Best Gay Pride Tattoo Ideas and Symbolism

gay pride tattoo

 A gay pride tattoo can be the biggest achievement of your life for coming out and representing your true identity. It can be inspiring for you as well as the people around you. No matter what design or symbol you pick, a rainbow, equal sign, or colorful heart, all of them represent the same meaning. Many people choose to get LGBT-inspired tattoo designs during Pride Months, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

Every person has a unique life experience, and you can choose a tattoo based on your situation and personality. Pride Month or not, you can always choose to embrace yourself and your love with stunning gay pride tattoo ideas. 

Pride Flag Meaning

Every person in this world struggles to mark their identity. For some people, the struggle is harder because of society’s stigma and associations. Fortunately, things are changing now, and people have started to accept different identities and personalities. It took years of struggle for people to confess that he/she is gay openly. 

Now LGBTQ community can proudly wear the pride by getting beautiful Gay pride tattoo designs. My pride tattoo shows an individual journey in one’s life and showcases subjective meanings. The most basic connotation of the pride flag is freedom of identity and freedom of choosing the people we love. 

There are plenty of gay pride tattoo ideas and designs that you can choose from when getting your next tattoo inked. Let’s check them out.

Gay Pride Tattoo Ideas

The most common popular gay pride tattoos associated with the LGBT community are the double mars or double venus symbols in basic design. There are plenty of other symbols and signs that can symbolize a diverse community and not just gay. Some of these symbols are more secretive, while people can easily interpret others. 

Also, so of the below-mentioned gay tattoo symbols are age-old, while some are developed by millennials. Whatever and whoever is behind the innovation, all these symbols do one thing: to showcase the community’s pride.

LGBT Pride Flag

The most popular and admired symbol of LGBT is my pride flag tattoo. This flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker and San Francisco Artist. The flag had eight colors in the original version, but later it was reduced to 6 due to the unavailability of fabric. 

The 6 colors of the flag have different meanings. Red for life, yellow for sunshine, orange means healing, blue states harmony, green associates with nature, and purple means spirit. 

Bisexual Pride Flag

Michael Page created the bisexual flag in 1998 to raise awareness about the deprived people in the LGBT community. The pink stripe was to symbolizes being attracted to the same gender, and the blue symbolizes attraction with the opposite gender. The amalgamation of these two colors forms lavender to symbolize a person who gets attracted to both the same and opposite gender.

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Transgender Pride Flag

The Transgender Flag was designed by Monica Helms, a transgender herself, who was the first one to take part in a pride parade in Pheonix, Arizona, the USA in 2000.

Helms represented two traditional colors in the flag, blue for boys and pink for girls. While the white stripe in the middle stands for people who are gender-neutral or are still transitioning. 

Asexual Pride Flag

The first-ever Asexual pride flag was established in August 2010 to boost knowledge about asexuality. For instance, black stands for asexuality, grey for demisexuality, white means sexuality, and purple stands for community. 

Intersex Pride Flag

Natalie Phos formed this in 2009 to symbolize the character of people who are intersexed by birth. This flag is unique in its own sense. The flag’s outer layers are lavender, symbolizing spirit; the middle layers are formed by mixing pink and blue, symbolizing the combination of two generic genders. 

Pansexual Pride Flag

This flag emerged in 2010, and there is no single person to be credited for this formation. It has blue and pink stripes on either side, symbolizing generic symbols pink and blue irrespective of their biological gender. The pansexual flag has golden stripes for people who consider them as mixed-gender, genderless, or any other gender.


Lambada is a greek letter that was adopted as an emblem of the Gay Activists Alliance of New York in 1970 and 1974. Earlier it was an official emblem of lesbian and gay rights by the International Gay Rights Congress, Scotland. The lambada is a symbol of solidarity under tyranny. 

Transgender Symbol

The most popular transgender symbol that was first raised was from an illustration of Holly Boswell. This gay pride tattoo symbol is a modification of the traditional vendor symbol. It is drawn as a circle with an arrow emerging from the top and across at the bottom of the circle. This combination of both male and female symbols represents transgender. 

Bigender Flag

Bigender is a gender status that is interpreted as “two-gender” or “double genders.” These people identify themselves with two genders, simultaneously or shuffling in between both. These two identities can be anything, male, female, or any non-binary identity.

Bigender people can also be said to be non-binary, multigender, or transgender. The people in this community feel that their identity changes over time and should be known as genderfluid. These people’s gender varies over time as per the circumstances. 

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Gay Pride Tattoo Designs

Showcase your inner pride with these stunning gay pride tattoo ideas.

My Pride Tattoo Design On Arm

“I can’t change even if I wanted to” is a lyric from Marie Lambert’s song “Same Love.” This is a cool gay/ LGBT tattoo idea is to get inked on the bicep or arm. People in the LGBT community hide their own feelings, and sometimes the stories are told in an unimaginary way. This quote is the best possible representation of the fact that people of the LGBT community cannot change their personalities and essence of being simply just because they are different from the majority. 

NOH8 Gay Pride Tattoo On Leg

NOH8 is a popular campaign to spread awareness about the LGBTQ community. Adam Bouska’s photo inspired this campaign in pure white with mouths covered using duct tape. This presented a slap in the face of bullies and people who disperse hate words. This picture was soon recognized worldwide and became a brilliant piece for a good social cause. NOH8 is one of the coolest pride tattoos to get if you are looking for something mellow.

Starry Gay Pride Tattoo Design 

A star tattoo in colorful LGBT flag colors is a highly popular choice among people. This tattoo represents solidarity and unity between every community of the LBT group. The dark middle part in the star with colorful and bright corners makes great gay pride tattoo ideas. 

