Lainey Wilson Age, Height, Biography, Parental Background, Net Worth, and Relationship Status

lainey wilson age

Lainey Wilson Age

She is 31 years old.

Lainey Wilson is an impressive American country music singer-songwriter. She has released two albums: “Redneck Hollywood” in 2020 and “Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin'” in 2022. Even more impressive is that she has achieved two number-one hits on the Billboard Country Airplay chart with her songs “Things a Man Oughta Know” and “Heart Like a Truck.”

Originally hailing from Baskin, Louisiana, Lainey spent her formative years in a small town near the Mississippi River. She discovered her love for playing the guitar at just 11 years old, and by the time she was 13, she was already crafting her songs. After finishing high school, she took a leap of faith and moved to Nashville to pursue her dreams in the country music scene.

Her journey significantly turned in 2016 when Lainey signed with BBR Music Group. Her debut album, “Redneck Hollywood,” made waves in 2020, securing the second spot on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. The standout track from this album, “Things a Man Oughta Know,” quickly climbed to the top of the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

The momentum continued with her second album, “Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’,” which debuted in 2022. The lead song from this album, “Heart Like a Truck,” also claimed the number-one position on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Lainey Wilson is rapidly making a name in the country music realm. Her robust vocals and her heartfelt songwriting resonate deeply with audiences. Her music often delves into themes of love, heartbreak, and the rollercoaster of life’s experiences. With her remarkable talent and unwavering determination, Lainey is unquestionably an artist to watch within the country music arena. Her promising career is bound to be both lengthy and successful.

Lainey Wilson Biography

NameFull NameLainey Wilson
Date of Birth19 May 1992
Age31 Years Old (2023)
BirthplaceBaskin, Louisiana, United States
Currently Live inNashville, Tennessee
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, and Actress
TV SeriesYellowstone (2022)
Debut Music VideoTougher (2015)
Years Active2011 – Present
Net Worth$5 Million

Lainey Wilson Age

lainey wilson age

Lainey Wilson was born on May 19, 1992. As of the current date, July 26, 2023, she has reached the age of 31.

Lainey Wilson Height And Weight

Lainey Wilson is approximately 5 feet 6 inches, around 167.5 centimetres. Her weight is about 61 kilograms, roughly equivalent to 134.5 pounds.

Lainey Wilson Nationality

She comes from a Caucasian background and holds American citizenship.

Lainey Wilson Family

Lainey Wilson was born in Baskin, Louisiana, on May 19, 1992. Her family consists of her dad, Brian, her mom, Michelle, and her younger sister, Janna. Her dad used to work as a farmer, while her mom was a schoolteacher. They all shared a love for classic country music, which inspired Lainey to write her songs at a young age.

In 2022, while Lainey was working on her first season of a show called “Yellowstone,” her dad, Brian, faced significant health challenges. He experienced a stroke and a fungal infection that removed his left eye. This was a tough time for the family, and Lainey considered leaving the show to be closer to her dad. However, her dad encouraged her to persevere, and she did. Fortunately, he recovered and accompanied her on the red carpet at the 56th CMA Awards.

Currently, Lainey is single and doesn’t have any children. She’s fully dedicated to her career and is excited to see the exciting future opportunities for her.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Lainey Wilson’s family:

  • Her dad, Brian, is a farmer from Baskin, Louisiana, and he’s a big fan of Lainey’s music, attending many of her shows.
  •  Her mom, Michelle, is a schoolteacher from the same town, and she’s a strong supporter of Lainey’s music. She also assists Lainey with her songwriting.
  •  Lainey’s younger sister, Janna, is also a singer and songwriter. The two sisters enjoy collaborating on music projects.

Lainey Wilson holds a deep bond with her family, who have been her significant source of love and support. She’s genuinely grateful for their encouragement and recognizes that she wouldn’t have achieved her success without them.

Lainey Wilson Husband

Lainey Wilson is still single. She’s currently in a relationship with Devlin Hodges, who has a background as a former NFL quarterback. They made their first public appearance together on the red carpet during the 2023 ACM Awards, and they’ve been dating for over two years.

