Rapper Lil Nine Life, Music, Wiki, Bio, Death Mystery Reveled

Lil Nine also known Denetri Mixson

Lil Nine was a rapper from the United States. He performed under the name Lil Nine. Unfortunately, he was tragically killed in a shooting when he was only 18 years old. This happened in Jackson, Florida, on June 8, 2020. There is a rap song called “Who I Smoke” that disrespects him, and it has become popular on TikTok. If you want to learn more about Lil Nine’s life, background, career, and how much money he made, keep reading this article until the end.

Lil Nine Bio and Wiki

Full NameDenetri Mixson
NicknameLil Nine, Lil, Lil N9ne
Lil Nine Age18
Place Of BirthJacksonville, U. S.
Death DateJune 8, 2020
MarriageNot Married
Lil Nine Net Worth$1 Million

Key Points Covered in The Article

  • Lil Nine, whose real name was Denetri Mixson, was a rapper from Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States.
  • He was tragically killed in a shooting at the age of 18 on June 8, 2020, in Jackson, Florida.
  • Lil Nine released several songs during his career, including “SouthSide,” “Countryside Diss,” and “Pressure Givenchy Remix,” which gained modest views on YouTube.
  • One of his tracks, “Who I Smoke,” became popular and went viral, particularly on platforms like TikTok.
  • Lil Nine’s death brought immense sorrow to his family, friends, and fans.
  • He was known to be single and was focused on building his rap career.
  • Lil Nine’s father, Reginald Mixson, raised funds for his funeral expenses with the help of fans and friends on social media.
  • His fan base was growing, and supporters showed their love for him on various online platforms.
  • Lil Nine’s main source of income was his rap career, and he had the potential to achieve success and earn money through platforms like Instagram, Facebook ads, and TikTok.
  • It is estimated that he made at least $5,000 for each song he released.
  • Lil Nine’s death was a tragic loss for the music industry and its fans.
  • There were reports suggesting that the shooting incident was caused by Big 9, but the details and confirmation about the responsible party are unclear.

The Early Life of Lil Nine

Lil Nine Death came at 18 years old
Denetri Mixson Death

Lil Nine, whose real name is Denetri Mixson, is from Jacksonville, Florida, in the United States. He grew up in his hometown, but there isn’t much information about his childhood.

After Lil Nine’s death, his father, Reginald Mixson, started raising funds for his funeral.

Fans and friends came together on social media to support his father and collect money to cover the expenses. According to some reports, Lil Nine attended school in Jacksonville.

The Career of Lil Nine

Lil Nine was a rapper still working on creating himself and a unique identity in the music industry.

On February 20, 2018, he released a song called “SouthSide” on Torrey Production’s YouTube channel, which had more than 66,000 views and marked the start of his journey.

In June 2018, Lil Nine released another song called “Countryside Diss” on YouTube. Then, in 2019, the song “Pressure Givenchy Remix” video was published on Blood Production’s YouTube channel, which got 43,000 views.

On January 15, 2019, Lil Nine performed the song “Caller Facts,” and the video was brought to life by VIckMont Films. It had more than 223,000 views on YouTube.

He also collaborated on a track called “Cappin” with Moody Tay and Lou Kris, which was released on January 19, 2019.

Also, VickMont Films featured another one of his “Ready for Me” tracks on its YouTube channel. This track got more than 113,000 views in February 2019.

Unfortunately, Lil Nine’s career was stopped by his death.

However, he left behind a collection of songs for people to listen to. One of his tracks, “Who I Smoke,” became quite popular and went viral, which captured the attention of many listeners. Lil Nine’s passing is a tragic loss.

Personal life of Lil Nine

Lil Nine had a single life and did not have any romantic relationships. There have been no reports of him being involved with actors or actresses.

The news about Lil Nine went after his unfortunate death. While driving in his car, he was tragically shot and killed, which brought extreme sorrow to his family.

