How to Do a Hip Thrust: Correct Form, Muscles Worked & Variations

how to do a hip thrust

Solid, firm glutes don’t simply look decent; they’re likewise a practical muscle bunch. As hip extensors, they assist you with standing, sitting, walking, and running – a wide range of normal day-to-day exercises. Developing fortitude or mass in your glutes can be an extraordinary method for further developing execution in your regular daily existence, as well as in the exercise center and sports. Hip thrust are one of the best activities for focusing on the butt and can be utilized to arrive at all your goods objectives. They’re easy to perform, and there are a lot of varieties to keep your program intriguing.

What is a Hip Thrust?

A hip push is a must-do practice for major areas of strength for building. A compound lower-body development explicitly focuses on the glute muscles and is an extraordinary method for developing both fortitude and mass in your butt. As a hip pivoting development, it likewise reinforces every one of the hip extensors, which can, this way, further develop execution in different activities like squats and deadlifts.

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Muscles Used in Hip Thrust

The focal point of the hip engine is to focus on the glutes; nonetheless, you’ll acquire benefits in your hamstrings and adductors.

Glutes: Hit all glute muscles, including the minimus, medius, and Maximus. These are the main players of the push and are taking part in both the unusual and concentric components of the activity. While the Maximus gives a large portion of the power, the gluteus medius and minimus assist with settling the pelvis and broadening the hip.

Hamstrings: You’ll feel your hamstrings working to hold your knees set up at 90 degrees. They shouldn’t give the main thrust, yet you might feel commitment as you expand your hips.

Adductors: Your adductors are the inward crotch muscles, and during a hip push, they help settle your pelvis. You can help your brain muscle association and increment their initiation while pressing a froth roller between your thighs during your push.

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Correct Hip Thrust Form

Like most activities, the hip push isn’t muddled; in any case, getting your structure right is crucial. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on gains and work some unacceptable piece of your body. While many people use loads for their hip pushes, if you’re starting, it’s ideal for getting the strategy right before adding load.

There are a couple of things to remember. First, you need to keep your back and chest area straight throughout the development without curving your spine. You’ll likewise need to keep your jaw into your chest – it can assist with picking a spot high before you to zero in on as you move. At last, your knees ought to be twisted at 90 degrees at the highest point of the push.


Set yourself up on the floor before a level exercise seat. If its inclination is somewhat shaky, support it with your arms out wide.

Position your back against the edge of the seat, so it lounges around the lower part of your shoulder bones. Place your feet among hip and shoulder-width separated and away from the seat at an adequate number so that your knees will sit at 90 degrees at the highest point of the push.

When you’re ready, crush the glutes utilizing them to drive your hips up until your middle is lined up with the floor. Keep your hips in a slight back slant to assist with forestalling your lower back from curving.

Hold briefly at the highest point of the push before bringing control down to simply off the ground while keeping up with flexed glutes.


Hip Thrust Sets and Reps

Picking your sets and reps for your hip pushes will rely upon your objectives. You’ll zero in on huge loads with low reps to develop grit. In the meantime, you ought to decide on moderate reps with a more safe weight for delicious goods and size gains. Simply remember that the glutes are comprised of both quick and slow-jerk muscles, so stirring up your preparation for the most extreme results can be valuable.

Strength: Choose a weighty burden and execute three to five sets with five to eight reps.

Hypertrophy: Use a moderate to a significant burden for three to five sets with higher reps – around eight to twelve.

Endurance: Pick high reps of 15 to 20 for a few sets with a moderate burden.

Hip Thrust Benefits

As well as expanding strength or size in your glutes, there are numerous advantages to adding hip pushes to your exercise program.

Amazing Warming Up

Prepare to crush your exercise by involving hip pushes in your warm-up. Picking lighter loads or simply your body weight can prime your hip extensors and further develop a mind-body association with other enormous compound moves like deadlifts and squats.

Develops Power

Your hip extensors are practical muscles that add to normal development, including strolling, standing, and getting up from a position. These developments are likewise essential for activities like squats, rushes, and deadlifts. Working on your solidarity in this space will assist you with accomplishing top athletic execution and create more power. The expanded scope of movement and level situation in a hip push saves the greatest pressure throughout the development for stunningly better outcomes.

