Vaughn Grissom Parents Anthony Grissom And Elizabeth Grissom

Vaughn Grissom Parents

Let’s talk about Vaughn Grissom Parents, Vaughn Grissom grew up in Florida with his parents, Anthony and Elizabeth Grissom, who come from different backgrounds. Vaughn’s mom has Puerto Rican roots, which is pretty awesome.

He has an older sister named Jessie, and together, they had a fun childhood. Vaughn loved playing baseball right from the start.

Now, Vaughn is a super-talented shortstop for the Braves. When he first joined the big leagues, he hit a home run in his first game, just like James Outman did.

Now that Vaughn is 21, he’s aiming for a big challenge. He wants to become the main shortstop, especially since Dansby Swanson moved to another team. But there’s another player, Orlando Arcia, who’s experienced and wants the same spot. It’s like a showdown between young energy and veteran skills.

Oh, and there’s more to the story! Another player named Mike Soroka wants to prove himself and take a spot in the team’s starting rotation. He’s going up against Ian Anderson for that position.

So, in this baseball adventure, we’ve got diversity, excitement, and lots of players chasing their dreams. It’s like a mix of old and new on the field.

Vaughn Grissom Father Anthony And Mother Elizabeth Grissom

When Vaughn Grissom debuted in MLB, his parents, Anthony and Elizabeth Grissom, were there with him at Fenway Park, sharing in the excitement.

Right after Vaughn hit the ball super well and it flew out of the stadium, the camera showed Vaughn Grissom Parents. They gave each other a big hug, celebrating this really special moment that they’ll always remember.

Growing up in Orlando, Florida, Anthony and Elizabeth did a great job raising their two kids, Vaughn and his older sister, Jessie. It’s interesting because, unlike many families who love baseball, they rarely go to baseball stadiums.

In a chat with Ben Ingram on the YouTube series “Riding With The Braves,” Vaughn mentioned that he didn’t go to a baseball game as a fan until 2021. He went to watch a game that his friends were playing in Aberdeen, Maryland. That must’ve been pretty awesome for him.

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Anthony Grissom Was First To Know About Vaughn Call-Up

You could see Vaughn Grissom’s dad, Anthony Grissom, was happy when he watched Vaughn’s first game with the Braves. You could tell from the cool pictures Jessie posted.

But at the beginning, Vaughn’s dad thought it was all a prank, like a joke.

In the same interview, the person talking to Vaughn (Ingram) asked what was going through his mind when he got the call to join the team. Vaughn thought he might be in trouble or something. But the call was about his first-ever game in the big leagues.

Vaughn Grissom Father

Vaughn also mentioned that he made sure to call his dad first because he played a big role growing up. When they talked on the phone, Vaughn’s dad wasn’t sure if Vaughn was being serious or just messing around.

After a bit, though, Vaughn’s dad realized Vaughn was serious. So, now he had to figure out how to get to Boston in a hurry. Vaughn’s dad doesn’t use social media much, but he’s shown up a couple of times in his kids’ posts.

In a video that Jessie posted, you can see Vaughn’s dad revving up his Chevelle car, kind of hinting that he’s probably into cars and stuff.

Elizabeth Grissom Has Puerto Rican Roots

Elizabeth Grissom is Vaughn Grissom’s mom, and she’s super proud of her Puerto Rican background. You can tell that from her Facebook username. It seems like she might not be with Anthony anymore, though.

Elizabeth is a proud mom, and she’s shared lots of cool pictures of herself with her two kids. Family means a lot to her, especially since she has Puerto Rican roots.

Vaughn Grissom Mother

Back in 2018, Vaughn wrote a really sweet post about his mom. He promised he’d work really hard until she could drive all sorts of awesome foreign cars. It was his way of showing how much he cared.

In another post, Vaughn put up a cool picture of his mom, Elizabeth, raising her hands in front of a place called CoolToday Park, where the Braves play. He wrote a caption about how amazing it is to do what you love and have your mom cheering you on like that.

Vaughn Grissom Sister Jessie Is A Softball Instructor

In 2022, Jessie Grissom, who is Vaughn Grissom’s sister, decided to join D-BAT Academies, a place where people get better at playing baseball.

Jessie is 26 years old and was born on May 9, 1996, which means she’s five years older than Vaughn. When they were kids, both of them were super into playing baseball.