Who Shot Lil Nine? Denetri Mixson Death News

18-Year-Old Fatally Shot While Riding in a Vehicle on Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville, FL – The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) reported a tragic incident on Monday afternoon where an 18-year-old man was fatally shot while riding in a car along Atlantic Boulevard in the Arlington area. According to Sgt.

Adam Blinn from the JSO Homicide Unit, the police and Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department received a call at around 2:15 p.m. regarding a shooting on Atlantic Boulevard.

Lil Nine Death shooting and crash place on Atlantic Boulevard
Lil Nine Death shooting and crash place on Atlantic Boulevard

Upon arrival, they discovered a man with a gunshot wound who was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries.

Investigation findings indicate that the victim was a passenger in a vehicle traveling east on Atlantic Boulevard when an unknown assailant fired approximately 12 shots into the passenger side, with one of the bullets hitting the victim.

The JSO later confirmed that the deceased was an 18-year-old male, and they treated his death as murder.
Sgt. Blinn stated that the vehicle’s driver was unharmed and cooperated fully with the investigation.

According to witnesses, the shooter fled the scene in a black vehicle heading west on Atlantic Boulevard, as the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Law enforcement authorities are conducting interviews with witnesses and gathering evidence. Sgt. Blinn mentioned that rifle casings, commonly used in rifles, were found at the scene. He cautioned that rifle rounds could travel long distances and ricochet in unpredictable directions.

Both the police and crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson from News4Jax expressed concern about the potential for harm to others, considering using a rifle in a heavily populated area with constant traffic.

News4Jax’s is a news site whose cameras captured footage of a gray Dodge Challenger involved in a crash with a canopy and a parked car in front of Rent-A-Wheel on Atlantic Boulevard, near Southside Boulevard, after the shooting.

The area around the business was cordoned off with crime scene tape, and police cars blocked the road.

Whether the Challenger was the vehicle targeted in the shooting has not been confirmed. However, an eyewitness told News4Jax that he heard gunshots and saw the victim collapse on the ground after exiting the crashed car.

The witness assisted until paramedics arrived and believed the gunfire originated from another car.

Surveillance video obtained by News4Jax showed the Challenger entering the Rent-A-Wheel parking lot and crashing, while a black car can be seen slowing down before leaving the area.

This is the exact location where police found multiple rifle shell casings.

Authorities are searching for the black car captured in the surveillance footage, suspecting that it was involved in the shooting.

Aiki Kouri, the owner of a store across the street, described the terrifying moment when he, his employees, and customers took cover upon hearing the gunfire.

“There was rapid, loud gunfire. It seemed like maybe 12 to 15 shots,” Kouri recalled. “There was a couple here, and the man grabbed his wife and said, ‘Baby, hit the ground.'”

Another witness mentioned that the Challenger had been parked at a gas station for about 25 minutes with the driver and passenger inside. Shortly after it left, gunshots were heard.

While the motive behind the shooting remains unclear, Ken Jefferson stated that it does not appear to be a random act of violence, suggesting that it was likely a targeted attack.

Law enforcement agencies are urging anyone with information about the incident to come forward and assist with the ongoing investigation.

The Net worth of Lil Nine

Lil Nine mainly earned his income through his career as a rapper. His fan base grew daily, and his supporters showed their love on different internet platforms.

From his unique talent, he could achieve success in the future through platforms like Instagram, Facebook ads, and TikTok.

He could set a name for himself and earn money. He is estimated to make at least $5,000 for each song he releases.


Q: How did Lil Nine pass away?

A: Lil Nine’s death happened due to a tragic incident of gun violence. He was shot while driving his car.

Q: Who was responsible for Lil Nine’s death?

A: Some people suggest that Big 9 was responsible for causing Lil Nine’s demise.


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In conclusion, Lil Nine was a young American rapper. Unfortunately, at 18, he lost his life in an incident of gun violence. Lil Nine’s real name was Denetri Mixson, and there are reports that he attended school in Jacksonville. He was single and focused on his rap career, which was his main source of income. His fan base was growing slowly, with supporters and fans showing their love on different online platforms.