How Much Does Lisinopril Cost Without Insurance?

How Much Does Lisinopril Cost

Do you know how much is lisinopril without insurance? If you don’t have insurance, lisinopril can cost anywhere between $15 to $60. This medicine helps treat high blood pressure and improves the chances of surviving a heart attack. The cost of lisinopril depends on different factors, such as where you get it from, the amount prescribed, and whether you take the brand or generic version of the drug.

How Much is Lisinopril Without Insurance – Cost of Lisinopril Without Insurance

Lisinopril is a type of medicine prescribed by a doctor to treat high blood pressure and help people recover after a heart attack. It is classified as an ACE inhibitor, which means it works by helping blood vessels relax, allowing blood to flow smoothly through the body.

There are two types of lisinopril available: brand-name and generic. The generic version is usually less expensive, but both types have the same active ingredients and work the same way.

The cost of lisinopril can vary depending on where you get your prescription filled, what dose you are prescribed, and whether you are taking the brand-name or generic version of the drug. If you do not have insurance, the average cost of lisinopril can range from $15 to $60.

Cost of Lisinopril Without Insurance at Major Pharmacies 

PharmacyCost without Insurance (20mg, 30 capsules)
Rite Aid$36

Source: GoodRx

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What Factors Affect The Cost of Lisinopril 

The cost of lisinopril varies depending on different factors, such as whether you are taking the brand name or generic version and the dose you have been prescribed.

Generic vs. Branded

Generic versions of prescription drugs can be significantly cheaper, up to 80 percent less than their brand-name equivalents. Lisinopril is a medication that has two popular brand names, Prinivil and Zestril.

While these brand-name drugs have the same active ingredients and efficacy as lisinopril, they may have slight differences in inactive ingredients and appearance. The biggest difference between these drugs is their retail prices at different pharmacies.

Cost Comparison of Brand-Name Prinivil and Zestril vs. Generic Lisinopril

PharmacyLisinopril (20mg, 30 capsules)Prinivil (20mg, 30 capsules)Zestril (20mg, 30 capsules)
Rite Aid$36$59.55$409.77

Source: GoodRx

Treatment Plan 

Your doctor may prescribe a different dose of lisinopril based on your specific needs, which can affect the price of your prescription. However, the price difference between different dosages of lisinopril is not significant.

Cost Comparison of Different Lisinopril Doses for 30 Capsules

Pharmacy2.5mg5mg10mg20mg 30mg40mg
Rite Aid$24$26$34$36$39$40

Source: GoodRx

Low-Cost Options Without Insurance 

Around 25% of Americans find it difficult to pay for their medications. However, there are alternative ways to save money on prescription drugs besides having insurance.

Prescription Assistance Programs Can Help if You Don’t Have Any Insurance 

Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) can help uninsured individuals who meet specific income guidelines by providing them with free or low-cost prescription drugs. You can find PAPs in your state of residence by visiting

Use Coupons and Sign Up for Drugstore Rewards Programs 

As a Mira member, you can get up to 80 percent discounts on over 1000 prescriptions at preferred pharmacies in your area. To do this, you will need to create a Mira account and go to your member portal.

From there, click “Rx discounts” and enter your prescribed lisinopril’s name, dosage, and quantity. Then, select your location, and the website will provide you with a list of nearby pharmacies that carry your prescription.

Click on “Get Coupon” to receive discounts on your medication.

In addition to Mira, popular chain drug stores such as Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens offer rewards programs. These programs are free to sign up for, and you can earn points to redeem discounts on health and wellness products.

The rewards programs vary, so it is best to check what options are available to you.

Lisinopril Cost – Frequently Asked Questions

For teens who want to know more about lisinopril, we have listed some common questions people have about the drug and its cost:

Q: Are branded and generic both drugs safe?

ANS: Yes, both generic and brand-name drugs are regulated by the FDA in the same way before they are available for purchase.

Q: What are the risks associated with lisinopril?

ANS: Just like any medicine, lisinopril can have side effects. Some common side effects include a headache, diarrhea, mild skin rash, blurry vision, and a dry cough that doesn’t go away. But, these side effects are not usually severe. However, in rare cases, patients may experience more serious side effects.

If you notice that the whites of your eyes or skin turn yellow or have any signs of internal bleeding, severe stomach pain, or swollen ankles, you should contact your doctor or call 911 immediately.

Lisinopril Side Effects

Q: What are the alternative medicines for high blood pressure?

ANS: Lisinopril is a medicine that helps to relax blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily. Another type of medication that can help with high blood pressure is ARB blockers, which also prevent blood vessels from constricting. Examples of ARB blockers are olmesartan and telmisartan, and they work just as well as ACE inhibitors like lisinopril in treating high blood pressure.

Final Words

Lisinopril is a medication that a doctor can prescribe to treat certain medical conditions like high blood pressure. The cost of lisinopril can vary depending on several things, like how much of the medication is prescribed, whether the medicine is a generic or brand-name version, and where you go to get your prescription filled. However, there are ways to lower the cost of prescription drugs, such as using a PAP (Patient Assistance Program) or taking advantage of drug coupons.

I hope now you know how much is lisinopril without insurance.


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