The Unveiling of Lana Rhoades Baby Name and the Father’s Mystery

The Unveiling of Lana Rhoades Baby Name and the Father's Mystery

Lana Rhoades, a prominent American podcaster, social media influencer, and former adult film star, grew up under the care of her single mother in a Chicago suburb. Today we will talk on what is Lana Rhoades Baby Name and who is his dad.

At the age of 19, in April 2016, she officially entered the adult film industry, gaining recognition through features in publications like Hustler, Penthouse, and Hustler magazine.

In early 2022, Lana Rhoades baby name was revealed, Milo, to her followers. In early 2022, Lana became a mother, but her pregnancy announcement was met with criticism, including some harsh comments telling her to “go to hell.”

The baby’s father, an NBA star, triggered an ongoing investigation to uncover his identity. Initially, there were speculations that Kevin Durant might be the father, but these rumours quickly lost traction.

As time passed, the internet community began to speculate about the baby’s physical resemblance to Blake Griffin, leading to the widespread circulation of Milo’s photos.

This sparked further speculation that Blake Griffin might be the true father of Lana Rhoades’ child. The mystery surrounding Lana Rhoades’ baby’s father continues to captivate the public’s curiosity.

Who is Lana Rhoades’s Baby Dad?

The Unveiling of Lana Rhoades Baby Name and the Father's Mystery

There is ongoing speculation about the identity of Lana Rhoades’ baby’s father, with many suggesting that novelist and podcast host Mike Majlak could be the potential candidate.

However, Lana has not officially confirmed this, leaving the mystery surrounding the baby’s paternity unsolved. She gave birth to her son in January 2022, and Lana Rhoades baby name, Milo, was revealed to the public.

A series of breakups and reconciliations have marked their relationship history, and by February 2021, it appeared to have reached a breaking point.

In May 2021, Lana shared a document detailing the “pros and cons” of their relationship, a list originally compiled by Mike.

Mike, who co-hosts the Impulsive podcast on Logan Paul’s platform, openly discussed their split on the show. He cited their frequent arguments and the toll it was taking on their relationship as key factors in their decision to part ways.

Mike explained that when such conflicts become a persistent norm in a relationship over several months, and when the relationship starts to drain more energy than it adds to one’s life without any clear resolution in sight, it becomes necessary to consider ending it.

How Did Mike Respond to Lana’s Pregnancy?

The Unveiling of Lana Rhoades Baby Name and the Father's Mystery

Mike Majlak quickly noticed that his fans were curious about who the father of Lana Rhoades’ baby might be.

He made a playful tweet where he joked about wanting to go on the Maury show, a TV show known for revealing paternity tests.

In the tweet, he asked if anyone had a way to contact the show. However, he later deleted the tweet and assured everyone that there was no need to be concerned.

But during an episode of the Impulsive podcast, Mike clarified that he is not the father of Lana’s child.

When Charlamagne, one of the co-hosts of the “Breakfast Club” radio show, asked about the father’s identity, Mike revealed that Lana had a child with a well-known NBA star.

Logan Paul, another podcast host, mentioned a name, but it was bleeped out, making it unclear who he was referring to.

This led to speculation about potential candidates like Blake Griffin and KD (Kevin Durant) because of their distinctive voices.

It’s important to mention that Lana Rhoades has decided to keep the father’s identity a secret, and it seems he is not actively involved in caring for the child.

The Father of Lana’s January 2022 Born Baby Is Unknown

The Unveiling of Lana Rhoades Baby Name and the Father's Mystery

Lana’s initial Instagram announcement mentioned a due date of January 13, 2022. This implies that she probably got pregnant around April or May of 2021, which is approximately nine months before giving birth.

This timing is significant because Lana and Mike apparently ended their relationship in February.

As expected, Lana welcomed her baby boy, Milo, in January 2022. Despite Lana typically keeping her personal life private, she shared just one photo of her baby on Instagram with the caption, “Mom life is the best life.”

To sum it up, despite various reports, it’s possible that Lana may have become pregnant after her breakup with Mike, possibly involving someone else in her life.

There are even speculations suggesting that Bryce Hall could be the father of Lana’s child.

NBA Twitter Is Certain Blake Griffin Is Lana Rhoades’ Baby Daddy

Around ten months ago, Lana Rhoades became a mother when she welcomed her son into the world. However, her public comments about NBA players and their behaviour caused quite a stir.

Lana expressed her disappointment, exclaiming, “I swear to God, I thought NBA players were good guys.”

She went on to share the less-than-welcoming response she received when she revealed her pregnancy, which included a suggestion to “go F myself.”

This sparked speculation about the child’s father’s identity, with two individuals, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin, being considered based on the available information.

However, Lana’s recent video, in which she takes her son sneaker shopping, may have put an end to the guessing game.


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Q: Is Lana Rhoades a famous personality? 

A: Yes, Lana Rhoades is a well-known American podcaster, social media influencer, and former adult film actress.

Q: When did Lana Rhoades enter the adult film industry? 

A: Lana Rhoades began her career in the adult film industry in April 2016 at the age of 19.

Q: Who is Lana Rhoades’ baby’s father? 

A: The identity of Lana Rhoades’ baby’s father, who is speculated to be an NBA star, remains undisclosed, and Lana has not officially confirmed it.

Q: When was Lana Rhoades’ baby born? 

A: Lana Rhoades gave birth to her baby in January 2022, as indicated by her Instagram announcement.

Q: What led to speculation about the baby’s father in Lana Rhoades’ case? 

A: Lana Rhoades’ comments about NBA players and her pregnancy announcement led to speculation about the identity of her baby’s father, with NBA stars like Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin being considered as potential candidates.

Q: Has the mystery of Lana Rhoades’ baby’s father been solved? 

A: No, as of now, the mystery surrounding Lana Rhoades’ baby’s father remains unsolved, and Lana has chosen not to reveal his identity.


In conclusion, Lana Rhoades, a well-known figure in the adult entertainment industry who transitioned into the world of podcasting and social media, embraced motherhood in early 2022 with the birth of her son, Milo.

Yet, the question of who Milo’s father is remains unanswered and shrouded in mystery.

Although there were initial speculations involving NBA players like Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin, Lana has not officially disclosed the father’s identity.

Her past relationship with podcast host Mike Majlak and the timeline of her pregnancy have fueled ongoing curiosity. Lana’s decision to keep the father’s name private adds to this captivating story’s intrigue.