5 Things to Know About THCH

5 Things to Know About THCH

THCH, or Tetrahydrocannabihexol, is among the latest cannabinoid discoveries whose chemical components imitate those of the regular THC (delta-9 THC) but are organized differently. Its chemical structure enables it to attach to brain receptors more readily, making it more potent than delta-9 THC.

The THCH cannabinoid was discovered in 2020 by the same Italian researchers who discovered THC-P as part of experimental research initiated by their government. Discussed below are five things to know about THCH.

1.   How THCH is Made

THCH was initially isolated from the hemp plant, meaning it’s naturally occurring. Since it’s a minor cannabinoid, it’s found in the cannabis plant in minute concentrations.

As such, most THCH products available for consumption/ sale by most trusted vendors, such as Secret Nature CBD, are synthetically produced.

2.   Is THCH Legal?

In America, hemp-derived products are governed by the 2018 Farm Bill. This bill federally legalized hemp-derived products/ hemp provided their delta-9 THC content doesn’t exceed 0.3%. This means THCH is legal as long as it meets this criterion and comes from the cannabis plant.

However, some states have laws banning psychoactive cannabinoids, meaning THCH products can’t be legally sold across all American states. Before purchasing or consuming THCH products, check their legality in your state to avoid legal issues.

3.   Benefits of THCH

While a lot more research regarding this cannabinoid is still ongoing, consuming THCH is believed to offer the following benefits:

  • Euphoria: Those who’ve used THCH describe a more potent joy than they’ve ever gotten from other cannabinoids. Also, its high lasts longer than that of other psychoactive compounds
  • Relaxation: THCH’s relaxing and soothing effects make it ideal for alleviating stress and anxiety. This cannabinoid is also believed to have muscle-relaxing features, which makes it helpful for anyone experiencing spasms and muscle tension
  • Mood elevation: After consuming THCH, users experience immense happiness. This is due to their ability to bind to the brain’s receptors, triggering the release of dopamine transmitters responsible for pleasure feelings
  • Pain relief: THCH might have analgesic properties that help relieve inflammation and pain, translating into a better mood
  • Improved sleep quality: Like THC, THCH helps those with insomnia sleep issues fall asleep quickly. However, it should be taken in moderate dosage because high THCH doses can overwhelm the brain, making it difficult to attain deep sleep levels

4.   THCH Product Types

Since THCH is relatively new in the cannabis industry, you’ll likely find a limited product type selection. In addition, not all brands may have it. The product categories you might encounter include:

  • THCH gummies: These edibles provide excellent flavor, and consumers may experience up to eight hours of psychoactive effects
  • THCH vapes: You can enjoy THCH’s quick-acting and potent effects using vape disposables oe cartridges available in different strains combined with delta-8, delta-10, and other cannabinoids
  • THCH bundles: Some brands provide affordable bundle prices for those who wish to stock THCH products they find effective
  • THCH tinctures: Oils are available in dropper bottles suitable for sublingual use and can generate a moderate high of up to around four to six hours

5.   How to Pick Authentic, Prime-Quality THCH Products

Not all THCH products available in the market are top quality and clean. So consider the following to ensure you’re the best.

  • Ingredients: Check a THCH product ingredient list carefully to ensure no unhealthy substances are added
  • Manufacturer/ vendor reputation: Reading reviews before purchasing any THCH product will help you learn what past or present consumers have to say
  • Lab report: Always buy your hemp-derived products from companies that avail their third-party laboratory reports or certificate of analysis on their sites, as it’s a sign of the product’s safety, legal compliance, and purity


Since THCH is relatively new, there is little information about it. However, familiarizing yourself with the things to know about this cannabinoid can help you determine if it’s perfect for your needs.