If You Can’t Squat Try Hip Thrust

On the off chance that you have back, neck, or shoulder issues, it very well may be difficult or hazardous to utilize practices that put a heap on the chest area. Accordingly, lower body preparation practices like squats can be unthinkable. Hip pushes offer a protected other option, as any heap is adjusted across the hips instead of the upper back. This implies you can, in any case, get epic glute gains without the gamble.

Hip Thrust VS Glute Bridge

Glute extensions and hip pushes are both magnificent activities for preparing the glutes. While they seem to be comparative, there are a couple of key contrasts between them. Your chest area is raised on a seat, starting with the hip push.

This implies you have a bigger scope of movement, and adding weight, particularly as a barbell, is simpler. Then, at that point, on the other side, you set the glute span up completely on the floor with your chest area and shoulders squeezing into the ground rather than a seat.

While the repairers are something very similar, the scope of movement is lower, and the point of your middle makes it harder to stack weight on, meaning it’s better for lower or simply body loads. Both are amazing and compelling activities, and your decision will rely upon your objectives, wellness levels, and body mechanics.

Hip Thrust Variations

Now that you’ve nailed the hip push workout, now is the right time to shake things up for certain varieties. You can continuously add weight with a free weight, free weights, or smith machine to over-burden for gains in strength and size. On the other hand, you can deal with uneven characters between your left and right with a solitary leg or b-position hip push.

On the off chance that you’re working out at home or an extended get-away, you can push things along by utilizing an obstruction band as a straightforward other option. Since the glute muscles are a mix of short and slow-jerk strands, they answer well to variety. Accordingly, changing around your moves and loads, sets and reps will create superb outcomes.

Barbell Hip Thrust

The barbell hip thrust is likely the most widely recognized variety of this glute workout and it is proved by a study. A hand weight makes it simple and protected to stack up your loads for superior increases. The set-up is equivalent to an unweighted push, except for sitting the hand weight across your lap in your hip wrinkle.

This can be somewhat awkward so you can utilize either a towel or a bar cushion for padding. Then, at that point, the execution is something similar. You’ll rest your upper back on the seat, position your feet around shoulder-width separated, keep your jaw tucked, and guarantee your knees are at 90 degrees.

Then, at that point, press your glutes to drive your hips and the load up to resemble the floor. Hold briefly at the top before letting down with control. Once more, your loads, sets, and reps will fluctuate, contingent upon your objectives.

Hip Thrust Using Dumbbells

A dumbbell hip thrust is another extraordinary weighted variety. Once more, the set-up and execution are basically very similar; in any case, you’ll utilize free weights rather than the hand weight. You can decide to involve two and hold them in every hip wrinkle or utilize a solitary hand weight sitting across the focal point of your hips.

You presumably will not have the option to over-burden an incredible same of free weight, yet this is a decent move forward for novices or anybody new to hip pushes while developing your grit and perseverance.

Single-Legged Hip Thrust

A solitary leg hip push is a superb variety if you have any desire to work your glutes singularly. Doing this objective, each side, in turn, puts more burden on one glute. It’s likewise a terrific method for distinguishing and right uneven characters. A free or body weight is presumably the most available load to utilize.

However, you can utilize whatever you’re generally OK with. Set up equivalent to your regular hip push workout, with your pelvis tucked, glutes crushed, and abs tight. Then, at that point, lift one foot off the ground as you start. Be careful to guarantee your hips stay straight – you don’t need them turning or shifting as you play out your hip pushes.

Smith Machine Hip Thrust

A smith machine hip push is a great activity if you battle with settling your free weight during the development. You could mess with your seat area, as the need might arise to situate your body accurately corresponding to the machine. Notwithstanding, the repairers are no different either way when you’re there. You’ll, in any case, get an extraordinary scope of movement and may try and have the option to over-burden somewhat more as it takes the need to adjust the heaviness of the situation.

Loop Band Hip Thrust

Loop Band hip thrust can be an extraordinary variety when you don’t approach dumbbell weights or barbell weights. They’re great for home exercises, going to work, and when you’re on vacation. You’ll take a band and circle an end under each foot, then, at that point, bring the two lashes up to sit in your hip wrinkle.

