How to Care for Air Plant in the Best Way?


If you intend to keep your air plants alive, you have several options. You can purchase a new air plant every year or keep your existing one in good condition. However, most people choose to keep their current one for the long term as it does not require any special care to what you provide for plants you purchase at the garden center.

Many people decide to keep their plants indoors because of the extreme cold in the US in the winter season. But if you do live somewhere else, you may not be able to do this. So how do you care for an air plant that is growing in your living room?


Give Them Much-Needed Sunlight

The first of the things to remember is that you can’t simply keep it indoors all the time. It will still need some sunlight.

So, even if it is growing well inside, make sure you allow it to get the light it needs so that it doesn’t freeze.

Let the Plants Settle in a Comfortable Temperature

Most people will keep their air plants in a warm area where the temperature is above about 9 degrees Celsius. They also like to keep the plants in partial shade because it helps to retain moisture.

If the plants are out of season, then you should consider putting them in a greenhouse. This can help them grow longer and be more suitable for outside.

Water the Plants Through a Sprayer

When it does come to watering your plants, you should make sure you only water them once or twice a week. It is apt to utilize a spray bottle with an attached hose so that you can pour water directly onto the leaves. Watering your plants too often can cause leaves to rot, so if you need to water your plants more than once a week, try to do it at a lower pressure.

Ensure That You Don’t Overwater Sir Plants

Some air plants like Java ferns do not need any water at all. They do not require light at all, so they do not need watering. But if you live somewhere with extreme cold, then you will need to give the air plants some light.

To keep the air plant in the best health, it is important that you do not over-water it. Do not allow the leaves to become brittle and discolored. If you over-water them, they will start falling off.

Save Your Plants from Catching Fungi

You should even get sure that you take action if the plant becomes infected by fungi or mold. If this does happen then, you should throw away the plant as soon as possible.

Fungi can attack your air plants and will kill them and all of the fungal spores that have been introduced into the air when the plant was growing.

Opt for Efficient Aeration Procedure

When it comes to aerating the air plants, you need to choose the correct type of material. If you choose the wrong type of aerator, you could end up causing your air plants to drown in the compost. You want to use a good quality aerator that is made specifically for your plant.

When it comes to pruning the air plants, you need to use a sharp knife. This will help you prune your air plants easily without causing damage to them. Also, you need to make sure that you cut at the right angles so that you don’t nick parts of the leaf tissue that can cause infection.

Feed The Plants with Good Fertilizers Once a Month

A little care & attention can go a long way in keeping your air plant alive and healthy. But remember that it is essential not to over-feed your plants because they can die very quickly. If you over-feed your plants, you will cause your plants to wilt very quickly.

Make sure you use good water and fertilizer so that your plants do not die out too soon. Also, make sure that you have regular cleanings and checks on the condition of your plants to make sure that they are thriving.

Don’t Let the Plant Stress Out Through Weather

If you’re being a new gardener who wants to learn some tips on how to take care of air plants, the following tips are going to be helpful to you. They will even get it much easier for you to get them home safely once they’re out of their pots.

One amongst the first of things that you should do if you want to care for air plants is to water them every few days. If you want to keep your plants from growing too fast and getting tangled up in the soil, you’ll need to water them often. This is important to ensure that they stay healthy and not get stressed out by the weather.

Prune Your Air Plants from Time to Time

You should also be sure that you don’t put too many branches on your plant. It’s okay to add several, but not more than ten or more. It’s also a decent idea to prune your plant occasionally.

This will help to reduce the number of leaves that fall off.

Avail the Plants with the Needed Moisture as Well

Once you’ve kept care of the basics for air plants, the next step will be to look at other factors that will determine the health of your plants. For example, some plants, like evergreens, need more moisture than others.

You’ll also require to get able to identify the type of air plants that you have so that you can know what kind of fertilizer you should use on them.

Choose the Right Soil Type for a Particular Air Plant

It’s important to note that some plants will grow better in one soil type and may do worse in another. It’s forever a good idea to try to mix things up a little bit and let your plants grow in different conditions for a while until they become accustomed to them.

With these tips, you should be able to take care of air plants. Hopefully, this info will give you a little bit of extra guidance.

Try to Understand the Requirement of the Plant Before It Craves for it

Now that you do know how to take care of air plants, it’s important to consider what your alternatives are while it comes to keeping them healthy.

One option is to water them very infrequently and prune them regularly. These two options are the best ones for many types of plants.

If you do nothing else, try to water your plants very rarely and prune them as often as possible. This will assist to keep them from getting too stressed out by the moisture and will also help to prevent them from getting too dry.