Victoria Chlebowski – Surprising Facts About Michael Imperioli Wife


Victoria Chlebowski Imperioli was born in 1966; she’s 55 years old. Her birth name is Victoria, but people call her Vadim for short because it sounds better that way. Growing up with an Italian father and a French mother had its perks – one being how beautiful they are, Brown eyes and White long hair. This girl can pull off any look, thanks to all those mixed ancestry genes coming through strong over time.

Victoria Chlebowski, a producer and actress who has starred in films such as “The Hungry Ghosts” (2009)and Joy de V., is best known for her work on The Sopranos. She was born to Russian parents while living abroad but left at age 16 due, probably because she wasn’t thrilled by Semitism; nowadays, all people know about this person are from watching movies like Ginger Snaps(2000).

Victoria Chlebowski Profile

Full nameVictoria Chlebowski
ProfessionActress, entrepreneur, producer
Age54 years old
Date of birth1966
HeightFeet & inches 5’6″ [Centimeters 168 cm, Meters 1.68m]
Weight65kg (Pounds 143 lbs).
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Home townCalifornia, USA
SchoolPrivate high school in California
Material statusMarried
Husband Name Michael Imperioli
Children NamesSon (Vadim Imperioli, David Imperioli),Daughter (Isabella Imperioli)
Vegetarian or Non Veg.non – vegetarian
Net worth$500k – $550k US dollars
Hobbiestraveling, listening to music, reading Cooking
Fav. celebrityActor (Leonardo Dicaprio), Actress (Anne Hathaway)
Place likesParis
Fav. colorBlack
Fav. foodDumpling Savers, sushi, ice-creams


Victoria Chlebowski Age, Parents, Bio 

As of 2021, Chlebowski was born in 1966. She grew up in a Jewish family and is now living her life as a Christian woman who has traveled all over the world spreading the love for God among others through religion-based volunteering opportunities like hospice care work or teaching Sunday school classes at local churches where she volunteers every week–even if it means sleeping on site so that those less fortunate may benefit from what little comfort they can get during their toughest times.

Victoria is a talented and multi-talented woman who has been involved in many different work areas. She was born with Russian heritage, but she now follows Christianity as her religion after moving away from that culture when growing up overseas towards America at an early age for schooling purposes due to family reasons which led to furthering her education there before returning home again later on down the line where we find herself currently living out life doing what brings joy most days while taking care not only oneself.

Victoria Chlebowski’s husband, Michael Imperioli, is a talented and successful actor who has starred in many hit TV shows like The Sopranos. He’s directed several episodes of this crime drama as well.

His work includes roles in movies such as Goodfellas and The Departed, but it is his television career where he has achieved the most success. He’s been awarded two Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series – one from the 2004-2005 season (Law & Order) and another during its original 1996 run on NBC; additionally winning Best Lead actor at Golden Globes both years these were nominated too.

In addition to this impressive list, Michael starred opposite compelling actors like Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 movie called “GoodFellas.” This film helped launch their respective careers while providing viewers everywhere.

Victoria Chlebowski Body Measurements

Victoria Chlebowski is about average height and weight. She has a body measurement of 36-28-36 inches, and her bra size is 34 B. Victoria also wears a shoe size of 7.

  • Height in feet – 5.6
  • Height in cm – 168
  • Weight in kg – 65kg
  • Weight in lbs – 143lbs
  • Shoe Size – 7

Victoria Imperioli, the talented singing and dancing artist, has all these great features. She’s got a beautiful complexion with blue eyes that can’t be matched.

Plus, she grows gray hairs on her head now and then, making it seem even more authentic for this glamorous performer on stage or screen. Her body type may not always fit society’s standards, but we love how you’re still sexy no matter what clothes are worn.


Victoria Chlebowski Career

Victoria Imperioli is an actor and designer who starred in The Sopranos and other popular television shows, such as the 6th Season Premiere of New York City with her business partner Sonya Chang. Their company name is SVE (S Venturi Enters).

If you’re a fan of The Sopranos, Victoria Chlebowski Imperioli may be one of your favorite actors. He was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and five Emmy awards while on this show.

His most prestigious award came from winning an Emmy during season 5 in 2004.

