How To Make Fake Lip Piercing

Fake Lip Piercing

Are you curious about trying a fake lip piercing? Have you ever tried making it look like you have a lip piercing.

But it doesn’t stay on or doesn’t seem real? Maybe you can’t get a real piercing because of your parents, or you’re scared of it, or you just don’t want a needle in your lip.

You’re in luck – this guide is here to help, You can buy the things you need for this from craft stores without spending too much money.

Method 1

Making a Lip Ring

Fake Lip Piercing

Step 1 – You can begin by using an earring wire or a paperclip for this step. Wrap it around a pen twice. Earring wire is available at craft stores, but you can also straighten a paperclip if you prefer.

Choose a regular pen or a marker, then wrap the wire around the pen’s body twice, forming two small loops.

No need to worry about getting the loops to fit your lip perfectly right now. Later on, you can adjust their size to match your lip.

If you’re using a paperclip, make sure to wind it around the pen slowly to avoid breaking it.

Keep in mind that if the wire or paperclip you’re using is old or not clean, it’s a good idea to clean it with rubbing alcohol, soap, and water before using it for a fake lip piercing. This will ensure it’s safe to use.

Step 2 – Trim the wire tips to shape an exposed loop. Remove the wire from the pen and utilize wire cutters to eliminate any excess wire, resulting in a ring that measures about 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) across.

Next, carefully cut off the second loop, leaving you with a solitary wire loop featuring an aperture on one end.

If you lack wire cutters, you can cautiously opt for sharp scissors. However, it’s important to note that scissors may not provide the same level of precision and cleanliness as wire cutters.

Fake Lip Piercing

Step 3 – To reduce the sharpness of the edges, you can file them down or add tiny drops of hot glue. The exposed edges of the metal wire could feel somewhat rough, and using them as is might be uncomfortable in your mouth.

You have two options: utilize a sturdy metal file to create smoother and less sharp edges, or put a small dot of hot glue on each edge and allow it to dry.

Remember, if you decide to go with the hot glue method, a small glue dot will be visible on the outer edge of your piercing.

Fake Lip Piercing

Step 4 – Gently mould the wire until it aligns with the width of your lip. Hold the wire loop and delicately use your fingers to expand it, ensuring it can comfortably encircle your lip. This should be straightforward, as earring wire or paper clips don’t not strong enough.

Fake Lip Piercing

Step 5 – Place the open end of the loop over your lip and shift it to the side of your mouth. Ensure that the open section is in contact with your lip.

Slide it down to rest flatly and firmly over the upper part of your lip. You can easily change the size or positioning according to your liking.

Position the piercing on one side of your lip for a timeless lip ring appearance. Alternatively, centre it directly on your lower lip if you prefer a contemporary style.

Method 2

Wearing a Fake Stud

Fake Lip Piercing

Step 1 – Take your eyeliner and mark a spot right under your lower lip. Traditional lip studs are often positioned just below the bottom lip, either on one side or both.

However, you have the freedom to choose where you want your artificial piercing. Use some liquid eyeliner to create a small dot on your skin, helping you plan the placement of your simulated piercing. Try to place it a little below your lower lip.

If you don’t have eyeliner, you can use a tiny dot of eyelash glue to mark the spot instead. It might be a bit less visible, but it’s safe for your skin.

Put two studs beneath your bottom lip, one on each side, for a snake bite appearance.

To mimic a faux Monroe piercing, insert a stud just above the right side of your upper lip.

Make a dot beneath your bottom lip on one side to achieve the classic lip-piercing appearance.

Fake Lip Piercing

Step 2 – Add a dab of eyelash glue onto the back of an imitation diamond. Locate a small artificial diamond or gem with a flat underside for a stud-like piercing effect. Use tweezers to hold the diamond and dip its back into a small amount of eyelash glue.

It’s worth mentioning that eyelash glue is skin-safe, making it suitable for use with body jewellery.

You can discover artificial diamonds at numerous craft supply stores.

Step 3 – Carefully place the imitation diamond on the marked dot and maintain the pressure for approximately 10 seconds. Take a brief pause to ensure that the gem is positioned exactly where you want it before you press it onto your skin.

Keep the diamond against your skin for roughly 10 seconds. This allows the glue to begin drying and adhere to your skin.

Should the diamond not be in the desired spot, you can adjust its position while the glue is still wet.

Fake Lip Piercing

Step 4 – When you decide to take it off, use makeup remover to eliminate the glue. The convenience of eyelash glue is that it can be easily removed with makeup remover.

Apply a small amount of makeup remover on a cotton swab and press it against the faux piercing for approximately 10 seconds. Afterwards, gently wipe away the gem.

The added benefit is that you can reuse the imitation jewel as many times as you prefer.

Fake Lip Piercing Video

Fake Lip Piercing Tips

Sporting a faux piercing provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with the style before making a permanent decision for an actual piercing.

Fake Lip Piercing Warnings

If your lip skin is sensitive or you’re allergic to low-quality metal, it’s advisable not to wear a fake lip piercing. This precaution can help prevent any skin irritation or discomfort.

Things You’ll Need for Fake Lip Piercing 

Making a Lip Ring

  • Earring wire or a paperclip
  • Pen
  • Wire cutters
  • File or hot glue gun

Wearing a Fake Stud

  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Fake jewel 
  • Tweezers
  • Eyelash glue
  • Makeup remover

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Curious about lip piercings? Experiment with fake lip piercings before committing. Choose Method 1 for crafting a lip ring: shape wire, adjust size, and position.

Alternatively, opt for Method 2 with a fake stud: mark using eyeliner, glue faux diamond, and remove with makeup remover. Fake lip piercings allow safe experimentation without skin sensitivity worries.


Question: How can I create a fake lip piercing using a paper clip?

Answer: To craft a fake lip piercing with a paper clip, begin by bending the clip to your desired size. Afterwards, use wire cutters to trim it and shape it to fit your lip.

Question: Can I use scissors to cut the paper clip?

Answer: You can use scissors, but ensure they are sturdy enough. Opt for high-quality scissors that have enough strength for the task.

Question: Can a fake lip piercing be made from a hanger?

Answer: While it’s feasible, a hanger might end up being too sharp or uncomfortable. For a safer and more comfortable option, consider purchasing an inexpensive fake lip piercing from online marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy.

Question: How can I conceal my new lip piercing for work?

Answer: If you need to hide your labret piercing temporarily, you can turn the stud around. Place the bulb end inside your mouth and the flat end on the outside. Then, use a facial concealer that matches your skin tone to cover the metal.

Question: Do fake lip piercings stay in place?

Answer: Yes, fake lip piercings are non-permanent. Unlike actual piercings, they don’t puncture your skin. You can attach them to your lip, nose, ears, or even eyebrow. This allows you to remove and reattach them as often as you like without leaving any permanent marks.