IShowSpeed Surgery Over Swollen Eye – “It Feels Like Somebody is Stabbing My Eye With a Knife”

Ishowspeed surgery

IShowSpeed Surgery Over Swollen Eye – IShowSpeed, a social media star, recently shared his health struggles while he was in Japan. In a video on July 30, 2023, he showed himself in an ambulance with a swollen eye and a bandaged head. He said he was having bad headaches and was going for emergency surgery.

Right now, I have one of the worst experiences I am having right now. I can’t even open up my eyes. I have this thing called a cluster headache. A deadly headache disease. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t do anything right now.

– IshowSpeed

Later, his friend Slipper said IShowSpeed had a severe sinus infection and was taking medicine to get better. But on July 31, 2023, IShowSpeed tweeted that he was back in the hospital for more tests.

IShowSpeed thanked his followers for their support and said he might take a break from traveling because of his health issues.

He’s famous for loving football player Ronaldo and became popular for his funny way of speaking and celebrating. In a touching YouTube video, he talked about his tough battle with cluster headaches.

Fans are worried and sending their best wishes for IShowSpeed’s recovery.

IshowSpeed Shared an Instagram Story Over His Eye Surgery

IShowSpeed Eye Surgery

What Happened to IShowSpeed’s Eye?

IShowSpeed, a devoted Cristiano Ronaldo fan, is famous for his globe-trotting adventures to watch various soccer games. Recently, he was in Japan to witness his favorite player and his team Al-Nassr in action during a pre-season friendly against Paris Saint-Germain. To his delight, Speed even had the chance to meet Kim Kardashian and her children at the game.

While he fulfilled his dream of meeting Ronaldo after a Portugal game in June, IShowSpeed surprised his fans by expressing shock over Lionel Messi’s game-winning free kick during his debut with Inter Miami earlier that same month.

The concerns about IShowSpeed’s health began on July 28, 2023, when he uploaded a YouTube Shorts video titled “i might die bye.” In this emotional video, he opened up about his struggles with cluster headaches, describing them as one of the most painful experiences he has ever faced. The headaches were so severe that he couldn’t sleep, eat, or carry out his daily activities comfortably.

Two days later, on July 30, 2023, IShowSpeed shared an update from a stretcher, with his right eye swollen significantly. He mentioned he was about to undergo surgery but was unsure about his condition, conveying the immense pain he was enduring.

Keeping his fans informed, IShowSpeed’s video editor and cameraman, Slipper, shared further updates about his health. He revealed that IShowSpeed had been diagnosed with a severe sinus infection, luckily avoiding complications spreading to the back of his eye. Slipper assured everyone that IShowSpeed would recover with the help of prescribed medications and rest.

The online community rallied in support of IShowSpeed, with countless fans and viewers praying and hoping for his swift recovery.

What are Cluster Headaches that IShowSpeed Suffers From

Cluster headaches are a severe type of headache that causes intense pain on one side of the head. They come in cycles, lasting for weeks or months, followed by periods of relief.

Common symptoms include sharp pain around the eye, temple, or forehead, along with red and watery eyes, nasal congestion, and sweating. These headaches can be very debilitating and last from 15 minutes to several hours.

The exact cause of cluster headaches is not fully known, but it might involve issues in the brain’s hypothalamus region.

IShowSpeed’s father gives an update about his son’s condition

IShowSpeed surgery update

IShowSpeed is currently in Japan, enjoying soccer matches and meeting players like Neymar Jr. Unfortunately, he had a health issue and had to go to the hospital.

There is some good news though. According to a verified Twitter channel, the doctors at the hospital aren’t too worried and expect him to be okay, although he may have some pain to deal with. While he’s recovering, he might not be able to do any streaming until he’s back in the US.

Speed’s father, Darren Sr, also shared an update about his son’s condition on social media. He said that Junior (Speed) is doing much better now. Although he wasn’t feeling well at first, he got the care he needed. Darren Sr thanked the fans for their concern, prayers, and well-wishes.

The family appreciates all the support, and they hope to see Ishowspeed back to normal soon.


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IShowSpeed, a devoted Cristiano Ronaldo fan, faced health challenges with severe cluster headaches and a sinus infection. Despite the uncertainty, he received overwhelming support from fans. His positive update about the hospital evaluation brought relief, as doctors aren’t deeply concerned. IShowSpeed’s father, Darren Sr, kept everyone informed and appreciated the fans’ love. They eagerly await his recovery and more entertaining content. The community’s support is a source of strength as he faces this health challenge and embraces new experiences.


Q1: What health issues did IShowSpeed face during his time in Japan?

A1: IShowSpeed faced severe cluster headaches and a sinus infection, leading to emergency surgery.

Q2: When did IShowSpeed share his health struggles in a video?

A2: On July 30, 2023, IShowSpeed uploaded a video showing himself in an ambulance with a swollen eye and bandaged head, expressing his intense pain from cluster headaches.

Q3: What are cluster headaches, and how do they affect IShowSpeed?

A3: Cluster headaches are severe headaches causing intense pain on one side of the head, accompanied by red and watery eyes, nasal congestion, and sweating. They can be very debilitating and last for 15 minutes to several hours.

Q4: How did IShowSpeed’s friend, Slipper, update his health condition?

A4: Slipper revealed that IShowSpeed had a severe sinus infection but was taking medication to improve. However, on July 31, 2023, IShowSpeed tweeted about being back in the hospital for more tests.

Q5: What update did IShowSpeed’s father provide about his son’s health?

A5: Darren Sr informed that IShowSpeed was doing much better after receiving the necessary care. He thanked the fans for their concern, prayers, and support.

Q6: Will IShowSpeed continue streaming during his recovery?

A6: During his recovery in Japan, IShowSpeed might not be able to stream until he returns to the US.

Q7: How did the online community respond to IShowSpeed’s health issues?

A7: Fans and viewers rallied in support, sending prayers and well-wishes for IShowSpeed’s swift recovery.