How Many Jobs are Available in Consumer Services : Complete Guide

how many jobs are available in consumer services

Our experts were asked the question that HOW MANY JOBS ARE AVAILABLE IN CONSUMER SERVICES? So, we researched many reports and studies about jobs in consumer services. Below are the detailed reports by our experts:

The consumer services sector has many jobs. These are jobs that sell services to individuals, not businesses. This industry is important worldwide, not just in the United States. Every country has consumer services jobs, even if they are undeveloped.

Some careers in the consumer services industry pay a lot more than others, depending on the location and experience. Let’s understand, with an example, a registered nurse in California earns an average of $124,000 annually. In contrast, a nurse in South Dakota only earns $60,540 per annum on average.

But how many jobs are available in consumer services? How many people will be hired? What are the types of jobs? What are the factors that guarantee the growth of consumer services?

This article will answer all your questions about the job market in consumer services. It will tell you how many jobs are available and how many people will be needed. It will also tell you about the different types of jobs in this industry and any trends that could affect it.

How many jobs are available in consumer services?

There are millions of different types of jobs in the consumer service industry that you can join. This term includes various roles, such as retail, healthcare, customer service, and hospitality. There are a variety of opportunities in this field.

Do you want a job that is flexible and has low stress? A job in customer service might be a good choice for you. Customer service jobs are always in demand because customers prefer to deal with a human representative. This means that there are many opportunities for advancement in this field.

The economy is growing, and with that growth comes more consumer service jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that there will be a 14% increase in jobs in this field between 2016 and 2026. Consumer services is a great choice if you’re looking for a stable, growing career with many job opportunities.

Consumer services is a growing field, with its future growth rate predicted to increase.

What are Consumer Services?

Consumer services are the services that are provided to consumers. Some companies believe that the only way to maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction is by providing them with a great experience.

This might include anything from excellent product support, quick responses when orders need fulfilling, or even just listening as customers vents about their issues – all part of building up your company’s “customer-friendly” culture.

A Report on Consumer Service Jobs

The consumer services industry is a big part of the economy and serves nearly 70% GDP in the United States. This industry includes many different types of jobs, like customer service, interior design, and legal professionals. Doctors, nurses, and teachers are also a part of this industry.

The amount of education and experience needed for these roles varies.

There are entry-level positions like a server in a local restaurant or working in customer service for an online brand. But professional careers also require a degree, like practicing as a barrister or an attorney or teaching math at a high school.

For example, you can also get internships and self-taught opportunities in the construction and landscaping industries.

What are the Types of Consumer Services Available

Mainly there are four types of consumer services:

  • Wholesale and retail Services.
  • Education
  • Health and Social Services
  • Leisure and Hospitality Services

People know basic consumer services such as the Internet, banking, or cable tv. But there are tons of examples of consumer services out there.

Consumer service is a vast topic and cannot be combined in just one article. You need to know if anything provided to consumers against a fee is termed a consumer service.

Role of Consumer Services

Consumers can access a variety of services through the company’s consumer portal. These include chat, email, or phone calls when they need help with simple issues that might arise out of nowhere.

The role is crucial because, with it, there is a way to tackle those more complicated problems that often require professional intervention, such as fixing broken appliances at home.

You can use the 20/80 rule to analyze the work that needs to be done for your company.

Many people may focus on what they think is important, but when it comes down to 80%, most don’t really care or know how much time this takes away from their day.

This means you should spend some extra effort making sure things like customer service inquiries go through properly so customers aren’t left hanging with unanswered questions – which will only lead them elsewhere if something isn’t resolved quickly.

What are the Advantages of the Consumer Services 

  • A wide range of job opportunities is available.
  • It is stress-free and easy for people who love interacting with others.
  • Retail and customer service jobs provide the chance to meet new people daily.
  • Consumer service careers are fruitful, with several perks and benefits.
  • You can learn a new skill and gain experience in different sectors.

What are the Disadvantages of the Consumer Services

There are many drawbacks to consumer service. However, you may not be able-before consider this career path if your resume doesn’t list any relevant experience or educational background.

  • Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is difficult when you’re in the consumer services industry. Most jobs require nights, weekends, and holidays, so many struggles with balancing their home lives vs. working.
  • The job market for people in this field is tough. Many entry-level positions start at minimum wage or slightly higher, which can be stressful when you meet new customers daily.

How many jobs are available in consumer services?

How many jobs are available in consumer services?

How does consumer service experience help?

Suppose you’re feeling adventurous and want to try something new. In that case, these opportunities might be perfect for someone with the right qualifications. An experience in consumer service can help you out get other jobs easily.

