What You Need to Know About Olx El Salvador Autos

olx el salvador

What is Olx El Salvador?

Olx is one of the most popular online classifieds sites in El Salvador. In the autos section of olx El Salvador, you get the chance to buy, sell or even rent your vehicles. Trading regularly on this classifieds platform, you can easily earn a fortune.

What Happened to olx. Com.sv?

Earlier on olx El Salvador, the autos section used to be on the website named Olx(dot) com.sv. Earlier, this popular online classified site existed for several years in El Salvador. People used to post announcements, offers, and ads on the website, but in the mid-2020, the old website was shut down, and now it redirects to a new Olx El Salvador site named Encuentra24(dot)com.

Encuentra24(dot)com has been working in several other countries and is now merged with Olx El Salvador; therefore, your search for olx. Com.sv redirects you to Encuentra24(dot)com.

This new site has sections that are new to old users of the El Salvador olx(dot)com.sv. “Yachts and Boats” are added to the new website. But still, people visit this online classifieds site for cars, motorcycles, and electronics.

Tricks to Earn Money from Olx El Salvador Autos

Olx El Salvador Autos Sub Categories

There is no magic trick to earn money; people with smart brains do not wait for simple opportunities they see and make money using their risk-taking and thinking abilities. But below are some points which can help you out to earn money on the autos section of Olx El Salvador.

Used Car Sale on Olx (venta de carro en el Salvador usados)

If you want to get rid of your old car, you find it difficult to sell it in the outside world. You can post online classifieds on the Olx marketplace asking for the price you feel is best for you to sell your car or any other vehicle. You can easily save a fortune with a trick to get your car checked by a mechanic and renovating it, as it will increase its price.

Olx El Salvador Autos Baratos (Cheap cars on Olx El Salvador)

Buy cheap cars (autos Baratos) on OLx El Salvador Autos. Get your mechanic to have a look at it and ask him to renovate the car. After getting the car done, you can post online classifieds on the Autos section of Olx El Salvador after adding the buying cost + renovation cost + the profit you think you can get on the car sale. You can repeat the whole process after getting a couple of experiences.

Olx El Salvador Motos

Want to sell your motos, aka motorcycle, or want to buy second-hand motos? Then, the autos section on Olx El Salvador is the best place to do so. 

Car rental on Olx El Salvador

You can also provide your car on rent to earn money regularly. there are thousands of people out there who want cars on a rent basis. Also, if you are a tourist or new to the place waiting for your vehicle to get delivered to your home, you can rent a car.


Olx El Salvador Autos can help you out buy, sell or rent your car. You need to register on the website, and trust me; it’s very easy to search for cars according to your needs; you need to fill up the budget and the brand name, location, transmission, fuel type.