Lainey usually keeps her personal life private, but she’s been more open about her relationship with Hodges in recent interviews. She’s described him as her best friend and shared how happy he makes her.

Devlin Hodges used to play football for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Atlanta Falcons, but he retired from the NFL in 2021. Nowadays, he’s pursuing a career in country music, where he’s a singer and songwriter.

Lainey and Devlin seem like a perfect match. They’re both talented, motivated, and down-to-earth, so it’s likely that they’ll have an excellent and enduring relationship.

Lainey Wilson Career

She moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to pursue her dreams of becoming a country singer. 2014 Wilson released her debut album and followed it up with a second one under the Lone Chief label in 2016. She was also able to secure a publishing deal, and in 2019, she released an EP that featured her hit song “Things a Man Oughta Know.”

This song gained significant popularity, leading the BBR Music Group to release it as a single in 2020. It ultimately reached the number-one spot on the American country songs chart. Thanks to this achievement, Wilson received exciting awards, such as New Female Artist of the Year and Song of the Year at the 2021 Academy of Country Music Awards.

In 2022, she was honoured as the Female Vocalist of the Year and New Artist of the Year at the Country Music Association Awards. Her success even led to an appearance on the popular TV show “Yellowstone.”

Additionally, in August 2020, her next single, “Things a Man Oughta Know,” was released to radio by the BBR label.

In 2021, Wilson joined Jason Aldean’s “Back in the Saddle Tour” as a supporting act and collaborated with Cole Swindell on the single “Never Say Never,” which became her second single to reach the top of the Billboard Country chart.

Lainey Wilson Boyfriend

Wilson and Devlin Hodges debuted as a couple on the red carpet of the 2023 Academy of Country Music Awards.

The 30-year-old country singer officially introduced her new boyfriend, Devlin Hodges, while walking the red carpet, confirming their relationship.

Lainey Wilson’s Net Worth

Lainey Wilson is a singer-songwriter in the country music genre. As of 2023, online sources suggest her net worth is around $5 million, accumulated from her prosperous career as a singer and songwriter. A significant portion of her income comes from album sales, generating over $250,000 annually.

Additionally, she earns a substantial amount from her YouTube channel. It’s estimated that her channel brings in between $700,000 to $1 million per month, totalling approximately $9,000 to $144,200 annually.

Lainey Wilson Social Media

Her Instagram account has attracted a following of over one million users.

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Who is Lainey Wilson’s ex-husband?

To start, let’s have a chat about Lainey Wilson’s husband. You might have heard many people talking and sharing stories that hint she might have gotten married. But here’s the real deal: Lainey Wilson has never tied the knot. She’s still living a single life.

What is Lainey Wilson’s age?

Lainey Wilson was born on May 19, 1992. Today, July 26, 2023, she has turned 31 years old.

Where is Lainey Wilson from?

Lainey Wilson was born in the small town of Baskin, Louisiana.

What is Lainey Wilson’s height and weight?

Lainey Wilson stands 5 feet 6 inches, equivalent to approximately 167.5 centimetres. Her weight is about 61 kilograms, roughly translating to 134.5 pounds.

What is Lainey Wilson’s net worth?

Lainey Wilson is known for singing and songwriting in the country music world. Based on what I’ve found on the internet, it’s said that by 2023, she will have earned approximately $5 million from her music and songwriting, which is a sign of her significant success.

How much money does Lainey Wilson make annually?

Lainey Wilson earns approximately $500,000 annually, and this income comes from her music sales, touring, and endorsements.

What are some of Lainey Wilson’s biggest hits?

Lainey Wilson’s music has been an enormous success, with some of her most popular songs being “Redneck Woman,” “Better than You Left Me,” and “Things a Man Oughta Know.” Due to their immense popularity, these songs have received gold or platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

How old is Lainey Wilson?

Lainey Wilson was born on May 19, 1992; today, on July 26, 2023, she’s celebrating her 31st birthday.