What are some examples of types of consumer services?

Self-service content, Internet services, Walk-in service departments, Cable tv, Support via live chat, Communities and forums, hospitality services, and Phone and email support.

What are the best customer service jobs available?

Call Center Representative, Receptionist, Help Desk Analyst, Client Services Manager, Bank Teller, Account Coordinator, and more.

Can I make a career in customer service?

To grow your career in customer service, you can become a manager and lead teams of people who help customers. You might specialize by product or service to get more technical expertise and even write helpful content for our company’s knowledge base.

Best Paying Jobs In Customer Service

Jobs in consumer services include cashiers and customer service representatives to sales managers. This is needed if you have good interpersonal skills or can talk your way out of any situation. Check out these best-paying jobs:

  • Account Manager
  • Chief Customer Officer.
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Medical Call Center Representative
  • Call Center Customer Representative
  • Personal Concierge
  • Online Chat Support
  • Host/Hostess
  • Receptionist
  • Retail Customer Support.

How Many Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services In The U.S.?

The demand for consumer services is constantly changing. Still, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were over 3 million job openings in this field as recently as 2021. Check out the most common job in consumer services in the U.S. below:

  • Account Manager: 1,030,000+ Jobs
  • Call Center Representative: 450,000+ Jobs
  • Customer Service Manager: 225,000+ Jobs
  • Flight Attendant: 123,000+ Jobs
  • Hotel Concierge: 11,000+ Jobs
  • Host/Hostess: 450,000+ Jobs.
  • Receptionist: 1,700,000+ Jobs
  • Technical Support Engineer: 345,000+ Jobs


How much do consumer services professionals earn in the United States?

In the United States, consumer services professionals make a range of salaries from $26K-$80k per year.

Salaries can be highest for those with experience and education in high-paying fields like finance or technology, which average around 19 dollars an hour. At the same time, some less experienced workers may only get 14 bucks during their first job out in the workforce.

What are the factors that decide the earnings in a consumer service job?

Education and experience are two essential factors in determining earnings potential for consumer services professionals. People with a bachelor’s degree or higher tend to make more than those without it.

At the same time, people with several years’ worth of work can take home some serious paychecks too.

Most people with a high level of education, like a bachelor’s or master’s degree, earn more money than people who only have a basic level of education.

Another thing that affects how much money you make is your experience in the consumer services industry. People with 3-5 years experience typically earn 20-30% more than junior agents.

The location of your workplace can have a major impact on earnings. Those who work in larger cities tend to earn more than those working in smaller towns, and consumer services professionals who serve clients nationally or internationally will also make higher salaries.

Marketing manager and product development specialist are some of the most lucrative career paths in consumer services.

These positions typically have higher salaries than customer service representatives or call center agents, but this is only sometimes true for all jobs within these fields.

To maximize your earnings potential as a professional with experience working on these projects, consider getting an advanced degree combined with several years’ worth.

How many jobs are available in finance and consumer services?

The demand for finance consumer services will continue to grow in the U.S. In 2022. There are expected more than two hundred thousand job openings and employment opportunities as well.

The largest industry is healthcare, with 10 out of every 100 positions filled now, but professional scientific-technical services come second at 16%.

Administrative support gigs also count towards this trend – they make up 20% percent or two-thirds total workforce available here right now.

Where can I find consumer services jobs?

The job search can be a long and tedious process. Still, many resources are available to help you find your next opportunity.

You could start by looking through online boards or company websites for jobs that match what qualifications fit in with consumer services careers; checking with local chambers of commerce about opportunities within this field as well.

You should also contact agencies directly if their service isn’t enough. After all, it’s always a good idea to know more than just one place where potential candidates may land positions before They’ve already been employed.

Some Consumer services job boards:

Companies that post-consumer services jobs online:

What are the jobs available in the consumer service sector?

No matter what type of consumer service job you are interested in, there are likely many opportunities available. As a result, it is important to seek out companies with job openings and apply for them as soon as possible.

Receptionist – 1,700,000+ Jobs Available In The U.S.

The duties of a receptionist can vary depending on the size and type. Still, they are usually responsible for answering phones, routing calls (including voice mail), taking messages, and greeting visitors with information about company policies or services offered by their employer.

Other common tasks include scheduling appointments/show service requests through email while still providing some general knowledge about what is going down at your place.

Qualifications Required: To become a receptionist, you must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Many employers want candidates with some postsecondary education, like completing vocational programs and taking college courses related to office management, for example- this is because they help them acquire skills in communication which will be essential when dealing face directly -to- “face” quota members of the public.

