All You Want To Know About Baby Growth Spurts And How To Deal With It

baby growth spurts

Baby, kid, child, and infant, all of these terms are differently the same. Every term defines a different age group of children. Have you ever thought of what is the change period from one term to the other called? When your baby has a more intense period of growth, the period is referred to as growth spurts. Now you must be wondering that if it is so then, parents have to deal with some of the factors. So, what is a baby growth spurt? 

Well, you might have questions like how long do baby growth spurts last? When do babies go through growth spurts? If yes, then let me assure you, in the following article we will clear all of your doubts.

Growth spurts play a vital role in the growth of a child. Therefore, a baby requires some extra amount of care and love.

When Do Babies Go Through Growth Spurts?

These steady and sporadic changes take place inside the brain-body. Some of the body parts and brain size starts developing. The period may even lead to fussiness, disruption of sleep, and irregularity in your baby’s eating routine too. 

Day 2 is more of a protest, as the newborn baby growth spurts start taking place. It is the latest period when your baby has left the womb. It is a gassy time for them, as their gut becomes comfortable with breast milk and colostrum.

However, there are some different periods too, when the newborn growth spurts occur. These periods occur at different baby growth spurt ages. Numerically 2-3 weeks, 4-6 weeks, three months, six months, nine months, 12 months. 

However, your baby’s growth in starting twelve months is extremely important.(source) One more point to ponder over during infant growth spurts is, babies are not always too punctual with spurts. The spurts might occur at a different time too. 

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How Long Do Growth Spurts Last?

The maximum period for which the spurts last is around three days. However, it may have some extreme changes in the body too.

The crankiness, hunger, and many such activities can increase every hour or so. If the signs last for more than a week, then it can be another issue. 

How To Know That It is The Growth Spurts? 

Woman feeding a baby with a milk bottle

You might get confused about whether the baby growth spurts time, but there is no need to worry. Following are some of the growth spurt symptoms to help you conclude that it is a newborn growth spurt or not. 

Increased Appetite

Baby likes to get nursed every 20 minutes during the baby growth spurts period. The appetite of the baby eventually increases at every instant. Even after sucking milk from their mother’s breast, they feel hungry. Not immediately, but still in 1 hour or so.

Breast milk helps a lot in the development of the baby and making him larger. Just nurse the baby, don’t let him/her panic at any cost. 


The baby may get somehow cranky or irritated during this period.

The reason behind such behavior lies in the fact that they need more care. They may like to get in contact with the ones who provide them more attention and care. Therefore, to remove their clinginess, play with them, and make them smile.

After a few, they will surely react normally, and you will feel somehow relaxed too. 

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Sleep Changes 

In such situations, babies often get irregular with their naps and food. They take naps quite frequently, and in the midnight sleep, they feel hungry. Therefore, it is important to make their sleep more comfortable and enough for the day.

Bones start developing during the period of sleep. The size of the bones appears to be larger in the morning after the baby  growth spurts. 

Personality Changes

Your kids may be very playful or jolly, but they may become very calm or silent during the infant growth spurts. You may find it as a developmental regression or something like an attachment issue. It is not so, it’s just the time when your baby’s personality develops.

How To Handle Baby Growth Spurts

You may get confused with the fact that what you have to do during infant growth spurts? For such situations, you have to follow the following steps. 

Clearing The Schedule

As per the demand, a parent has to give more than 100% care to their baby during newborn baby growth spurts. However, it can be possible that you are too burdened with work and responsibilities that you can’t make it 100%.

Still, I would suggest you start making some time for the baby and stop your unwanted visits or meetings so that your baby can feel the love and affection like every other baby. 

If possible, take some leaves from the office too, not necessarily but yes, if possible, then go for it. 


These tough times are not too hard; you require some tricks like getting some new baby clothes for your baby.

Your closeness with the baby will be decided by you, how you handle them? If you get the baby some new clothes, it might be possible that they like you more, resulting in strengthening your bond with the baby. 

Mother may go shirtless with the baby; it will not make it a bad habit for the baby. Instead, it will result in an increase of oxytocin by skin to skin contact in baby and mother both. That will boost the moods and personality of the baby. 

Practicing self-care

During an infant growth spurts, it is important to take care of the baby and the mother. If she is healthy, then only it is possible that the baby will also remain healthy and happy.

The milk mother feeds to her baby contains an enormous amount of proteins and calcium, resulting in the baby’s bone development. Therefore, the mother must have a check on her health too. 

Eating good nutritional value food is extremely important for the mother.

If you are feeling fatigued or tired, then make that day yours. Take a day off if you are a working lady. Take some rest and take good care of the baby. It will boost your immunity and your infant’s too.

In such situations, it is also important for the mother to take care of her breasts so that the baby can be quite good with the feeding. 

Feed on demand

Every baby knows it quite well when he/she wants to get fed with milk or other food items. Therefore, your role is to understand your baby’s cues for the food during infant baby growth spurts. They will cry or hang around the mother for breastfeeding.

Giving a different diet can result in being unhealthy for the baby in the future. Skin-to-skin contact will also result in a good approach. 

Final Words By Fix The Life

Baby growth spurts are a part of every baby’s infant stage. During newborn growth spurts, baby’s want more care and love. Not only this, but their appetite also increases. In such situations, parents have to take more care of the baby. The mother should eat more nutritious food for making her baby feed. However, there are also some things and tips for new parents to take care of their infants.

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