Colorful Gay “Pride” Tattoo Design 

A “PRIDE” tattoo is pretty simple and straightforward. The word pride in bold black ink on a colorful my pride flag is a stunning gay tattoo idea. This design will be a perfect way of sending a clear message in a candid way.

Artistic Two Sailors Gay Pride Tattoo

This gay pride tattoo design consists of two sailors kissing each other, a cliche gay tattoo. This tattoo signifies that love comes in various sizes, shapes, and sexual orientations. Every love is beautiful no matter what. This tattoo design will look stunning in black ink and a little of any other color to add personalized touches.

Born This Way Tattoo Design On Arm

“Born This Way,” a popular song sung by Lady Gaga, is a stunning tattoo representation of the LGBTQ community. You can choose any sign of equality to go with this design to make it more meaningful and personalized. This basic freedom symbol makes an impactful gay pride tattoo. You can add a rainbow in watercolor effect to make the design specifically for the LGBTQ community. 

Musical Gay Pride Tattoo Design 

People say music is the soul of life, and if you happen to be a music lover and a supporter of the LGBT community, a musical tattoo will be the best choice for you. You can choose any favorite musical tattoo symbol and personalize it by adding pride flag colors in the background to make a super cool and innovative representation in your next gay pride walk. Many LGBT community members are from creative and musical fields; also, there are plenty of songs dedicated especially to this issue.

Gay Pride Flag Tattoo Design On-Ear

If you love minimalist tattoo, then a pride flag on ears is the best gay tattoo idea. This small LGBT tattoo looks really cute, and ears are the best place to get such designs because it is easily visible and makes a statement. Anyway, minimalism is in trend, and it adds an aesthetic appeal to your personality. If you wear many piercings on your ears, this tattoo will add to your style. 


Bird Flock Gay Pride Tattoo Design 

A flock of birds flying makes a popular tattoo design, especially for girls. Now it’s time to get creative and customize the simple flock of birds by adding pride colors. Birds flying in a flock is a symbol of brotherhood and freedom. This holds a strong association with the LGBT community because of symbolism. By adding pride colors, this tattoo will be especially dedicated to gay people. 

3DEffect Pride Tattoo Design

If you are in the mood to try something different, then get a pixelated rainbow design tattoo. People often get LGBT-inspired designs on their bodies as tattoos or paints when attending pride to represent the meaning of the tattoo and support the gay community subtly and aesthetically. 

A pixelated rainbow is the best gay pride tattoo to get inked on ankles or wrist. You can change the placement as per the size of your tattoo. This also makes a really cool minimalist tattoo design.

Feather Gay Pride Tattoo Design 

A feather tattoo has been quite an in trend for a long time. Now you can make this beautiful feather a part of your pride tattoo ideas by drenching it in colors of pride. This pride feather tattoo design represents creativity and freedom and gives a twist to usual LGBT tattoo symbols. A pride feather will definitely increase the aesthetic value of tattoo designs. 

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In The Blood

Rainbow has been an integral part of the LGBTQ community for as long as we know. Each rainbow color represents a different meaning. The eight to 6 color pride flag has been a big symbol of the community because it is colorful, bright, and easier to see. It is often used to promote gay equality and rights. You can get a watercolor effect tattoo following your natural veins in your arm. This is a cool and unique pride tattoo proclaiming that you bleed in colors and that LGBT is not a choice in your blood.

Bleeding Love Pride Tattoos

Bleeding love is another way of projecting that is being gay was not a choice; it is in your blood. A person does not learn how to be gay or choose to be ridiculed and mocked off by people; it is how they are born. This is why people of the LGBT community live every day with rainbow blood in their veins and appreciating their gay selves. 

Getting this tattoo can be a way of representing you coming out after surpassing all the stress and pain, and now you are finally free.


The fluid is not a very popular pride tattoo symbol. However, it can depict the common idea of gender fluidity. This symbol signifies that gender is a label placed on people of this planet. The unclear lines signify that people are still stuck in between identifying female and male in feeling. This pride tattoo portrays the idea of being and not being afraid to let other people know that gender is unimportant and being comfortable in their own skin is the first priority to the wearer. 

Symbol of Equality Tattoo 

The primary motive of the LGBT community is to be treated equally. The Human Rights Campaign that fights for the right of LGBT uses equality symbols to state a continuous fight for equality in society. There are plenty of equality symbols popular in the gay community but also in the straight allies as well.

Getting a symbol of equality as a gay pride tattoo is a way of supporting others and considering them your friend. A mandala is a lovely sign of equality, and when incorporated with a flower, it makes a beautiful piece. This design will make a stunning forearm tattoo piece. 

DNA Pride Tattoos

Just like following the notion that being gay is in blood, you can get a tattoo symbolizing that it is in your DNA. THE “JUST BE YOU” tattoo gets this point across clearly and profoundly. 

Use a DNA double helix overlaid with “JUST BE YOU.” you can add the six pride colors to make it more fun and eye-catching. 

Pan Pride

Pansexual is a term that states that a person is attracted to everyone, similar to hyper-bisexuality. People who are pansexual can find love anywhere with no regard to orientation or gender. It is the epitome of living and loving freely. A pan tattoo is a wonderful and cute way of showing your inner pan pride. 

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Love Is In The Heart Pride Tattoos

Two male figures holding hands in a perfectly lines tattoo design sucks a simple yet deep representation of gay love. Get this tattoo in the black outlined image with a red-colored heart. The symbolism behind this tattoo is that love knows no gender; it is in people’s hearts and can be found anywhere. You should follow your heart and do not pay any ear to the haters. 

Final words:

Accepting yourself and marking an identity in the world is not an easy task. Especially if you belong to a small community of the world. A gay pride tattoo can be a way of coming out and telling people about who you are and asking them to accept you as it is. 

Share your experiences of coming out in the comments below!