Others may require that these individuals come equipped already having worked extensively within an environment similar enough as being able successfully to multitask while staying calm under pressure

Job Growth Rate in 2020-2030: It’s a great time to look for jobs. The number of available receptionist job opportunities in the United States is expected to grow by about 5% over eight years.

Account Manager 1,030,000+ Jobs 

The Account Manager manages a portfolio of accounts and develops relationships with key customers. They work closely with other departments within the company to ensure that customer needs are being met, whether it’s by promoting their brand or providing excellent service.

The role an Account Manager plays varies depending on what type and size of business they’re working at.

However, most generally manage these aspects, including increasing sales & growing companies while maintaining existing clientele as well as expanding into new markets to increase overall revenue streams.

Qualifications Required: If you’re ready to become an account manager, then it’s time for some serious resume writing. You will need a bachelor’s degree in business administration or related fields.

In addition, you should also have several years of customer service experience as well as sales-related work history – not just one. Still, both are required if your goal is successful with this role.

Lastly, strong communication skills are necessary because they help keep relationships healthy between any parties involved during transactions; whether those individuals happen upon each other through social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Job Growth Rate 2020-2030: The growth of the financial services industry will result in an increase of 5% in job opportunities. This means that there are going to be more Account Manager positions available by 2020-2030, which is great news.

A Host/Hostess – 450,000+ Jobs Available In The U.S.

The duties and responsibilities of a Host/Hostess may vary depending on the employer, but there are some common duties.

The most common duty is greeting guests with a smile, seating them in a restaurant if needed for their party size, or just giving table number before seating themselves; another responsibility would be taking reservations from people who want dinner parties at your venue.

Other tasks include answering phone calls when it rings because someone might need assistance about something regarding food quality-related issues such as having too many peppers put into dishes without extras like extra sauce available near kitchen area so all customers can ask questions easily.

Qualifications Required:

Successful careers in the hospitality industry demand a high school diploma or GED.

Still, some jobs don’t require these qualifications. For example, many lead hosts and hostesses become managers who oversee front-of-house staff members at restaurants with higher service standards than those required by low-priced chains such as McDonald’s.

Job Growth Rate in 2020-2030: The job market is tight, but there is still time to find a great opportunity. There are currently about 14% more Host/Hostess positions than expected.

Call Center Representative 450,000+ Jobs Available in the U.S.

The duties of a Call Center Representative include handling complaints, customer questions, and inquiries.

They may also be responsible for providing information about products or services to clients while taking orders as well processing payments by either credit card telephone line payment via check with expedited shipping options available at additional cost.

The fast-paced environments these professionals work in require excellent communication skills not only when it comes time to resolve conflicts but also during interactions where multiple tasks need completion simultaneously such that there is no delay whatsoever in processing results.

Qualifications Required: To become an agent at a call center, you must have certain qualifications. For example, the standard minimum education for contact centers is high school.

Still, before applying, there are other requirements that applicants should meet, such as having worked in customer service-related environments or just wanting jobs like this themselves already experienced with handling calls from customers who might be frustrated by their experience on hold waiting times, etcetera.

2020-2030 Job Growth Rate: According to recent reports, the number of available Call Center Representative jobs in America is expected to decline by about 2% from 2020-2030.

Bank Teller

The duties of a bank teller vary depending on the size and location. Bank Tellers may be responsible for greeting customers, processing transactions with clients, or providing basic customer service to all who walk through their doors.

Qualifications Required: A high school Diploma. Tellers are responsible for handling money and providing customer service. They must be able to count cash accurately and process transactions quickly while always maintaining a professional tone of voice that will keep customers returning.

2020-2030 Job Growth Rate: The number of available Bank Teller job opportunities in the United States is expected to remain stable over the next eight years with a growth rate of around -12%.

Technical Support Engineer 345,000+ Jobs

Technical support engineers are responsible for providing customer service and resolving issues with products.

They must be able to think quickly on their feet and have excellent verbal and written communication skills; these people will work in any industry as long as they can use what’s needed.

The following passage might seem like an advertisement. Still, it isn’t-it contains important information about how you could get your career started into something wonderful by becoming one of these amazing technicians: “Many companies always look externally when the necessity arises.”

Qualifications Required: The programming world is ever-changing, making it difficult for professionals who want to seek new challenges.

A computer science or information technology degree will help you learn about the latest software systems while still an undergraduate student, at least.

In addition, learning skills like problem-solving and critical thinking can give students more opportunities when they start working as technical support engineers after graduation by allowing them access to different industries with their expertise on offer – such has been seen recently through firms investing heavily in time & money onto training programs designed just this way.

