Snapchat Planets Order List 2023(Solar System Guide Explained)

snapchat planet order

Hey there! If you’re using Snapchat Plus, you might have noticed their excellent new feature, Snapchat Planet order or Snapchat Friends Solar System. It’s exciting for some users, but others are a bit puzzled because they must fully grasp what it’s all about and how to use it.

But no worries, we’ll figure it out together! This blog will take us on a cosmic journey where we’ll unravel the hidden meaning behind these fascinating Snapchat planets and their order. Before diving into that, let’s first explore what Snapchat Plus is and its excellent features. So, buckle up and get ready for this exciting cosmic adventure!

What Does Snapchat Plus Mean?

If you get the Snapchat+ Premium membership, you’ll unlock some cool extra stuff unavailable in the regular version. But here’s the deal: you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee to access all these excellent features.

But wait, before you commit to the paid version, you can try it out for free as a trial, but it’s only for one week, so make the most of that time!

In the United States, with different pricing plans, Snapchat Plus is gradually being released for iPhones and Android phones. You can pay $3.99 monthly, $21.99 for six months, or $39.99 for a year.

The best part is that special premium features are only for Snapchat Plus users. One of the most excellent features is the Snapchat Friend Solar System. It’s like comparing your friend list to the solar system and ranking them based on how much you chat and interact with each. It’s a super fun way to see who your best friends are on Snapchat!

Here are some awesome features to share with you from Snapchat Plus:

  1. Best Friends Forever (Pin your #1 Best Friend) 😊
  2.  Story Rewatch Indicator 👀
  3.  Custom App Icons 👾 (new icons added!)
  4.  Custom App Theme Editor 🎨
  5.  Snapchat+ Badge ✪
  6.  Friend Solar System 🪐
  7.  Priority Story Replies ⭐️
  8.  Post View Emojis ✌️
  9.  Bitmoji Backgrounds 🌇 (with more backgrounds added!)
  10.  Story Timer ⏱
  11.  Capturing Color 🎨
  12.  Custom Notification Sounds 🔔
  13.  Friend Snapscore Change 📈
  14.  Chat Wallpapers 💬
  15.  Custom Capture Buttons 🔘
  16.  Gift Snapchat+ 🎁
  17.  Story Boost 🚀
  18.  Map Appearance 🗺️
  19.  Dark Mode on Android 📱

With these fantastic features, Snapchat Plus takes your Snapchat experience to a whole new level and lets you have loads of fun customizing your account!

The meaning of Snapchat Plus Planets in 2023

Snapchat always comes up with excellent ways to make things exciting, and one of them is Snapchat Planets! It’s a super cool idea they created to showcase your friendships.

Here’s how it works: You get eight planets, and each Planet represents one of your eight best friends – the ones you chat and snap with a lot. Your very best friend gets Mercury, which is the closest Planet. It’s a way to show who you interact with the most and share snap streaks. And then there’s Neptune, the farthest Planet, which goes to the friend you’re farther from.

But wait, there’s more! On your friendship profiles, you’ll spot cool badges. If you and another person are each other’s close friends, you’ll see the best friend badge. But if they’re one of your close friends, and you’re not one of theirs, you’ll see the friends badge. It’s like a unique golden ring that shows your friendship status!

So, keep chatting, snapping, and exploring Snapchat Planets to discover who your besties are and have a blast with your friends! 🚀🌟

What Are The Snapchat Planet Orders?

The order of the Snapchat Solar System with pictures

The order of Snapchat planets is just like our regular solar system. Mercury is the closest Planet to the Sun, and in Snapchat, your first friend – the one you chat with the most and share snap streaks – will be your Mercury.

Snapchat planets are all about fantastic visuals so that you won’t see their names or positions. But don’t worry; I’ve got your back! You must know the planets and their incredible visuals to determine where you stand in your friend’s Snapchat solar system. Here they are:

snapchat planet order

Now you’re all set to explore the Snapchat planets and see where you and your friends land in this cosmic friendship adventure! 🌌🚀

1. Mercury

Remember when we chatted about planets before? Mercury is the Planet that’s close to the Sun.

Here’s how it goes on Snapchat: Depending on how much you chat, share snap streaks, and send snaps to a friend, they become your “Mercury.”

On Snapchat, Mercury looks like a cute rose-pink planet with red hearts surrounding it. And the friendmoji is just adorable! They look super happy with open body language and a hand-over-the-heart gesture, which means you are each other’s best friends! 🌟❤️

2. Venus

Have you seen the Venus friend emoji? The girl sitting on the Planet has a slight change in her eyebrows. Even though the body language looks similar, her facial expressions show a bit of uncertainty. That means you both are each other’s second-most close friends.

Oh, and here’s something exciting! Venus on Snapchat is a beige planet with purple and blue hearts surrounding it. It looks cool and awesome! 🌟💜💙

3. Earth

    As we go down the planet order, you’ll see the friendmoji looking less friendly and more distant from the Sun person.

