Is Joesthetics Natural? Unveiling the Truth

is Joesthetics Natural

Joesthetics has admitted to using steroids. Jo Linder, popularly known as Joesthetics, has garnered significant attention and success on YouTube due to his impressive physique. However, allegations of steroid use have surrounded him, prompting an investigation into whether his physique is natural or enhanced.

In this article, we will dive deep into the available information and evaluate whether Joesthetics is natty or not.

Joesthetics Admitted of Using Steroids

Joesthetics openly addressed the speculation about his natty status in a YouTube video, finally putting an end to the ongoing debate. He chose to disclose his non-natural status to his audience, acknowledging the persistent questions and speculation.

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Why Joesthetics Used Steroids

Joesthetics explains that achieving a combination of a muscular, jacked physique and a shredded, lean appearance is extremely challenging without the use of steroids.

He highlights the difficulty of simultaneously attaining substantial muscle mass, low body fat, and natural status, emphasizing the trade-offs involved.

Joesthetics took steroids to gain muscles

He Couldn’t Stop Taking Steroids

Stopping the use of steroids is not a straightforward process due to the body’s reliance on exogenous testosterone.

Joesthetics would need to undergo a carefully managed transition, potentially including testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) to maintain hormonal balance.

Furthermore, his influencer status relies heavily on his impressive physique, making it challenging to maintain his brand and sponsorships without the aid of steroids.

Analyzing Steroid Allegations 

We explore the key indicators that have led to speculation about Joesthetics’ potential steroid use, such as extreme vascularity, rapid muscle growth, and physical markers associated with steroid usage.

However, it is important to note that these indicators are not definitive proof and should be considered within a broader context.

Joesthetics’ Note on Steroid Use

Joesthetics demonstrates a responsible attitude by not endorsing or recommending steroid use to his followers.

He emphasizes that his decision to use steroids was a personal choice based on careful consideration of his unique circumstances and goals.

He discourages recreational use and highlights the importance of informed decision-making.

Risks and Drawbacks of Steroid Use

It is crucial to acknowledge the potential health risks and side effects associated with steroid use. Joesthetics’ experience serves as a reminder that using performance-enhancing substances should not be taken lightly.

Individuals considering steroid use should thoroughly educate themselves about the potential consequences and consult with medical professionals.

Emphasizing Genetic Variability and Natural Potential 

Joesthetics points out that genetics play a significant role in an individual’s ability to achieve a certain physique naturally.

While some individuals may respond favorably to steroids, others may face greater challenges or experience detrimental effects.

Joesthetics encourages individuals to focus on maximizing their natural potential through hard work and dedication.

Jo Linder Openly Talked About Steroid Use

It is essential to separate personal choices from dishonesty.

While Joesthetics’ use of steroids may have generated frustration among natural bodybuilders, his transparency and willingness to discuss the risks associated with his choices are commendable.

Each individual’s fitness journey is unique, and it is crucial to respect diverse paths.


Joesthetics has openly admitted to using steroids, confirming that his physique is not entirely natural. His decision to address the allegations demonstrates integrity and a sense of responsibility toward his audience. Achieving a physique similar to Joesthetics’ naturally is highly demanding, but it is crucial to prioritize personal health and consider the risks associated with performance-enhancing substances. Ultimately, individuals should make informed decisions based on their own circumstances and strive for their optimal, natural potential.