Vaughn shared a cool story about his jersey number in an interview with the Braves, and it’s about his sister.

Vaughn Grissom Sister

When they were growing up, Jessie wore the number 18, and Vaughn went for 15. But when Vaughn got the chance to play for the Braves, he made a sweet choice: he changed his jersey number to match his sister’s, which was 18.

After finishing college at St. Johns River State College, Jessie used to work as someone who took care of lawns before she started working at D-BAT. Besides her love for baseball, she’s also really into hunting and taking pictures.

You can find lots of photos on her Instagram where she’s doing hunting stuff, especially fishing. And guess what? Jessie was right there to support Vaughn when he had his big MLB debut.

If you scroll through Jessie’s Instagram, you’ll see their journey from when they were kids to where they are now.

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Vaughn Grissom Family Life

Vaughn Grissom’s family has been there for him throughout his baseball journey.

Guess what? When he started out, one of his very first baseball teachers was his great-grandma. It’s kind of sad, but in 2018, Vaughn posted a really nice message to remember her after she passed away.

Vaughn Grissom Grandma

He put up a picture of her throwing a football and gave her credit for teaching him how to throw stuff well.

Vaughn’s family is super supportive, and they’re often there in the crowd, cheering him on during his baseball games. Vaughn Grissom Parents, including his dad Anthony, are big fans, and you can spot them at Truist Park, where Vaughn plays.

Vaughn and his sister, Jessie, seem to be really close. They celebrate stuff together, like Christmas and New Year’s, and they have a great bond.

Vaughn’s mom, Elizabeth, recently shared a cool picture on Facebook. It’s from a safari trip, and in the photo, you can see Vaughn, his sister, his girlfriend, and another guy who might be a family friend.

Vaughn Grissom Family

Vaughn is dating a girl named Dalton Kendall, and they’re pretty adorable together. You can find pictures of them on Vaughn’s Instagram from 2019. They’re sitting on a bench, and one of the pictures even has Vaughn giving Dalton a cute kiss.

When Vaughn found out he was going to play his first game against the Red Sox, Dalton was one of the first people he told. And guess what? She was there with his family at Fenway Park on that big day to cheer him on.

Vaughn Grissom Girlfriend

On Dalton’s birthday on November 9, Vaughn shared some really sweet pictures of her on his Instagram. One shows them having fun in a golf cart, and the other one is from when Dalton graduated.

I’m sure as Vaughn keeps going in the MLB, his family will always be there to support him. He’s only 21, but his journey is already looking super promising.


Q: Who is Vaughn Grissom’s Dad?

A: Vaughn Grissom’s father is Anthony Grissom. His happiness during Vaughn’s Braves debut was evident in photos shared by Jessie. Initially, he believed it might be a joke.

Q: What is Vaughn Grissom’s salary?

A: Under a minimum MLB contract, Vaughn Grissom earned $215,376 playing for the Braves in 2022. For his time on the major league roster in 2023, he will receive a prorated salary of $720,000.

Q: What nationality is Vaughn Grissom?

A: Vaughn Grissom is American. He’s a professional baseball player for the Atlanta Braves, playing as a second baseman and shortstop. He was drafted by the Braves in 2019 and made his MLB debut in 2022 from Orlando, Florida.

Q: Who is Grissom’s ex-wife on CSI?

A: Sara Sidle, portrayed by Jorja Fox, is Grissom’s ex-wife on the CBS crime drama “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and its sequel, “CSI: Vegas.”

Q: What position will Vaughn Grissom play in 2023?

A: Vaughn Grissom is expected to play the shortstop position in 2023. He’s showcased his skills during spring games and is likely to be a key player in that position for the Braves this year.


In the narrative of Vaughn Grissom’s rise in baseball, family plays the pivotal role of unwavering support. Starting with his great-grandma’s guidance and culminating in his present status in the major leagues, familial backing remains steadfast.

Family is his bedrock, whether it’s the spirited presence of Vaughn Grissom Parents in the stands, his close rapport with sister Jessie, or his connection with girlfriend Dalton Kendall.

At 21, Vaughn’s bright MLB journey melds family devotion and undeniable talent. Remember the name – Vaughn Grissom – a rising star bolstered by family.