    Let’s check out Earth, for instance. The friendmoji still looks happy and relaxed, but the hand-over-heart gesture is no longer there. The colours match Earth’s, with green, blue, and red hearts and a cute moon surrounding them. It’s pretty awesome. 🌍🌙💚💙


    Mars, the Planet of aggression, has a fantastic look! It’s all red with cool blue and purple hearts around it. But the friendmoji on Mars seems slightly unsure with a head-scratching gesture, showing some nervousness.

    You know that feeling when you’re close to someone, but you’re not exactly sure how close? The level of intimacy is a bit undefined if that makes sense. You’re trying to figure out how close you are to that person. It happens sometimes, and it’s normal! 🌟🔴💙💜

    5. Jupiter

    Jupiter is an Orange Planet, and there are no hearts around it. Do you know that feeling when you’re comfortable enough with someone to exchange greetings and share essential information? The friendmoji on Jupiter looks content with the distance between them, which shows it’s more like an acquaintanceship.

    6. Saturn

      Saturn is a cool yellow Planet with a ring around it. No hearts here, but the friendmoji looks super friendly. If you check both the Sun and Friendmoji’s expressions, they look happy. The distance is just right – not too close to be awkward, but not too far. It’s just perfect! 🌟💛

      7. Uranus

      Uranus is a bit tricky! When you see this green Planet, it gives off a different vibe. The Friendmoji and the Sun don’t seem as oh-so-happy and welcoming as they were before. Their smiles are polite, but the friendmoji’s face looks slightly different and not as cheerful as usual.

      8. Neptune

      Neptune, the Planet of imagination, is living up to its reputation! It’s like a blue-coloured Planet where people seem lost in their world.

      Here’s something interesting – looking at the friend emoji and the Sun’s body language, you’ll notice an excellent thing. The friendmoji is turned away from the Sun, while the Sun has a straight face.

      Even though they face each other, the friendmoji’s body language is checked out from the setting.

      Simply put, it’s like how a teenager’s relationship with their family can be – a mix of emotions, like caring and needing their space. 🌌💙

      How can you check Snapchat Plus Planets?

      If you want to check out the Snapchat Planets and see where you stand in your friend’s solar system, you’ll need to do a few things:

      1. Make sure you have signed up for Snapchat Plus.
      2.  Both you and your friend must have linked Bitmojis.
      3.  Once you’ve got that covered, go to your friends’ profiles and look for a ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends’ badge with a gold border beneath their Bitmoji image.

      Here’s what they mean:

      • Best Friends: You and that friend are each other’s top eight friends, based on the positions in the Planets.
      •  Friends: You’re one of their top eight friends, but they’re not one of yours.

      So, check out those cool badges on Snapchat to discover who your besties are! 🌟🔍

      Snapchat+ Premium Benefits (Subscription Plan)

      Snapchat+ offers three excellent subscription plans for you – one for a month, six months, and a whole year! They cost $3.99, $21.99, and $39.99, respectively. And guess what? You even get a seven-day free trial to give it a try!

      So, why wait? Pick the subscription plan you like best! And here’s a list of excellent benefits you’ll get with Snapchat+:

      • Ghost Trails
      •  Story Rewatch Indicator
      •  BFF (Pin as #1 Best Friend)
      •  Themes or Custom App Icons
      •  Snapchat+ Badge
      •  Friend Solar System
      •  Snapchat for Web
      •  Chat Wallpaper
      •  Bitmoji Background
      •  Custom Notification Sound
      •  Story Boost
      •  Generative Profile Backgrounds

      It’s worth it, so go ahead and enjoy all these cool features! 🚀🌟

      Final Words

      Awesome! By now, I hope all your questions about Snapchat Plus planets are answered. You must have a good idea of what Snapchat Plus planets mean and the order of the Snapchat solar system. It’s super cool because the Snapchat solar system shows you how close you and your friend are to each other on Snapchat. So, keep exploring and have fun connecting with your friends in this cosmic way! 🚀🌌

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      What is the meaning of the planets on Snapchat?

      It’s a super cool feature of Snapchat Plus! These planets show the ranking or position of your friends in your best friend list. The Sun represents you, and the other eight planets represent your friends.

      So, let’s say a friend’s Planet is represented by the Sun, and Earth represents you. That means you’re their third closest friend. Based on your interactions and engagement, these planets visually show how close your friends are to you. It’s such a fun way to see who your besties are on Snapchat! 🌟🌍

      How can you get a Snapchat+ subscription?

      If you want to get a Snapchat+ subscription, follow these simple steps:

      1. Go to your profile.
      2.  Tap on the Snapchat+ banner.
      3.  Choose a subscription plan.
      4.  Complete the payment process.

      That’s it! You’re all set to enjoy Snapchat+ features. 🚀🌟

      Which Planet is blue?

      Neptune is blue.

      Can people tell if you have Snapchat Plus?

      Absolutely! People can easily tell if you have Snapchat Plus. Here’s how: When they see your name or any saved contact, they’ll notice a star icon indicating that you’re using Snapchat+! 🌟