Microshading Eyebrows- Everything You Need To Know


Have you been lusting over those supermodels-like brows? If yes, then we have an end to your agony. Microshading eyebrows are the answer to mimic fuller brow appearance. It is a sibling to Microblading, which is best suited for people with oily and sensitive skin.

Microshading treatment has been making a wave in the beauty industry to achieve fuller and defined eyebrows. It creates a show-like gradient appearance similar to how you used a brow pomade. 

Read this guide to learn everything about the Microshading process.

What Is Microshading?

Microshading or Powder Brows is a cosmetic procedure in which a technician uses a manual or electric pen to apply semi-permanent ink to your brows to give an airbrushed effect. 

This cosmetic technique is like an impressionist painting to mimic the shape of your brows. It helps to add shape and give a powdered effect to the brows to add fullness. 

The more dots and closer the dots are, the darker the brows will be. If you are looking forward to getting a fuller brow effect, then Microshading is the right procedure for you.

On average Microshading eyebrows can cost upto $300-$1000 depending on the area and technician’s skill.

Benefits of Microshading

Microshading has a number of benefits to brows.

  • It Lasts longer as compared to Microblading
  • Suitable for sensitive and oily skin types
  • Gives an appearance of fuller brows
  • Maintains eyebrow symmetry

As compared to Microblading, Microshading gives longer-lasting results and the world well on almost all skin types. This is especially effective on oily skin types, as they do not do well with other semi-permanent tattoos. 

How Long Does Microshading Last?

Microshading eyebrows can last upto 1-3 years with proper maintenance and care. While in the initial few days, it may look like you have strong lines on your eyebrows, but the color will eventually fade into a soft gradient, giving you a natural look and symmetrical brows.

If you have oily skin, you will have to get a touchup every 8-12 months; it can fade a little quicker on greasy skin. Another great tip to extend longevity is limiting sun exposure, avoid using harsh chemicals like BHAs and AHAs.

How to Prepare for Microshading Treatment?

Before you get the treatment done, always consult with a brow specialist to create an outline. This will give you an idea of how they will look and also help in making any changes that you would like. 

Stop using acids or retinoids on your face before the treatment so that your skin is not sensitized. Stay away from caffeine, aspirin, or alcohol for at least 24 hours before the appointment. Keep your skin safe from sun exposure and do not tweeze or wax the brows, no matter how much it is required. 

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What to Expect During Microshading Eyebrows Process?

Every individual treatment lasts for different amounts of time, ranging from 1-2 hours. Usually, the technician applies numbing gel before starting the treatment. You may feel discomfort and pressure when the ink is applied to your brows, and the area will get sore afterward. Your skin will need time after Microshading brows to go into the healing process and show the actual results.

After Care Instructions

For the long-term success of Microshading brows, following proper aftercare during and after the healing process is critical. Following the right aftercare instructions will ensure the effectiveness, health, and satisfaction with the eyebrow tattoo.

Below we have mentioned some general and necessary aftercare tips to prevent infection and ensure successful and healthy healing in less time.

Immediately After The Procedure

Right after your cosmetic treatment is complete, you will feel tenderness and tingling and maybe some swelling in the area. This happens due to anesthetic and numbing creams used on the eyebrows when doing tattoos. This cream will soon wear off, and the Microshading eyebrows will go into the healing process immediately.

For the next 1-2 days, you can experience swelling and redness; you can seek help from over-the-counter medicines. During the initial 

Microblading healing process, make sure to give your brows at least two weeks to heal and set. Meanwhile, limit any physical activity like saunas or swimming and exposure to the sun because they may cause premature fading. 

Eyebrow tattoos also carry the risk of infections; if you notice tenderness and pain for a longer time, consult a doctor immediately.

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How To Clean Eyebrows?

The technician will provide you an aftercare ointment, be sure to use it regularly. You need to use this ointment at all times during the entire healing process until scabbing is over. 

To clean your brows, take a q-tip and dry or wipe the excess ointment. Then take another wet q-tip and wipe the brows gently. Pat dry with a soft towel or tissue and reapply the ointment. 

You can repeat this process two times a day. For the first week, do only gentle cleaning without scrubbing the eyebrows. Just a small amount of water will suffice in the first couple of days. Later start using an antibacterial cleanser or soap to clean the eyebrows lightly. 

After 4-5 days of the treatment, your skin will start getting hard and itch. This is the time when no more cleaning process can be followed. Continue using the ointment until scabbed skin diminishes and peels off.

Post Scabbing

Once the scabbing peels off completely, you can stop using the ointment and can return to your daily skincare routine while making little exceptions. Avoid exfoliating or scrubbing properties in the cleanser on your brows. 

Always use sunscreen before you step out of the house and keep reapplying the sunscreen during the day.

If your everyday moisturizer contains anti-aging, retinol for skin lightening-brightening properties, avoid using them on your brows.


Redness, swelling, skin sensitivity, or minor bruising is normal after getting Microshading on your eyebrows. However, these should not last longer than 2-3 days. The bruises and swelling depend on a range of factors like skin type, age, circulation, etc.

Bruising and swelling can even disperse on large areas of the face, like the forehead. On average, cosmetic tattoos on the eyebrows will not be affected by such side effects. 

In case bruising and swelling continue for more than three days, consult with your doctor right away.

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Right after the procedure, brand new ink will appear darker and thicker than you would have expected. After a week, the top layer will scab off and even slough in certain areas of the brows, known as shedding. These sections will appear extremely light as compared to the rest of the brow in non-shredded parts. 

You have nothing to worry about; this pigment will settle and soften eventually into the right shade after shedding is complete. It takes about 3-4 weeks for the eyebrow tattoo to shed and resurface the pigment to its true color completely. 

Average Microshading Eyebrows Healing Time And Process

On average, the healing time varies from person to person and depends on several physiological factors like skin type, age, hormonal cycle, blood circulation, how easily you bruise, etc. Old skin tends to lose easily compared to younger skin in the healing process. Some other factors that can affect the healing time are diet, physical activities, exposure to sunlight, and medications.

Touchup Procedure

After two weeks of completing the healing and shedding process, the pigment’s initial thickness and intensity will start to fade. The color you desired will reappear after three weeks of the treatment. Between 6-8 weeks, you will have to go for a touchup process if you want to make any changes to the shape or color of your brows. The exact same procedure will be repeated during the touchup of your eyebrow tattoo. 

Again, you will have to follow the same aftercare steps to heal them successfully for the next few weeks. No rubbing, scrubbing, or scratching is allowed on the tattooed eyebrows, or else it can cause permanent scarring.

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Side Effects

Like any other cosmetic treatment, micro shading comes with its own set of side effects. 

First being, the color may fade and even degrade over time, appearing pink or blue. There is a risk of infection as the treatment involves the usage of needles. You may notice scabs on the Microshading area during the healing process. After the scabbing diminishes, you will get fuller and bold eyebrows which lose intensity over two weeks.

It is always advisable to do a patch test before getting your brows done because some dyes may contain PPD, a colorant used in hair colors that can stain the skin and cause sensitivity. 

The Final Takeaway

Gone are the days when a brow pomade and an angled brush were the only means to achieve fuller brows. The cosmetic industry has been inventing new techniques every year. M

icroshading is one such procedure that can give you a fuller and thicker brow appearance for the long term. Be sure to find a skilled artist and follow the right aftercare practices to heal and settle your eyebrow tattoo successfully. 

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