times of history and culture, a lion symbol is recognized as the sign of courage from Gryffindor’s flag and medieval warrior’s shield. Hence, a lion symbol often describes the warrior’s bravery and courage throughout the hurdles and war. 

If you’ll get yourself a lion tattoo, it clearly means that you are a brave and fearless individual. These tattoos look elegant and convey positivity by motivating you towards accepting challenges instead of escaping from them. 

Masculinity and authority 

The lion is about 2.5m long and has approx. 200kg of weight. According to the studies, it is revealed that a lion can kill another animal using a single paw strike. One European explorer also said that a lion could kill a horse using a single blow of paw. This, in turn, clearly shows that the lion has an extreme authority level that makes him a king of the jungle. 

The power of a lion is often compared with strength and masculinity. Though the lion population is depriving nowadays, people use the symbol of a lion in a tattoo. Hence, a person with a lion tattoo design is considered to be strong and challenging. 


Being the king of the jungle, the lion also symbolizes nobility and royalty. In fact, with the lion’s regal and bold appearance, we can call it as the symbol of pride. If you possess good leadership skills and a noble behavior towards others, get yourself a lion tattoo. It is the best way to showcase your skills and extraordinary qualities. 

Peace (Hakuna Matata)

Apart from the strong and bold personality, the lion also describes peace and serenity. A lion tattoo describes the firmness from the outside look and a peaceful and focussed behavior from inside. 

If you carefully look at the winged lion tattoo or a lion symbol with an angel, it will clearly depict the peacefulness behavior. 

Life & Vitality

The lion king is the best example to showcase life reality and vitality for many years. It creates a circle of life, which makes us move all around the edges. The lion tattoo’s meaning is the mixture of power, energy, and strength, which creates a link between life and youthfulness. The tattoo has so much to offer from everyone; versatility, boldness, strength, and peacefulness. 

Their vitality and masculinity refer to the new life. Moreover, it creates a link between the sun and the earth’s energy source. 

The Best Lion Tattoo Ideas And Their Meaning

 As discussed above, a lion tattoo symbolizes great strength, power, and liveliness. It connects different cultures and religions by tapping energy sources from different elements of life. If you are getting ready for a lion tattoo, check out these best lion tattoo ideas which tell you the meaning and purpose of the specific lion tattoo.

A small lion tattoo

Tattoos don’t have to be always giant or big to showcase a message. A small tattoo can also define the message with a catchy and shady appearance. If you want a small and specific looking tattoo, you must opt for a small lion tattoo defining power, strength, and bold behavior.

Geometric lion tattoo

Geometric lion tattoo is a famous tattoo design nowadays because they look modern and royal at the same time. You can easily get this tattoo on your wrist, defining every detail of the lion’s face with strong and bold outlines and shades. You can also customize this tattoo by asking for the color fill of your choice.

Tribal lion tattoo

Tribal lion tattoo is a unique tattoo design that includes tribal patterns such as leaves and embroidery. These tattoos look unstoppably insightful and include chic and sleek patterns and designs. People with Leo astrological sign often get inked with a tribal lion tattoo due to similar pattern designs or patterns.

Lion face tattoo

A lion face tattoo looks elegant and cool. If you are an animal lover, you must get a lion face tattoo to showcase the peaceful and mysterious side.

If you want to boost your personality, you must opt for a detailed lion face tattoo with a back, forearm, or chest placement.

Lion with crown tattoo

The lion with crown tattoo meaning stands for the royal and lavish personality of the king. This is the best lion tattoos for men who are the protector of the family. It shows that you are independent, strong, and the ruler of your own life.

The tattoo has a strong connection with Lord Jesus. Because he is defined as both the lion and the king in the Bible, you can get this tattoo showing strong faith in Christianity and Jesus.

Lion and lamb tattoo

If you strongly believe in Christianity and Jesus, you must opt for a lion and limb tattoo. It is the perfect meaningful, masculine, and powerful tattoo idea that can help you boast your religious faith and personality in one go.

In the Bible, it is written that both animals define Jesus Christ. He is known as the lion of the Judah tribe. The lion defines the warrior’s spirit, and the lamb symbolizes christ’s sacrifice.

If you want a religious lion tattoo, you can also add bible verse or three cross symbols to create religious meaning to your lion and lamb tattoo.

Lion with scars on face tattoo

Lion with a scar on face tattoo defines the struggle, hard work, and survival of an individual. It is one of the famous lion tattoo ideas defining one’s capability to face real-life hurdles. If you wish to boast about your powerful journey, you can get this tattoo to define your power and strength.

Lion of Judah tattoo

The lion of Judah tattoo looks royal and unique, consisting of a lion holding a royal scepter and wearing a lavishing crown. It is one of the famous spiritual lion tattoos. Most of the people often get this tattoo for showing their religious faith towards Christianity. Lord Jesus is known as the Lion of Judah. Moreover, this tattoo showcases a perfect example of power, strength, and liveliness.

Lion eyes tattoo

The lion eyes tattoo is one of the famous lion tattoos that are very intriguing and mysterious design. Most people consider this tattoo as lucky; they are the window to the soul. Moreover, it represents a person’s inner self or personality. If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching tattoo idea, the lion eyes tattoo is the perfect example of defining strength and power.

Lion chest tattoo

A chest is considered to be the best and large placement to boast a powerful tattoo. If you are getting a lion tattoo on the chest, you will probably get a large canvas to showcase detailed designs and shades. You can also extend the existing chest tattoo over your biceps and neck for a unique look.

If you select the left chest to get a lion tattoo, it will make you look brave and courageous because it will cover your heart.

Lion hand tattoo

A hand is a great tattoo placement as it is the most frequently visible part of your entire body. It will help you provide the best place for your masculine lion design. Moreover, using bold and detailed lion tattoo designs will help you look strong and powerful.

For this reason, most men select the right hand for a lion tattoo so that to define themselves as an independent and strong leader.

Lion forearm tattoo

The forearm is a famous and frequently used placement for most of the tattoo designs. Moreover, it’s the least painful part to get a tattoo, and fortunately, you can cover these tattoos wearing a long sleeve shirt or a top.

If you are preparing yourself for the first tattoo, this is the best placement to try on. You can choose an outline lion tattoo or a small lion tattoo design on the inner arm to boast your powerful personality.

Lion shoulder tattoo

The shoulder is another popular placement for masculine tattoo design. A lion shoulder tattoo looks elegant when extended over the bicep or down to your chest. Moreover, this tattoo showcases a perfect example of strength and authority.

Female lion tattoo

A female lion tattoo meaning states the female lion’s maternal nature that takes care of her cubs. It is the best tribute to all the women who are working for their families and children. Moreover, it is the best tattoo to define women’s strong, powerful, and dedicated nature.

Final words

There is plenty of lion tattoo meaning from strength and power to the religious faith and everything in between. If you want to boast your powerful and charming personality, you can try the above-mentioned lion tattoo ideas on different preferable placements.

You can choose placements like a wrist, shoulder, chest, biceps, etc. for the robust and detailed lion tattoo designs or symbols. Make sure to opt for the tattoo design matching your true personality for an accurate portrayal.

Comment down below if you found these lion tattoo ideas helpful.