From here, you can play out your hip push, not surprisingly, making sure to crush the glutes, fold the pelvis, and keep your knees at 90 degrees. You will not have the option to over-burden as much utilizing groups, and the opposition through the move will not be an incredible same, yet it’s an outstanding choice.

B Stance Hip Thrust

A B position hip push is another variety like the single-leg choice. A wrong move works each glute in turn, recognizing and right irregular characteristics between the left and right. The fundamental contrast between this and the single-leg is that as opposed to having the non-working leg in the air, it’s amazed somewhat in front and just contacting the ground with the heel. It’s a great choice if the single leg is excessively difficult as it gives greater dependability.

Alternatives of Hip Thrust

Hip pushes are splendid, particularly for good work. In any case, a few other phenomenal choices likewise stirred things up around town. These incorporate glute spans and more summed up lower body activities, such as squats, Romanian deadlifts, and jumps. These can make your exercise program considerably more astonishing and join well with your hip push works out.

Glute Bridge exercise

As referenced before, the glute span is like the hip push, just set up on the floor. It’s a great activity for amateurs and anybody seeing low-weight high-rep choices. Notwithstanding, the key is to feel the pressure in your glutes. On the off chance that you can’t, there are a couple of stunts to guarantee you get that commitment. T

o begin with, you can unite your impact points and lift the toes instead of keeping your feet level. On the off chance that you’re as yet not feeling it in your butt enough, have a go at pressing a froth roller between your knees as you lift.

The last choice is to put an obstruction band around your knees and push out as you lift. Pick whichever one gives you the most glute initiation, and go for the gold with a ten-second hold at the top. The objective is to do the scaffold without help ultimately.

Single-Legged Glute Bridge

Whenever you’ve nailed your standard glute span structure utilizing appropriate glute initiation, you can attempt a solitary leg glute span. It’s the same as the single-leg hip push and difficulties your center and butt. You set up something similar, yet expand one leg out before initiating.

Then, at that point, pass through to lift your hips to the roof, bringing it down with control. Your center should remain drawn in as you work to keep your non-working hip from dropping or curving.

This choice is extraordinary because it doesn’t be guaranteed to require loads; however, as you get more grounded, you can advance with several weight plates. It’s likewise an extraordinary finisher practice after squats or deadlifts. Go for the gold on each side of ten to 15 reps.

Loop Band Glute Bridge

The united glute span is a fantastic choice when you don’t approach loads. Like the united hip push, you’ll circle an opposition band around the two feet before bringing it up to sit across your hips. Then, at that point, with your back level on the floor, hands level at your sides, and kees at 90 degrees, lift your hips towards the roof until your middle is straight. As you will not have the option to get as much pressure with the groups, go for the gold number of reps, so you feel the consume.

Loop Band Hip Abduction

Another basic activity that will hit your gluteus medius and gluteus minimus is a united hip snatching. All you want is an obstruction band and a seat to do this. Circle the band, so it’s sitting simply over your knees and is uncompromising with your legs straight.

That will guarantee there’s sufficient pressure as you move your hips out. Keep your spine impartial, and gradually open your legs as wide as expected, pushing against the band’s power. Keep it without rushing, and you ought to feel the beyond your hips and butt truly fire up.

The Leg Maker aka Squats

Squats are a key activity for many people, whether you’re an easygoing rec center participant, a powerlifter, or a carefully prepared competitor. They’re an exhaustive lower body exercise that works most muscles yet centers around the quads and glutes. Even though it’s a center activity, it has a couple of intrinsic dangers.

In any case, there are a couple of stunts to benefit from it without torment. This incorporates keeping your weight focused over your mid-foot so your impact points don’t lift and guaranteeing you enact your hip flexors for better adjustment. You ought to likewise mean to keep your knees under your toes and try not to excessively hard excessively quickly.

Romanian Deadlift

The Romanian deadlift or RDL is another phenomenal lower body workout. It likewise looks to fortify the hips and back chain, zeroing in on the hamstrings and glutes. It’s a variety of the conventional deadlift, where the development starts at the top and brings down to the knees, instead of beginning from the floor and lifting.