If you’re looking to break into the I.T. field, getting a CompTIA A+ certification is one way of doing so.

This program teaches users how they can troubleshoot various software and platform problems with help from experts, and it works.

In order for employees who hold this qualification to stay knowledgeable about industry trends within their field as well as other important skills like providing technical assistance, it’s required that these individuals take classes at seminars or conferences every three years in addition to renewing their credentials annually by taking tests against them.

Job Growth Rate in 2020-2030: According to Forbes Magazine the U.S. is expected to see a 10% growth rate in the number of Technical Support Engineer job openings over eight years.

Customer Service Manager – 225,000+ Jobs

Customer service managers are responsible for providing excellent customer experiences and ensuring that all of the company’s customers receive top-notch treatment.

They oversee staff members in their departments, developing policies related to quality services like investigating complaints from clients if necessary.

They also assist with marketing campaigns by writing content on websites such as blogs or social media sites where people discuss brands/products.

Qualifications Required: To become a customer service manager, you must first have an undergraduate degree in one of the areas related to your position.

This is essential as well because it shows that there are skilled professionals with these particular skills ready for hire now too.

Your experience working in call centers will also be beneficial if any previous work was done while managing people’s expectations and dealing calmly under pressure situations like those found during sales calls or when handling client concerns efficiently without making mistakes along the way.

However, this isn’t required but preferred due-to its importance within today’s society where everyone needs help.

2020-2030 Job Growth Rate: The demand for Consumer Service Managers is expected to grow by about 6% over the next eight years.

Flight Attendant – 123,000+ Jobs

Flight Attendants are the face of an airline. They must be friendly, professional, and helpful to passengers during their shifts – even when it’s not convenient or fun.

A flight attendant’s day rarely consists of only one type of task; there might easily arise another situation that requires attention, such as ventilation problems caused by extreme heat outside paired closely with very cold air inside planes causing chests tightness followed soon by sweating due to lack of moisture introduced through damper system failing.

Qualifications Required: The perfect travel agent will have various qualifications, but there are some common requirements.

You must be at least 18 years old and able to pass a background check with no criminal history or substantial fines on your record. You’ll also need an overseas passport, if not American citizenship.

Some airlines may additionally ask for height restrictions – so it’s best to do research before starting any application process because these things aren’t always clear from just reading.

2020-2030 Job Growth Rate: The airline industry’s growth has led to an increase in available flight attendant jobs. The United States has expected 10% more positions over eight years, which means there will be many new opportunities for those looking.

Hotel Concierge – 11,000+ Jobs

The hotel concierge is the perfect person for when you need quick answers and helps with any of your travel needs.

They are responsible for providing quality service, which includes offering guests efficient assistance so they can go about their day without worrying about a simple-sounding task like making restaurant reservations or getting transportation arranged.

As a Hotel Concierge employee, you must ensure every guest has everything necessary taken care of beforehand; this includes giving information on local attractions along with restaurants/transportation options near where we’re staying if needed.

Qualifications Required: To become a hotel concierge, you should have a high school diploma. Some hotels prefer applicants with courses in hospitality or tourism; however, it is only necessary for some positions if specified by the employer/company.

2020-2030 Job Growth Rate: The hotel industry is projected to see little growth over the next eight years. This will result in a 0% increase in Concierge jobs available in America’s hotels.

Is Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

There is always a need for people who provide services like doctoring, plumbing, teaching, landscaping, and nursing. These services have been around since the beginning of time and will continue to be needed until the end. They are important to economies all over the world.


The above charts show GDP Distribution in the United States for the year 2022.

The service industry is the biggest sector in the United States. It makes up 70% of the country’s GDP. This is because there are a lot of services, and people need them. The service industry is getting bigger as more people move to cities and the economy recovers from COVID-19.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported a lot of job openings in the United States. Several careers in the consumer services industry are in high demand. These include receptionists, cashiers, physiotherapists, housekeepers, mechanics, and accountants.

Final Words

If you want to work in a constantly changing and growing industry, then consumer services might be for you. You can always find a position with this job security.

The tradeoff between short-term and long-term opportunities is something to consider when looking into your next career move.

For example, while there are now 25% more bank teller positions available than technological support engineers over this decade (2021 – 2030), these jobs may not be around in ten years, so it’s wise that they should go into consideration first.

Jobs in the consumer services industry come with a wide variety of opportunities. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level position or management role, there is likely one that matches your interests and skillset. So if you are considering changing careers, then be sure to check out this amazing profession today.

I hope this article answers your question – how many jobs are available in consumer services? If you think this article helped you, please share it with your friends.

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