Robert Downey Jr Net Worth – The Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr net worth

We all know the iron man fame Downey jr, but do you know about Robert Downey jr net worth? If your answer is No, then we will satisfy your curiosity in this article. 

Robert Downey jr, or as famously known, the iron man, is one of the richest actors in the world. He is an American actor, singer, and producer who has starred in many movies, but the most famous role he has played is that of iron man in marvel’s Iron Man movie and Avengers series. 

In the article below, we will tell you all about Robert Downey Jr net worth as well as other aspects of his life. We will also answer questions like who is Robert Downey Jr wife? How old is Robert Downey Jr? And more. 

Early Life Of Robert Downey Jr

Downey jr spent the early days of his life in New York City. Robert Downey sr is his father, and Elsie ann Downey is his mother. His father is a writer, director, and actor, while his mother was also an actress who appeared in many movies alongside his father. 

Robert Downey Jr. also has an elder sister named Allyson. In the beginning, the family lived in Greenwich village. Downey Jr. faced many problems in his early life due to his father’s drug addiction. His father also led him to drug addiction while allowing him the use of marijuana at the young age of 6 years. In 1978 after the divorce of his parents, he, along with his father, moved to California from new york. 

Downey Jr attended the Santa Monica School along with other famous present-day celebrities like CharlieSheen, Dean Cain, and many others. However, he moved back to New York in 1982 after dropping out of Santa Monica High School. He did so to pursue a career in the acting field. 

How Old is Robert Downey jr?

When we want to know about Robert Downey jr net worth, one of the curiosities that may arise is how old Robert Downey jr is? Well, the answer to this question is 55 years. He was born on 4 April 1965. 


Net Worth: $300 million

A person’s career is what makes them famous, as a person is known by their work and deeds. In this case, also when we want to know about Robert Downey jr net worth, his career is what stands at its base. 

Downey jr played various roles in theatres before getting a job as a young actor in the “Saturday Night Live” show in the 1980s. He played the role alongside the renowned Joan Cusack, Anthony Michael Hall, and Randy Quaid. However, the show got terrible ratings, and thus all the newly hired cast members were fired. Later in 1985, Downey jr played a role in “Weird Science.” He also played the role of a drug addict kid in “Less Than Zero” by Julian Wells in 1987. 

Other than these roles, he also played roles in “Air America,” “Soapdish,” “Chaplin,” and more. Due to his role in the “Chaplin,” he was also nominated in the Oscars for the award of best actor. All these roles by him contributed to the Robert Downey Jr net worth to an extent but not much. 

Drug Issues 

During the 90s, when Robert Downey jr’s career was going through a good phase, it hit a rough patch. This downfall in his career was the result of his drug addiction as it got out of hand. During this time, from 1996 to 2001, Downey was arrested on drug charges numerous times. 

He was arrested by the police on various occasions and was found in possession of heroin, marijuana, and cocaine. To overcome his addiction, Downey entered many rehabilitation programs. However, every time he joined a rehabilitation program, he relapsed each time. One of the major cases came to light when he was pulled over while speeding down the sunset boulevard in 1996. In this case, he was found to be possessing cocaine and unloaded a .357 handgun and heroine. 

After a month, he was out on parole. While on parole, he entered the house of a neighbor under the influence of the drug and went on to sleep on the bed of his neighbor. Again he was arrested and given probation of three years and mandatory drug testing. 

During this probation period, Robert Downey jr missed a scheduled drug test and, as a result, was sent to Los Angeles county jail for a period of six months. After being released, again, he was arrested when after two years, he once more missed a drug test. This time when he was arrested, he was given a prison sentence of three years and was sent to California state prison and Substance Abuse Treatment Facility. Here, after spending a year, Dowey was released on a bail bond of $5000. 

Ally McBeal

After his release from the state prison, he acted in “Ally McBeal.” He also won a golden globe award for his acting in tv series as the best supporting actor. Later in 2000, Robert Downey jr was again arrested for being intoxicated and was found to be in possession of valium and cocaine. 

This arrest affected the career of Downey, and the “Ally McBeal” producers fired him. Again he was sentenced to three years probation and sent to a drug rehabilitation center. 

The comeback of Robert Downey Jr.

The second phase of the Downey’s career was not easy. However, his comeback contributed greatly to Robert Downey Jr net worth. Once he beat the drug demons, he tried to work in many movies. However, due to the high amount assigned to him by the insurance companies of the production houses, he was unhirable. The high amount made the producers uninterested as they didn’t want to pay such a high amount to Downey jr. 

During these hard times, Mel Gibson and a friend of Downey from the days of “Air America” paid his insurance bond. This made the second phase of Robert Downey Jr career possible, and he was assigned a role in “The Singing Detective” movie. 

This was one of the only Robert Downey jr movies which he completed without any problems in a long time. However, his completion of the role without issues made other filmmakers also interested in him. 

Entry In Marvel’s

In 2007 Robert Downey jr got an offer of his life when he was given the role of “Iron Man.” The entry into marvel’s contributed greatly to the Robert Downey jr net worth.

The Iron Man and its sequel are one of the most successful Robert Downey jr movies, and it got him praise from all. After the Iron Man movie, he got many lead roles in the movies like “The Incredible Hulk,” Avengers Series, and Spider-Man. 

Other Works

Other than the Marvel movies, he also appeared in the comedy movie “Tropic Thunder.” For this movie, he was nominated as the best supporting actor in the Academy Awards. 

Robert Downey Jr. is also the lead actor in the Sherlock Holmes movie series. The third movie of Sherlock Holmes is scheduled to release in 2021. 

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Personal Life

On 29 May 1992, Downey married the singer and actress Deborah Falconer. However, Robert Downey Jr wife left him due to his drug addictions in 2001. 

They officially divorced in 2004, and the Robert Downey jr wife also took their son Indio with her. Later in 2003, Downey met a film executive named Susan Levin, who turned down his date request twice. Although she couldn’t deny the chemistry for long and thus the two got married in 2005. 

From the second marriage, Downey has two children, a son named Exton and a daughter named Avri. After the comeback, Robert Downey Jr. has been away from the drugs since 2003. He credits his overcoming of the drugs to his wife, Susan. 

Real Estate

Robert Downey Jr net worth comprises his real estate also. He owns numerous homes in LA city. Some of the estates include a $4 million home in Santa Monica, $13.44 million seven-acre mansion in Malibu. He also owns another house in Malibu. Other than these, he also owns properties in California, Venice, and a manhattan beach house. 

Final Words

Everyone knows the Iron Man fame Robert Downey Jr.; thus, knowing Robert Downey jr net worth is something which might make many curious. 

In the article, we have given an insight into all the aspects of Downey jr life, which will help you know him better.