This allows you to prepare the hamstrings whimsically more successfully while being less burdening than a customary dead. It’s a nuanced practice that expects you to push your hips back, keep your knees vertical, and don’t let your back balance.

Dumbbell Lunges

Get things going with a mobile hand weight rush. This is one more compound activity for the lower body that raises a ruckus around town, glutes, and quads. After picking a fitting weight, you’ll take a medium-length step. Sink straight down into the jump, keeping your front shin straight, with a 90-degree twist in the knee.

This appropriate structure will assist with bringing down the gamble of injury and guarantee your diligent effort and sweat give you the additions you need. Push straight back up, passing through your front foot, before taking a step on the opposite side and rehashing.

Hyper Extension Exercise

Considering the hyperextension machine only for lower back exercises is not unexpected. You can get an exceptional glute exercise utilizing it with only a couple of structural changes. Begin with your toes pointed somewhat out on the stage and a back pelvic slant so your glutes are pressed firm.

Then, at that point, fold your jawline around your back, and fold your arms over your chest. Bring down your middle until you’re completely bowed while keeping the adjusted back.

Press your glutes to carry your body back up with a slight hip expansion. You’ll presumably just need body weight to get your glutes shaking with exertion; in any case, you could hold a weight plate to your chest if you want to a greater extent, a test.

Normal Hip Thrust Mistakes

While you’re idealizing your structure with hip pushes, there are a couple of normal mix-ups that individuals will generally make. Fortunately, they’re generally simple to fix and require minor acclimations to your psychological and actual prompts.

Wrong Foot Placement

How wide or limited you have your feet won’t affect where you feel your hip pushes. This way, find a place that feels best for you with sound glute enactment. Nonetheless, the distance away from the seat your feet will have an effect. Assuming that they’re excessively close, you’ll hit your quads, while assuming they’re excessively far away, you’ll feel it in your hamstrings. The best aide is to go for the gold degree point at your knee for the greatest glute commitment.

Languid Neck

A sluggish neck implies you’ve allowed your head to drop back while playing out your hip push. Besides the fact that this will, in general, make you look overdramatic, it can overarch your spine. Battle this by keeping your jaw into your chest or picking a point above and away from you, for example, the roof line, and keep your eyes fixed.

Half ROM Extension

The way to result with a hip push is full hip expansion. This is the best piece of the activity where your glutes are at their greatest withdrawal. Be that as it may, assuming your hips are excessively close or you’re lifting excessively weighty, you probably won’t have the option to arrive at full expansion. If so, have a go at bringing your weight or change down to glute extensions to assist with opening up the hips.

Bringing down Too Quickly

A few activities are about the concentric (lifting) stage, while others are about the capricious (bringing down) component. Both are significant in a hip push, so it’s crucial to lift and lower your hips with control, investing an equivalent measure of energy in the two bearings of the push.

Hip Thrust FAQs

What is hip Thrust great for?

Hip pushes are magnificent for fostering your glutes, whether expanding your solidarity, perseverance, or mass nearby. They can likewise assist with fortifying the hips and small effect the hamstrings.

Do hip thrust work hamstrings?

You could feel a limited quantity of work in your hamstrings; be that as it may, the objective muscle for hip pushes is the glutes. If you truly have any desire to hit your hams, try Romanian deadlifts out.

Do hip thrust make your hips more extensive?

No, hip pushes won’t make your hips more extensive; be that as it may, they can construct mass in your glutes, so you could have to evaluate your pants, assuming that you’re going for the gold goods gains.

Are hip thrust better compared to squats?

Hip pushes and squats are both superb activities and merit a spot in a balanced lower body exercise program. Squats focus on the glutes and the quads and hamstrings, while hip pushes center principally around the glutes. Accordingly, they do various things. Be that as it may, hip pushes can be a more secure choice to, in any case, construct the glutes on the off chance that you can’t perform squats.

Are hip thrust great for individuals who have lower back pain?

Hip pushes reinforce the glutes and the hips, so they can be great for reducing back torment by weak muscles. Begin with glute scaffolds and stir up to hip pushes as you get more grounded. Center around getting your structure right so you don’t harm yourself and fix all your persistent effort. Your outcomes will shift contingent upon the reason for your aggravation.