Victoria Chlebowski Relationship Status

Victoria Chlebowski with her husband Michael Imperioli

When they first met, Michael had no idea that his future wife was beside him. They both went back home after college and started dating for five months before tying the knot on September 19th, 1996

The couple had known each other since childhood; however, it wasn’t until 1995 or96 that they first crossed paths at a bar near their hometown of Chicago-land. It seems like such an ordinary event, but this tiny conversation between two people would change everything forever – because there’s always something special about discovering your true love while drinking beverages.

Five months after meeting at a bar, Chlebowski and Imperioli hitched. They had known each other since college days when they were in different groups but reconnected through friends who introduced the couple to one another again after about four years apart

-Ms. Imperia said, “We met sitting next to each other.” It was in May 2007 that I realized he was my soulmate.


Victoria Chlebowski Marriage

When Victoria’s husband, an actor and writer/director with many film credits to his name (and one-half of what some would call “The Power Couple”), surprised her by asking for marriage permission during their long-standing relationship, she responded positively – but not without reservations.

In 1995 they tied the knot in a private ceremony only attended by close friends & family members who knew about this special occasion ahead.

That same year, they welcomed two children: son Vadim was born, while daughter David came three years later.

The elder son of the couple, Vadim Imperioli, has already begun his career following in his footsteps as an actor. He served Detroit 1-8-7 in 2010 and is also a comedian with YouTube videos to show off these skills.

Victoria does have one daughter from a previous relationship, but she’s currently raising 2nd father – Michael.

Victoria has never revealed anything about her first marriage, well. Moreover, Vadim Imperioli- whom many believe is Sawatik’s son due to their physical similarities and arrest by police when he spray painted “pain” on a wall at college – poses little threat in comparison.

Whereas if we’re talking controversial then there are several instances where she came under fire for different reasons such fansites hacking, etc.

Victoria Chlebowski Children

Victoria Chlebowski lives with her spouse, Michael. They have two children- a son named Vadim Imperioli and a daughter named Isabella.

Victoria Chlebowski Hobbies

Victoria’s association with this project has been a long time coming. She was originally assigned to work on it as an agent but ended up joining the cast after getting involved in the production and helping out behind the scenes, where she could learn from director Nadia Szold. The latter also wrote her thesis film DeLight de V which is featured heavily within these pages of Vanity Fair Italy’s October issue.

Victoria Chlebowski as An Interior Designer

Victoria is a businesswoman, CEO of SVE New York, and her Russian-born American partner Imperioli. She’s also the proud owner of the Chelsea bar “Bohemian Eagle.”

Victoria Chlebowski’s Achievements

Victoria often ventures out into the world to share her music with others. She has been known as a set organizer, performer, and cook. When she is not busy traveling around or practicing for upcoming performances, you can find this talented woman dining on delicious foodie adventures such as sushi & dumplings – which we know will be just downright tasty thanks again, Sve Modern York.

Victoria and Michael have two children. The first, Vadim Imperioli, was born in 1997, followed four years later by David, who also lived to adulthood.

The couple met at an awards ceremony where they both worked as waiters; their relationship lasted over 20 memorable years before ending sadly with a divorce after two divorces.

They had great difficulty getting along during this period but managed it again when another child came along, named rifleman Alexander (“Sasha”).

Victoria Chlebowski, the spouse of Michael Imperial’s business partner, keeps her personal information under wraps. With an estimated net worth below 1 million dollars, she would be inclined to keep things discreet like this one moo key.

Victoria Chlebowski’s Net Worth

Victoria Chlebowski has an anticipated add-up to resources of $500 thousand. Her fundamental kind of income is from her line as an entertainer, trade individual, and producer who also procures movies without any involvement with production themself – this makes up for about half or more than what she brings in through touring alone, which was how it used to be back when Victoria first started out but nowadays many people have their channels where they can earn money online doing things like designing hairstyles that are sold on sites such.

Unknown Facts About Victoria Chlebowski

She has been an actor, singer, and guitarist in the entertainment industry for over 30 years.

Before starting as one of America’s most famous actors, he earned a living by doing many things such as furniture moving and messengering, among other jobs that are not suitable to mention here.

The list goes on, but you get my point: this woman can do it all.

In addition, while working on Boardwalk Empire (which won her two Emmys), another role came about when James Gandolfini asked Ed O’Neill if they could work together because both were members at The Soprano’s same club -La Dolce Vita-, where their band played every Monday night.